RAIR Foundation USA is a grassroots, activist and investigative organization comprised of everyday Americans leading a movement to reclaim our Republic from the network of individuals and organizations waging war on Americans, our constitution, our borders and our Judeo-Christian values.

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Killing Free Speech exposes the radical left’s behavior to silence free speech and the mainstream media’s efforts to shut down any point of view impeding an open border agenda. The film features embattled Border Patrol agents and shocking undercover footage of the far-left extremist groups operating in America. Killing Free Speech reveals their tactics and lays bare the open borders agenda on the radical left and their desire to destroy America

“Killing Free Speech gave us a voice and an opportunity to speak the truth and it is a powerful testament to the men and women of the Border Patrol who risk their lives every day,” said Terence Shigg, National Border Patrol Council (NBPC) Local 1613 President.

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