ALERT: Is your Doctor one of the 1500+ Physicians Fighting for the Cop Hating Lawyers who Bombed the NYPD?

Is your doctor on the list?

*Is your doctor on the list? Scroll down to check and take part in RAIR’s call to action.

Over 1500 healthcare professionals have signed a petition in support of left-wing attorneys Urooj Rahman, 31, and Colinford King Mattis, 32 who bombed a police patrol car on May 30, 2020, in New York City. The pair hurled a Molotov cocktail during the violent communist-created Black Lives Matter riots and allegedly attempted to build more incendiary devices and incite others to join them in further attacks.

RAIR Foundation USA has captured social media posts by the two young professionals that prove their hard left radical ideology.

The healthcare professionals list a litany of reasons of why they call for the “immediate release” of Rahman and Mattis, including concerns for their health in the midst of a pandemic, as well as concern of their mental health for being placed in solitary confinement. The letter strongly downplays the criminal activity in which the pair are accused, claiming that they are “two hard-working lawyers” who “pose no danger to society…”

As transcribed at the Investigative Project on Terrorism, Urooj Rahman made it clear that is she advocates violence.

“This s–t won’t ever stop unless we f—king take it all down, and that’s why the anger is being expressed tonight in this way. These people have so much pain – we all have so much pain from how f—ked up this country is towards black lives. This has to stop. And the only way they hear, the only way they hear us is through violence, through the means that they use. We’ve got to use the [slave] master’s tools, that’s what my friend always says.”

Watch, courtesy of the Daily Mail:

As reported at the New York Times, the young professionals were prepared to inflict more damage, as “materials for making more Molotov cocktails” was in “plain view” after police were able to examine their vehicle:

“The police saw Ms. Rahman throw the Molotov cocktail and followed the two lawyers as they tried to get away, officials said. A patrol car stopped them several blocks away and they were arrested.

Inside the car, officers saw in plain view materials for making more Molotov cocktails — a bottle filled with toilet paper and what was believed to be gasoline inside and a lighter, the complaint said.”

The New York Daily News reported that the pair was trying to recruit others to use the homemade weapons.

Mattis, 32, and Rahman, 31, had materials to make more Molotov cocktails in their vehicle, police said, and according to a witness who snapped a picture of Rahman with her homemade Bud Light bottle firebomb, they were urging other protesters to also use them.

“Rahman attempted to distribute Molotov cocktails to the witness and others so that those individuals could likewise use the incendiary devices in furtherance of more destruction and violence,” the witness later told authorities.

RAIR Foundation USA managed to salvage some social media posts from the accused before their accounts were deleted or locked down, which prove unsurprisingly that they are hard left activists.

Urooj Rahman has been politically active on Twitter, retweeting Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) member and prominent Muslim activist Linda Sarsour, as well as Robert Gangi, a self-described “Racial Justice Advocate” and Executive Director of the Police Reform Organizing Project, which claims in it’s mission to “expose and end abusive police tactics that routinely and disproportionately do harm to our city’s low-income communities, people of color and the LGBTQIA community.” Rahman has also retweeted the antisemitic Electronic Intifada. The Investigative Project provides more detail on Rahman’s radical background.

Urooj Rahman Retweeted a post from the radical Electronic Intifada

According to a website in support of Rahman, the young attorneys enjoy support not just by the healthcare professionals, but also by the Legal Services Staff Association, the NYU Law Community, the Fordham Law community, the Center for Constitutional Rights, and the American Muslim Bar Association (AMBA).

The petitions are painful to read, offering as stark a reality as anything could that America’s institutions have been effectively hijacked by anti-intellectual leftist radicals. The Fordham letter, for example, signed by over 650 “current Fordham Law students, student organizations, faculty, staff and alumni” claims that the “prosecution of Urooj and Colin is another iteration of the Trump administration’s attempt to detract from police violence in the US.”

Now-Deleted Screenshot of Colinford Mattis’ Profile Page at Law-firm Source

Rahman’s comrade Colinford King Mattis appears to be equally as radical, according to an archive of his Facebook page, which features as his profile image the late Marxist Frantz Fanon, who justifies violence as a revolutionary tactic in his 1961 book The Wretched of the Earth. In the wake of the Molotov Cocktail incident, Mattis’ law firm deleted his bio, archived here.

