ALERT: Bill Gates’ Obsession With Population Control Should Discredit Him

Unelected Bill Gates is dangerous and should not have influence in public policy.

“The day will certainly come when the whole of mankind will be forced to check the augmentation of the human species, because there will be no further possibility of adjusting the productivity of the soil to the perpetual increase in the population.” Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, 1925

Despite his deep involvement in “family planning” for poor countries across the globe, Bill Gates is not an elected official, nor does he have a background in healthcare. With his demonstrated obsession with population control, Gates only has influence because he is a left-wing activist with money. The eccentric billionaire and his bride are following in the eugenicist footsteps of the radical socialist Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger, a fellow Malthusian, who also used “birth control” to advance her desire to rid the planet of those she deemed unfit.

The Line Running from Charles Darwin through Margaret Sanger to Planned  Parenthood | The Stream
An illustration from Margaret Sanger’s “Birth Control Review” from 1918.

Socialist Eugenicists and The Fabian Society

Fabian Society Coat of Arms

The neo-Malthusians of Sanger’s day included such socialist luminaries as Havelock Ellis, George Bernard Shaw, H.G. Wells, Stella Browne, C.J. Gamble (Pathfinder International founder), Knight Dunlap (served as President of the American Psychological Association & founder of the Journal of Psychology) and Marie Stopes, who Margaret Sanger met at a Fabian Society meeting in 1913.

The Fabian Society “is a British socialist organisation whose purpose is to advance the principles of democratic socialism via gradualist and reformist effort in democracies, rather than by revolutionary overthrow.” Their Coat of Arms is literally a wolf in sheep’s clothing. While Margaret Sanger was a Fabian along with many of her fellow eugenicists (George Bernard Shaw designed a stained-glass image of early Fabians), Bill Gates, Sr. was praised by the Fabian Society for supporting “Fabian proposals”.

This author will repeat that: “Bill Gates, Sr. was praised by the Fabian Society for supporting “Fabian proposals”.

In 1914, Margaret Sanger published the Woman Rebel, which instructed girls to “advocate the prevention of conception…” In Vol. 1, No. 6, August 1914 Margaret Sanger declared: “Imprisoned Comrades of the working class have been saved again and again from the clutches of the monster Capitalism…” Today, Margaret Sanger would likely be a member of the Squad, bashing “capitalism” while calling for unrestricted, taxpayer funded abortion.

Margaret Sanger’s ‘The Woman Rebel’ Volume I, Page 1, March, 1914

‘Reproductive Health’ is a Euphemism for Population Control

Population control activists, often socialists, love euphemisms. From the beginning, “birth control” or “Family Planning” was really about population control. Eugenics was also about population control. As observed at the Library of Economics and Liberty: “The Malthusianism told them that millions had to die; the eugenics told them who the victims ought to be.” Consider that Sanger addressed the “fifth International Neo-Malthusian and Birth Control Conference” in London in 1922.

In 2009, Bill Gates explained in his Gates Foundation annual letter that he and his wife got involved in “reproductive health” in developing countries in the mid 1990’s specifically to reduce the population:

“When Melinda and I first started our giving, in the late 1990s, our focus was on reproductive health rather than childhood deaths. We felt that giving mothers the tools to limit their family size to what they wanted would have a catalytic effect by reducing population growth and making it easier to feed, educate, and provide jobs for the children who were born.” [emphasis added]

“Contrary to the Malthusian view that population will grow to the limit of however many kids can be fed,” Gates states, “in fact parents choose to have enough kids to give them a high chance that several will survive to support them as they grow old. As the number of kids who survive to adulthood goes up, parents can achieve this goal without having as many children.”

Gates reiterated his desire to limit “population growth” by focusing on “reproductive health” during an interview in 2010:

“…It was absolutely key for me – when our foundation first started up, it was focused on reproductive health. That was the main thing we did because I thought – you know – that population growth in poor countries is the biggest problem they face…”

Population control was the launchpad for eugenics, as reported at RAIR. Thomas Malthus, of whom Gates and Sanger are disciples, believed that overpopulation will eventually stretch the world’s resources beyond capacity. Bill Gates has regularly evoked Malthus in his speeches and writings.

Influence of Bill Gates, Sr.

Bill Gates Sr., Gates’ father, was pivotal in shaping his son’s world view. The elder Gates, who died earlier this year of Alzheimer’s, has been described as “instrumental in not only starting the [Gates] foundation but growing it…” In yet another Margaret Sanger parallel, Bill Gates described his father once glowingly as former “head of Planned Parenthood“.

