ALERT: Antifa Group in Ottawa Menaces Driver (Exclusive Video)

Despite a strategic use of non-violence by antifa in Ottawa, RAIR Foundation captures footage revealing that the left is using intimidation tactics.

A man sporting a “Punch Up Collective” symbol on his backpack was among a group of people circling a vehicle in Ottawa during the ongoing Truckers Freedom Protest. An exclusive video shows left-wing activists surrounding a pick-up truck as police walk ahead of the vehicle, apparently providing escort.

“We are heartened by all of the ways in which Ottawa residents are caring for one another and pushing back against the truck convoy occupation,” a blog post titled “Yes to Solidarity, No to the Convoy Occupation” at the anarchist Punch Up Collective website reads. The post offers a poster for supporters that reads: “Yes to solidarity, No to the convoy occupation, Yes to community care, No to white supremacy”.

As reported at RAIR Foundation USA, the word “solidarity” is often a dog-whistle for radical left activists.

It is important to understand that when leftists opt for non-violence, it is only because they do not believe violence would benefit their cause. Leftists never say no to violence for principled reasons, only for strategic reasons.

This simple truth is highlighted in a post headlined “Organizing Against the Occupation of Ottawa“:

Direct confrontation with the far right is important and can be effective, but in the present moment in Ottawa it’s complicated to mobilize in that way. The most common responses to this complexity that we’ve seen are: 1) Calls to intensify policing and bring in the military; 2) Calls to get people out in the streets to fight the right immediately; 3) Calls for dialogue, understanding, and to wait out the demonstrations. This last one is a real minority, especially among the people most directly affected by the convoy’s behaviour and ideology.

We think none of these are adequate ways to approach what’s happening here. 

This must be repeated: Leftists never say no to violence for principled reasons, only for strategic reasons.

The best approach would have been to “prevent right-wing adventures in ruining our lives” in the first place, they argue. But since that is not possible in Ottawa, “there are a few things that are helping us orient as anarchists committed to collective liberation.” The antifa goons instead seek to offer “resources” to those “affected” by truckers honking horns. They hope to bring people into their radical left movement.

Despite the strategic use of non-violence, the individuals in the below video captured by RAIR Foundation USA reveals that they are perfectly fine with intimidation tactics:

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Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.


  • Those are Just-in ThruTheAss’ brainwashed followers.
    Pay no attention to them, they have no brains left!

  • “Ottawa police arresting demonstrators, clearing out streets”

    Hoping the next move is citizens clearing out Just-in ThruTheAss and the rest of his shit terrorist and tyranny staff from the Government of Canada!

  • Amazing how long the Canadian citizens (the good ones) are going to tolerate this terrorism by Just-in ThruTheAss!

  • “In Ottawa, Interim Police Chief Steve Bell said that some smaller protests continued but “this unlawful occupation is over. We will continue with our mission until it is complete.” ”

    Citizens of Canada: Continue with the mission until that shit Trudeau is removed and kicked out from Canada completely! Or…..

    And note: Ardern, Macron and Marin, you all are next on the list to be removed!

  • “Trudeau on Monday invoked emergency powers to give his government wider authority to stop the protests. He authorized banks and financial institutions to temporarily freeze the accounts of those suspected of supporting the blockades, without obtaining a court order. ”



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