Mattis, a Princeton graduate, appears to have been a member of DSA, as evidenced by an image supporting Keith Ellison for DNC Chair that is no longer available from his Facebook page:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-5.png
“Some Dead White Dude” 2015 Facebook Post

Bashing the Trump administration, the healthcare professionals continue:

“We have witnessed firsthand the catastrophic consequences of the administration’s failures to adequately prepare for this crisis. We cannot stand by as they continue to place people in danger in the pursuit of political gain.”

The low-info left-wing medical professionals also claim to have a motive for the arrest, stating that “the federal government insists on placing them and their futures in danger in order to demonstrate control and authority.” Funny, this author thought the pair was arrested for throwing incendiary devices at a police vehicle during a riot, and attempting to incite others into joining them.



Dear RAIR Community: It is vital your neighbors, friends and loved ones know who they are trusting with their physical and mental health. 

Do you trust medical professionals who support radical cop-hating criminals? Do you think citizens have a right to know whether their physicians support the behavior illustrated by Urooj Rahman and Colinford King Mattis?

Find someone on the below list and ask them: Why do you support cop-hating radical criminals? Contact their employer, their medical practice and their hospitals. Ask them why they employ individuals who openly support criminals who took an active role in the riots.

Keep RAIR Foundation USA apprised of your efforts. Let us know how you are working to hold these medical professionals accountable by writing to us at

Is your doctor on the list?