Bill Gates, Sr. inspired his son to delve into population control, which is what prompted Gates and his wife Melinda to use the red herring of “reproductive health” to further their goal of reducing the “surplus population.”

More Parallels Between the Gates and Margaret Sanger

Like Margaret Sanger, who wanted to “exterminate the negro population,” Melinda Gates singled out black Americans ostensibly to help them by putting them first in line for their coronavirus vaccine, as reported at RAIR Foundation.

Speaking of the coronavirus vaccine, there are historical parallels with forced vaccination and population control, as well. From RAIR:

“During the Third Reich, Germany instituted the Nazi sterilization law, inspired by Planned Parenthood’s racist eugenicist founder Margaret Sanger. [Sanger’s]…radical left-wing perspective is reminiscent of Bill Gates who has also disturbingly mentioned several times how vaccinations can help reduce the population.”

While the founder of Microsoft is not shy about his role in reducing the population through “reproductive health,” he believes – at least publicly – that Malthus’ logic was flawed. In 2014, for example, he shared a video that explained how the agricultural revolution improved quality of life for people, instead of leading to death and misery. However, the video argued, it is not unreasonable to consider that the earth’s resources are finite, and that famine and political unrest caused by man made global warming “are real problems that may yet prove to be disastrous.”

Similarly, the Gates Foundation shared a video that delves into Bill Gates’ hypothesis that healthy children leads to less people, not more:

Gates’ overarching concern, always, is “overpopulation”, as evidenced by his own words. Why would citizens trust him with any public policy initiatives?

Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.


  • These billionaires who want to reduce the world’s population invariably have large families themselves. Such hypocrites.

    • Yes. If these monsters want to eliminate families for the special cause of reducing the world’s population let them start by sacrificing their own. I too believe that over population is a problem but I don’t believe murdering existing human beings is the answer.

  • Bill Gates should immediately be thrown in jail or hanged for crimes against humanity, together with WEF, Schwabe, Fauci, George Soros, Dementia-Joe Biden, Fyhrer Merkel and von der Leyen-Göbbels! And just found out that Barack Obama is also a member of these terrorists.

    “Barack Obama just released a creepy little video telling small children to get the shot.

    BARACK OBAMA: Hi everybody. It’s Barack. Now that every American over the age of 16 is eligible to get the vaccine, I want to talk about you getting yours. The vaccine is safe. It’s effective. It’s free. I got one. Michelle got one. People you know got one. And now, you can get one too. The only way we’re going to get back to all the things we love — from safely spending time with grandparents to going to concerts and watching live sports. So get the vaccine as soon as you can.”

  • This terrorist want “to enable all people to lead healthy, productive lives”, but can’t take care of his own marriage.

    And we can all be sure that these “three incredible children” are not vaccinated with any Covid shit vaccine!

    “After a great deal of thought and a lot of work on our relationship, we have made the decision to end our marriage,” A joint statement published on Bill’s Twitter account on Monday said. “Over the 27 years we have raised three incredible children and built a foundation that works all over the world to enable all people to lead healthy, productive lives.””

    With that sick brain it is no wonder he got impotent and is to no use for his wife in bed anymore.

  • The Bill and Melinda Gates divorce might just be a cleverly calculated move to hide the Gate’s fortune from coming Covid-19 judicial processes against Bill and Melinda Gates and their crimes against humanity!

    • Perhaps, but now that you’ve let the cat out of the bag, we’ll keep an eye on them both. The Foundation is afterall named Bill and Melinda Gates, so they both will answer for their crimes.

  • “One well-established technique involves repeatedly passing the virus through a live animal host. In other words, you infect the animal over and over again until the virus develops the ability to infect and affect that animal. “You’re basically speeding up nature,” Macintyre tells Hayes. “You’re speeding up evolution by hundreds of thousands of years.”

    As noted by human rights lawyer Jason Yat-Sen Li, by purposely engineering viruses to infect humans when they cannot do so naturally, we could inadvertently unleash a pandemic that wipes out mankind. “I find it shocking,” he tells “Under Investigation.” He, like I and many others, feels this kind of research simply should not be done, as the potential risks are extraordinary.”


  • Why is that member of the genocide gang not yet thrown in jail, together with Schwabe and the rest of those criminals?

  • I don’t see him offering up himself or his kin to start implementing his grand idea. God and God alone decides how many of his angels will fill the earth, not bill gates


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