ALERT: Indivisible Pressures Biden to Pass Failed 'Build Back Better' through Executive Action

“And don’t forget: Even if this package isn’t called ‘Build Back Better,’ it’s the contents, not the name, that matter.” – Indivisible, March 7, 2022

Joe Biden’s radical left cronies continue to push facets of the failed $2 trillion-plus “Build Back Better” socialist spending bill through piecemeal legislation and executive action, a mass email from Indivisible reveals. Further, Indivisible describes “tried and true” methods of getting around elected representatives known as “Administrative Advocacy”.

In the email, Indivisible reflects on Biden’s shockingly lie-filled State of the Union address last week:

In last week’s State of the Union address, President Biden reaffirmed his commitment to the fundamental ideas of the Build Back Better agenda while gamely shifting the focus away from a named package to passing the foundational policies.

Indivisible continued in the email sent to supporters Monday:

President Biden must use the full powers of the executive branch to guarantee progress in addition to pushing for swift passage of his legislative priorities.

Indivisible Proposes Executive Actions to Replace ‘Build Back Better’

The Build Back Better plan squanders trillions of American dollars and would significantly add to the ongoing intense inflation. While it failed to pass, the Hillary Clinton-tied Indivisible has unveiled the “types of Executive Actions” they propose to replace Build Back Better in the following areas:

  • Erasing student debt
  • Government Price Controls of the pharmaceutical industry (also see “Command Economy”)
  • More “investments” in climate change, and “ending our reliance on dirty and costly fossil fuels”
  • Grant citizenship to “millions of our undocumented neighbors”

It is difficult to approach executive action on certain issues such as “voting rights” and “democracy” because of the Constitution, Indivisible admits.

‘Build Back Better’ IS the Great Reset

As reported previously at RAIR Foundation USA, Biden’s “Build Back Better” IS the Great Reset. The globalist left coordinated messaging that the pandemic proved a free market system does not work and therefore a “Great Reset” of global economies is needed.

The solution is to get all citizens dependent on the government.

Watch this compilation of global leftists :

‘Administrative Advocacy’

The left will never stop pushing for complete power. If they cannot pass horrific legislation, they will simply find another way.

Indivisible urges supporters to become “acquainted with the term Administrative Advocacy.” “It is just like it sounds: advocating for change from the Administration or the Executive branch of government,” Indivisible explains.

1.) Hold a Demonstration

The “best way” to “get the attention of and influence the Biden Administration” is through a protest, says Indivisible.

They give the following example:

It’s a tried and true tactic that we even saw work when Rep. Cori Bush and activists successfully pressured the Biden administration into extending the federal eviction moratorium in August 2021, by participating in a sleep-in protest outside of the Capitol.

2.) Work with the Mainstream Media

“Tell your story and generate press,” Indivisible advises. “This is a tactic that many Indivisibles do well,” they continue. The left-wing group encourages supporters to write a letter to the editor “about how you are personally impacted” by the supposed “lack of action” on a certain issue:

Pitching letters to the editor or op-eds to local/national press about how you are personally impacted by the lack of action by your electeds is a critical way to shape the public discourse on important issues. The bigger the news, the more attention it will get from the White House.

3.) Hold a Meeting with the Office of Management and Budget

Indivisible recommends that supporters schedule time with the Office of Management and Budget to promote certain regulations. As RAIR has observed, “[U]nelected bureaucrats [regularly] make legally binding, politically driven decisions freely through the unconstitutional federal registry…”. The federal registry houses the federal government’s vastly partisan regulations.

From Indivisible:

Request meetings with the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). As a member of the public, you may also request a meeting to discuss a proposed regulation directly with the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA), which is housed within OMB and that must review and approve of all new regulations before they are final. You can request a meeting online at

‘Build Back Better’ is Just a Name

As Indivisible makes clear in their mass email:

And don’t forget: Even if this package isn’t called ‘Build Back Better,’ it’s the contents, not the name, that matter. 

Radical left groups who supported the massive socialist “Build Back Better” legislation include IndivisibleMoveOn.orgCenter for Popular DemocracyDemocratic Socialists of AmericaProgressive Democrats of America, the Socialist Alternative, and Communist Party USA.

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Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.



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