  1. Sadaf Ijaz MD, Psychiatrist, Chester, VA
  2. Jessica Merlin MD, Internal Medicine, Infectious Diseases, Pittsburgh, PA
  3. Cheryl Conner MD, MPH, Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine, Chicago IL
  4. Kristiana Kaufmann MD, MPH, Assistant professor, Global and Urban Health Section Director, Detroit Wayne State University
  5. Jane Liebschutz, MD MPH, Professor of Medicine, Pittsburgh, PA
  6. Erin Schwartz MD, Associate Professor, Philadelphia, PA
  7. Rashelle Musci PhD, Assistant Professor of Mental Health, Baltimore, MD, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
  8. Naheed Usmani, MD Pediatrics, Boylston MA, President of the Association of Pakistani Physicians of North America 
  9. Vasavi Devireddy M.D., Assistant Professor of Medicine, Clinical Director, New York, NY
  10. Tracy K. Paul MD, Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine, New York, Weill Cornell Medicine
  11. Omar Mirza DO, Assistant Professor, Icahn School of Medicine, Bronx, New York
  12. Marie DeLuca MD, Emergency Medicine Physician, Columbia University, New York, NY
  13. Allison Ball MD, Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Royal Oak, MI
  14. Jennifer F Tseng MD, Chair of Surgery, Boston University, Boston, MA
  15. Naila Moghul MD, Assistant Professor, Harvard, Boston, MA
  16. Husain M. Kazmi MBBS, Ophthalmologist and Clinical Director, Boston, MA
  17. Mahmood Kazmi MD, Psychiatrist, Bronx, NY
  18. Julie Childers MD, Associate Professor of Medicine, Pittsburgh, PA
  19. Andrew Goldstein MD, Internal Medicine, New York, NY
  20. Clío Rubinos MD, Assistant professor Neurology / Neurocritical care/ Epilepsy, Chapel Hill, NC UNC
  21. Jori Fleisher MD MSCE, Assistant Professor of Neurological Sciences, Rush University Medical Center, Chicago, IL
  22. Lauren C. O’Brien MD, Associated Director  Family Medicine, Washington, PA
  23. Sarah Nayeem MD, Assistant Clinical Professor Psychiatry OSU, Columbus Ohio
  24. Sindhu Idicula MD, Assistant Professor, Houston, TX
  25. Elizabeth Mitchell MD, Associate Professor, Boston, MA
  26. Veena Raiji MD, MPH, Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology, Chicago, IL
  27. Lisa VanWagner MD, Assistant Professor of Medicine-GI & Hepatology and Preventive Medicine-Epidemiology, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, Chicago, IL
  28. Danielle Loeb MD, Associate Professor of Medicine, Denver, Co
  29. Shawn Davis MD
  30. Alya Khan, MD, MS, Assistant Clinical Professor, Program Director in Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Irvine, CA
  31. Roya Ijadi-Maghsoodi MD, MSHPM, Assistant Professor in Residence, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA
  32. Kamran Rizvi MD, Cardiology, Dallas, TX
  33. Heather Platt MD, Clinical Director, North Wales, PA
  34. Lubna Chaudhary MD, Assistant Professor, Brookfield, WI
  35. Melanie Schmitt MD, Assistant Professor, Madison, WI
  36. Jonathan Pak MD, Assistant Professor of Medicine Portland, OR
  37. Ellen Eaton MD, Assistant Professor, Birmingham AL
  38. Julie Sierra MD, Associate Professor of Medicine, UCSD, San Diego 
  39. Sidney Merritt MD, Associate Professor of Anesthesiology, UCSD, San Diego, CA
  40. Hisam Goueli MD, Psychiatry, Inpatient Division Director of Adult and Geriatric Psychiatry, Doctors in Politics, Seattle, WA
  41. Jessica Bloom MD FAAFP MD, Physician, Director of Physician Wellness, Bellingham, WA
  42. Sarah D. Corathers MD, Associate Professor, Endocrinology, Cincinnati Childrens, Cincinnati, Ohio
  43. Michael J. Lisieski MD, PhD, Family Medicine, Detroit, MI
  44. Dona Kim Murphey MD, PhD, Clinical Neurophysiology (EEG), Pearland, TX
  45. Lillian Ellis M.S., Clinical Psychology Associate, Ypsilanti, MI
  46. Renuga Vivekanandan MD, Infectious disease, NE
  47. Laura Ford-Nathan MD, Family Medicine Physician, St. Paul, MN
  48. Joanna Reitmeyer RN, Pediatrics/ Critical Care, Topton
  49. Robyn Sackeyfio MD, Plastic Surgery, Grand Rapids, MI
  50. Robina Iqbal MD, Internal Medicine, Winfield, IL
  51. Cara Kanter MD, Emergency Medicine, Philadelphia, PA
  52. Kristen Peske Do, Ob/gyn, Pittsburgh PA
  53. Niloufer Khan MD, New York, NY
  54. Minerva Burgos MD IM, Birmingham, AL
  55. Ella M Gillespie MD, Internal Medicine, Atlanta
  56. Karen Hanna MD, General Surgery, Vista, CA
  57. Melissa Chen MD, Internal Medicine , Gurnee IL
  58. Daisy Bassen MD, Child Psychiatry, East Greenwich, RI
  59. Sapna Singh MD, Pediatrics, Sugar Land, TX
  60. Mollie M. Cecil MD, Family Medicine, Morgantown, WV
  61. Kristin Escamilla MD, Psychiatry, Austin, Texas
  62. Elizabeth Mukherjee MD, Family Medicine Resident, Leawood, Kansas
  63. Alice Shen MD, Psychiatry Resident,Yale University, Trumbull, CT
  64. Donna woods DO, Emergency medicine, Tucson, AZ
  65. Frances Chavez MD, Family Medicine, Cuba, New Mexico
  66. Tracy Sanson MD, Emergency Medicine, Lutz Fl
  67. Leela Raju MD, Ophthalmology, New York, NY
  68. Jennifer Cory DO IM, Metro Health, Grand Rapids, MI
  69. Sarah Kawasaki MD, Internal medicine/addiction medicine, Penn State Health, Harrisburg, PA
  70. Melinda Balarbar MD, Family Physician, Flower Mound, TX
  71. Sadaf DO Obgyn, Westchester, NY
  72. Robin Weill Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist, Bellaire, TX
  73. Julie Swartz MD, Emergency Medicine, Curtice, OH
  74. Sindhu Koshy MD, Cardiology, Rochester, MI
  75. Sima Shelly Toussi MD, Pediatric Infectious Diseases, Ramsey
  76. Sarah Torregiani MD, Nephrology, Garnet Valley PA
  77. Hina Siddiqui DO, Internal Medicine, Davie, FL
  78. Sahar Stephens MD, Gynecology, California
  79. Haritha Challapalli MD, Emergency Medicine, Albany NY
  80. Ameena Ahmed MD, Physician, San Francisco, CA
  81. Amanda Jozkowski PhD, OTR/L, Occupational Therapy, Towson, MD
  82. Sara Hegab MD, Pulmonary and Critical Care specialist, Northville, MI
  83. Nakitta Noel MD, Emergency Medicine, Providence, RI
  84. Emily McClsin MD, Emergency Physician, Costa Mesa, CA
  85. Laura Sinai MD, Pediatrics, Charlotte
  86. Noushin Abadi MD, Radiologist, Potomac, MD
  87. Patricia Tiu RN, New York, NY
  88. Genevieve Minick MD , Family Medicine, Crozer-Keystone Health System, Drexel Hill, PA
  89. Vesna Jovanovic MD, Family Physician, Portland, Oregon
  90. Kristen Riley PhD, Psychologist, Cranford, NJ
  91. Alexis DiSilvestro MD, Maternal Fetal Medicine, Albany, NY
  92. Danielle Doyle MD, Emergency Medicine, Maumee, Ohio
  93. Saima Ali MD, Neurology, Brooklyn, NY
  94. Shaina Parks DO, Emergency Medicine, Royal Oak
  95. Sabeen MD, Pediatrician, Corpus Christi, TX
  96. Kellie Newman MD, General Surgeon, New Ulm
  97. Kasha Benton MD, Neurologist, Huntsville, Alabama
  98. Andrea Gordon MD, Faculty, Family Medicine, Cambridge Health Alliance/ Tufts, Malden, MA
  99. Stephanie K. Betts D.O., Family Medicine, Madison, WI
  100. Shannon Hoime MD, Pediatrics, Brandon, SD
  101. Louis Rolston-Cregler MD, Emergency medicine, Atlanta GA
  102. Jacqueline Burgette DMD, PhD, Pediatric Dentist, Pittsburgh, PA
  103. Laura Chang MD, Physician, Brookline, MA
  104. Kimberly Randell MD, Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Kansas City, MO
  105. Shavonne Massey MD, Neurology, Philadelphia, PA
  106. Megan Radmer DO, EM/FP, Topeka, KS
  107. Jamie Truscott MD, Pediatric Hematology Oncology, Cordova TN
  108. Nithya Sunder MD, Pediatrics, Naperville, IL
  109. Julie Yeh MD, Family Medicine, Philadelphia, PA
  110. Shawn Brown MD, Emergency Medicine Marquette, MI
  111. Nayla Labban, Medical student, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginia
  112. Kim Huch MD, Internal Medicine , Memphis, TN (Retired)
  113. Hyeon-Ju Ali MD, Cardiology Fellow, Houston, TX
  114. Begum Ozel MD, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Redondo Beach, CA
  115. Laura Atwood PT, DPT, Physical Therapist, Silver Spring, MD
  116. Zackary Berger MD PhD, Internal Medicine, Baltimore, MD
  117. Rohini Bhatia MD, Radiation Oncology Resident, Baltimore, MD
  118. Mavra Masood MD, Student, Richmond, Virginia
  119. Erin Bassett MD, Family Medicine, Lawrence, MA
  120. Maryum Ijaz MD, Health Professional Student, Muslim Health Professionals, Richmond, VA
  121. Zachary Maichuk PsyD, Clinical Psychology, Lansdale, PA
  122. Jamie D Daniel MD, FACS, General Surgery, Largo, FL
  123. Mithra Asadi MD, Radiology, Morgantown, WV
  124. Anika Denali Luengo, MD , OBGYN, Portland, OR
  125. Alisha Benner MD, Palliative Medicine, Durham, NC
  126. Dorit Koren MD, Pediatrics, Boston, MA
  127. Bonnie Paul, RN, BSN, Utilization Manager, Huntingdon Valley, PA
  128. Laura Czulada DO, Picu, Maplewood NJ
  129. Sheila Attaie DO, Family and Community Medicine Chief Resident, Sacramento
  130. Saleha MD, Health care Profession, Chicago
  131. Mike Robbins MD, New York, New York
  132. Norma Perales MD, Family Medicine, Chandler
  133. Daniela Vincent DO, Family Medicine, USAF, Tucson, AZ
  134. Nicole Masian MD , Forensic Pathologist , Virginia Beach, VA
  135. Dorothea Ellis MD, PM&R, Pleasant Hill, CA
  136. Kirsten LPC, Mental Health Therapist, Philadelphia Pennsylvania
  137. Amber Domako, Medical Student, VCU, Richmond VA
  138. Melanie Prunce MD, Surgeon, Little Rock, AR
  139. Ann Kellams MD, Pediatrics, Charlottesville, VA
  140. Samantha Mathialagan MD, Medical Student, Richmond, VA
  141. Najma Khan MD, Emergency Medicine, Georgia
  142. Dr. Katherine Stewart MD, Emergency Medicine Physician, Rochester, NY
  143. Jabeen Ali MD, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, Wheaton, IL
  144. Lydia Bedford, Medical student, Richmond, VA
  145. Beth Turney MD, Neonatology, Pinehurst, NC
  146. Maya Armstrong MD, Family Medicine, Santa Fe, NM
  147. Vanessa Van Doren MD, Internal Medicine, Atlanta GA Emory University School of Medicine
  148. Rabiya Khan MD, Hospitalist, DMG, Chicago, IL
  149. Reem Alkadhi MD, Family medicine, UNC, Apex, NC
  150. Rachel Eisenberg MD, Pathology, Orlando, FL
  151. Barbara Robles-Ramamurthy MD, Psychiatrist, San Antonio, Texas
  152. Curtis Reiber BS, EMT, Health Professional student/MD candidate, VCU Health Richmond, VA
  153. Jennifer Lee MD, Doctor, New York, NY
  154. Amita Kundra MD, Anesthesiology, Woodbury NY
  155. Keli Doe MD Student, Orthopedic Surgery, Richmond, Virginia
  156. Danika Borden MD, Pediatrics, Myrtle Beach, SC
  157. Alec Kurtz BA, MD Candidate, Albany Medical College, Albany, NY
  158. Sudeepti Trivedi, Health Professional Student, Richmond, VA
  159. Sophia Kassem D.O., Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, Columbus, OH
  160. Crystal Aguh MD, Dermatology. Baltimore, MD
  161. Joanna Choik, Health Professional Student, Richmond, VA
  162. Jessica Pixley, EMT, Medical Student, Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine, Richmond, Virginia 
  163. Irene Kimlee MD, Medical Student, Richmond, VA
  164. Gillian Carll, Medical Student, Richmond, Virginia
  165. Julia Rosenstock MD, Pediatrician, Baltimore, MD
  166. Kara Malone MD, OB/GYN, Worthington, OH
  167. Luz Arroyo MD Family Medicine /Psychiatry, Sacramento CA
  168. Priya Jadeja MD, General Surgery, Morristown, NJ
  169. Heather Dlugosz MD, Adult, child and adol psych, Cincinnati, OH
  170. Alanna Barron MD, Pediatrics, Grand Haven, MI
  171. Eliza G Bruscato MD, Attending Physician and Surgeon, Maitland Florida
  172. Lisa Richardson MD, Family Medicine, AAFP, Chicago, IL 
  173. Amy Falcone MD, Obgyn, Henderson NV
  174. Amira Dalmazio MD, Medical Student, Richmond, VA
  175. Manile Dastagir DO, Attending Physician, New York, New York
  176. Sherry Hanna MD, Emergency Medicine, Los Angeles, CA
  177. Elissa Perkins MD, Emergency Medicine, Boston Medical Student, Boston, MA
  178. Joyce Joseph RN, MSK Cancer Center, New York
  179. Laura Kimeldorf MD Psychiatry, New York, NY
  180. Prudvi Arabandi, Medical Student, Richmond, VA
  181. Margaret Michelson MD, Pediatric Neurologist, Chicago, IL
  182. Amber Danyal, Nutrition Educator, Louisville Kentucky
  183. Susan Duberstein MD, Physician, New York City, New York
  184. Emiliya Adelson PhD, Psychologist, Virginia Beach, VA
  185. Leah Rowland MD, Pediatrician, Norfolk, VA
  186. Iram Shaikh MD, Family Physician, Willowbrook,IL
  187. Collin Weintraub MD, Medical student, VCU SOM, Richmond Virginia
  188. Nicole Redmond MD,PhD,MPH Internal Medicine Physician, Silver Spring, MD
  189. Sam Weerasiri MD, Medical Student, Virginia Commonwealth University Sch of Medicine, Richmond, VA
  190. Jennifer Downs MD, Psychiatry, Indianapolis, IN
  191. Kelly Ler DC, Chiropractor, Pearland, TX
  192. Clare Desmond MD, Emergency Medicine Physician, Chicago, IL
  193. Yuri Lee MD, Family Medicine, University Place, WA
  194. Rhea Sharma MD, Health professional student, Richmond, VA
  195. Afnan Talat MD, Family Medicine, New York State
  196. Daniel Trevizo MD, Family Medicine Resident, UC-Davis Medical Center,  Sacramento, Ca
  197. Nicole Karikari BS Medical Student, Richmond, VA
  198. Madihah Alam, Health Professional Student, Richmond, VA
  199. Jacqueline Weinberg MD, Pediatric Cardiologist, Pittsburgh, PA
  200. Jennifer Fleming NP, Acute Care Nurse Practitioner, Detroit, Mi
  201. Julia Rubin-Smith MD, MSPH, Pediatrics, Boston, MA
  202. Virginia Carr, MSW, Philadelphia, PA
  203. Sarah Napoe MD, OBGYN, Pittsburgh, PA
  204. Kathleen MD, Cardiology, Wenatchee, WA
  205. Samuel Bosch MD Student, Richmond, Virginia
  206. Mahj Haq DO, Physician, Plainview, NY
  207. Jennifer Davis MD, Pediatric Critical Care Attending, Delray Beach, FL
  208. Michelle Woodfin MD, Anesthesiologist, Riverside, CA
  209. Elyse Seltzer MD, Infectious Diseases, Ardmore Pa
  210. Christine Degnon MD, MPH, Family Medicine, Lewes, DE
  211. Sarah Azad MD, Obgyn Mountain View, CA
  212. Hafsa Bhatti, MD, Family Medicine Hospitalist, Columbus GA
  213. Desiree Arretz MD, Internal Medicine, San Jose,CA
  214. Kayla Dewey, MD, Physician Rochester, NY
  215. Kalindi Narine MD Pediatrician, Katy, Texas
  216. Kaitlyn Schlesinger, LMSW Mental health, CCM, New York 
  217. Adriana Brau-Diaz RN, General medicine, Queens, NY
  218. Koko Zuberi LMSW, Social Worker, Brooklyn, NY
  219. Kendra Ross MD, OBGYN, North Carolina
  220. Lianna Karp MD, Clinical Fellow, Boston, MA
  221. Brennan Bollman MD, Emergency Medicine, Columbia University, New York, NY
  222. Neeru Bose MD, Oncology, Tampa, FL
  223. AkilahTomingas MD, Pediatrician, Athens, GA
  224. Jaya McSharma MD, Hospitalist, Shreveport, LA
  225. Caitlin Clancy RN, Pediatric Oncology, Long Island City, NY
  226. Yetunde Daniel DO, Internal Medicine, Warrington, PA
  227. Sallyann M Bowman MD, Internal Medicine (Ret), Philadelphia, PA
  228. Sadaf Taimur MD, Oncology/Hematology, Fredrick,MD
  229. Ashley Agerson MD, Anesthesiology, Grand Rapids, MI
  230. Jamie Stern MD, MPH, Internal medicine, Pittsburgh, PA
  231. Jennifer Reynard MD, Physician, San Antonio, TX
  232. Sabeeha Ali MD, Physician, Danville, IL
  233. Diana Mercado Marmarosh MD, EDNA, Family Medicine
  234. Catherine Cherri MD, Family Medicine, Dearborn, MI
  235. Chelsey Ortman MD, Child Neurology Fellow, Pittsburgh, PA
  236. Taqdees Khan LISW, Therapist, OH
  237. Vashali Jain, Medical Student, Richmond, VA
  238. Rebecca Moran MD, Neonatology, Albuquerque, NM
  239. Leela Davies MD, PhD, Infectious Disease Attending, Boston, MA
  240. Garen Slay Wolff MD, Resident Physician, Akron, OH
  241. Bella Speight MD, Anesthesiologist, Washington, DC
  242. Tori Greaves, Medical Student, George Washington University School of Medicine & Health Sciences, Arlington, VA
  243. Olympia Beltran RN, Public Health, American Indian Movement, San Diego, CA
  244. Erin Gee MD, OB/GYN, Portland, OR
  245. Ritika Arora MD, Diagnostic Radiology, Mamaroneck, NY
  246. Gina Posner MD, Pediatrician Fountain Valley, CA
  247. Najwa Labban EMT, Medical Student, Charlottesville, Virginia
  248. Spencer May, Medical Student, Sacramento, CA
  249. Wendy Tien, MD, Radiology, Los Angeles, CA
  250. Shannon Offerman MD, Radiation Oncologist, Milwaukee, WI
  251. Sarah Zeidat, Pharmacy Student, Houston, Texas
  252. Mohammed Mazharuddin MD, Psychiatrist, NY
  253. Jessica Lehrfeld DO, Family Medicine, Silverton IR
  254. Lauren Ciszak MD, Family Medicine, Boston, MA
  255. Shree Patel DO, Pediatrician, Falls Church, VA
  256. Rebecca Bernstein MD, Internal Medicine, Asheville, NC
  257. Shari Nacson LISW, Clinical Social Worker, Children’s Psychological Health Center, Cleveland, OH
  258. Molly Seidler MD, Emergency Medicine Physician, Huntington, WV
  259. Anisa Cott MD, Psychiatrist, Fulton, MD
  260. P. Emelife MD, Physician, New Orleans, LA
  261. Sarah Northrop MD, Child Abuse Pediatrics, Winston-Salem, NC
  262. Devangi Patel DO, Anesthesiology, Oregon Health and Sciences University, Portland 
  263. Maria Alexandra Sandoval M.D/M.P.H., Internal Medicine, Oakland , CA
  264. Arunima Kohli MD, Family Medicine, Sacramento, CA
  265. Rachel Clark MD, Physician, New Orleans, LA
  266. Samina Syed-Naqvi MD, Internal Medicine, RWJ Barbaras Health, Rahway, NJ
  267. Marvin Barksdale JD, Health Care Supply Chain Professional, North Providence Partners
  268. Autumn Schultz MD, Physician, Tampa, FL
  269. Rubina Bhura, Medical Student, East Hartford, CT
  270. Linda Coffin M.D., Massachusetts
  271. Phuong Nguyen MD, Pediatrics, Orlando, FL
  272. Joelle Boeve MD, Anesthesiologists, Ann Arbor, MI
  273. Marvetta Scott MD, Internal Medicine, Dallas Tx
  274. Heather Costello MD, Emergency medicine, Ft McDowell, AZ
  275. Sarah Michael DO, Emergency Medicine Aurora, CO
  276. Maja Middleton MD, Ob/Gyn, IL
  277. Olivia Moscicki, Medical Student, New York
  278. Natalie Wiseman, Medical Student, Detroit, MI
  279. Michelle Perkins MD, FM/EM,  Bar Harbor, ME
  280. Jean Pearce MD, Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Milwaukee, WI
  281. Diana Tran, Medical Student, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA
  282. Louise Vorhes MSW, Mental Health, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  283. Swati Rao MD, Psychiatry and Family Medicine, Sacramento CA
  284. Sarah Uddin MD, Family Medicine, RWJ Somerset, Somerset, NJ
  285. Chariya Christmon MD, Pediatrics, Country Club Hills, IL
  286. Lubna Qazi  DO Hospitalist, Manhasset, New York
  287. Azizul Rehman MD, Cardiology, SUNY Downstate, Brooklyn, NY
  288. Bethany Tierno MD, Pathology, Middleton, MA
  289. Maheen Khan M.S., Medical student, Virginia Commonwealth University, Glen Allen, VA
  290. Susan Ellen Kohn MD, Pediatrics, Fairfax, VA
  291. Gabriela Saez MD, Psychiatrist, Charlottesville, VA
  292. Carmen Baxter MD, Physician, Vacaville, Ca
  293. Emma Wallace MD/PhD, Neurology, Bronx, NY
  294. Lauren Cerullo MD, Physician, Valparaiso, IN
  295. Rebecca Lara MD, EdM, Family Medicine, Naperville, IL
  296. Genevieve Smith, RN, Cranford, NJ
  297. Vatsal Lal, Medical student, Richmond, VA
  298. Brianne Huber MD, Family Medicine, Salinas, CA
  299. Lida Nabati MD, Palliative Medicine, Cambridge, MA
  300. Adriana Tobar MD, Family Physician, Rockford, IL
  301. Jenny Fish MD, Family Physician, Santa Rosa Community Health,Santa Rosa, CA 
  302. Ahmed Khan MD, Cardiology, Baltimore, MD
  303. Racquel Duval MD, Doctor, MA
  304. Sarah Louie MD, Family Medicine, Elk Grove, CA
  305. Luisa Massari MD, Family Medicine, Fallsto,Md.
  306. Hirsh Shah, Medical Student, Ijamsville, MD
  307. Shazia Shadani DO, Rheumatology, Paramus, NJ
  308. Alana Hoffmann, RRT-NPS, Respiratory Therapist, West Chester,PA
  309. Raheela Chaudhri , Radiology Technician, ARRT, Union, NJ
  310. Joi Weaver MD, Columbia, Maryland
  311. Katie Schrack MD, Ophthalmologist, Philadelphia, PA
  312. Nichole Murphy MD, Family Medicine, Prince Edward Island
  313. Eden Almasude MD, Psychiatrist, New Haven, CT
  314. Michelle Morse MD, MPH, Internal Medicine & Public Health, Boston MA
  315. Shannon Chain MD, Physician, San Rafael CA
  316. Elizabeth Vassallo-DeLuca MD, Internal Medicine, Oakland, CA
  317. Bich-May Nguyen MD, MPH, Family Medicine, Houston, TX
  318. Eghosa MBBS, Physician, Elmont, New York
  319. Emma L Mohr MD, Physician, Madison
  320. Jessica Schemm MD, Psychiatry, Salem, OR
  321. Deborah Kahn MD, Internal Medicine, TX
  322. Dals Tylor MD, MPH, Otolaryngologist Head & Neck Surgeon, Santa Barbara, CA
  323. Aline Le, Medical student, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA
  324. Ngoc Dinh DO, Pediatrics, California
  325. Bertina Hooks MD, Internal Medicine, Roseville, CA
  326. R. Margaret Whelan MD, PhD, Psychiatry, Pediatrics, Pittsburgh, PA
  327. Padade Vue MD, Pediatric Gastroenterologist, Seattle, WA
  328. Victoria Ngo, MD Student, Richmond, VA
  329. Natasha Raziuddin  PA, Emergency Medicine, Columbia, MD
  330. Aisha Khan DO, Infectious Disease Specialist, Hicksville, NY
  331. Leila Khan MD, Physician, Cleveland, Ohio
  332. Dionne Okafor MD, Anesthesiology, Decatur, IL
  333. Roberta Bavin DNP CPNP, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and Doctor of Nursing Practice, Clovis, CA
  334. Andrea Moore MF, OB/GYN, Owensboro, KY
  335. Anne Kaufhold MD, Family Medicine, San Diego CA
  336. Aaisha Mirza LCSW, Associate Director of Healthcare Standards, NYC Health and Hospitals New York
  337. Adriane Lioudis MD, Pediatrics, Solon, Ohio
  338. Danielle Deines DO, Neonatology, Roanoke, VA
  339. B Mehta MD EM, Manhasset, NY
  340. Carol Caliendo, RN, ND, CRNP, Professor Emeritus, Carlow University Pittsburgh, PA
  341. Ayushi Chandramani MD, Emergency Medicine, New York, NY
  342. Kathleen Mayor-Lynn MD, MS-CI , Physician, Maternal Fetal Medicine, Brentwood, TN
  343. Jade Sha MD, Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine, Palm Beach Gardens, Fl
  344. Carmen Fuentes MD, Neurology, Virginia
  345. Dima MD, Medical Student, Richmond, VA
  346. Crystal N Sparling MD,Pediatrics, Norman, OK
  347. Neelema Pinnapureddy DO, Hematology/Oncology, Dallas, TX
  348. Esther Ngare MD, Family Doc, Houston TX
  349. Esther J. Kim MD, Neurosurgery, Redlands, CA
  350. Melanie Austin, MD, Pediatrician, Pittsburgh, PA
  351. Saja PhD, Pulmonary, Virginia
  352. Krista Colletti MD, Pediatrics, Reno, NV
  353. Katherine McCann EMT, MPH Candidate, New York
  354. Alicia Haupt MD, Pediatrics, Pittsburgh, PA
  355. Ericka Stone MD, OB Gyn, New Orleans, Louisiana
  356. Liz Kwan MD, Emergency Medicine, San Francisco
  357. Stephanie Cosgrove BSN, RN-BC,Pediatric Psychiatry, Nationwide Children’s Hospital Big Lots Behavioral Health Pavilion, Hilliard, OH
  358. AyJy Bhardwaj DO, General surgeon, Minot, ND
  359. Sruchika Sabu BA, Medical Student, Richmond, VA
  360. Phyllis A Slife DO, Emergency Medicine Sequim, WA
  361. Daisy Markley MD, Family Medicine, Facey Medical Group, California
  362. Kristen Harvey MD, Family Medicine, Boulder, Colorado
  363. Sofia Shea MD, Dermatologist, Richmond, VA
  364. Tiffany Hardaway MD, Anesthesiology, Cave Creek, AZ
  365. Amanda Elderkin RN, LM, PHN, Maternal Child Public Health,CA
  366. Carol Kessler MD, Psychiatrist, Ossining, New York
  367. Elizabeth Fitzgerald MD,Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Chapel Hill, NC
  368. Michele D Voeltz MD, FACC, Interventional Cardiology, Atlanta, GA
  369. Elizabeth McGuire MD, Child Psychiatrist, Los Angeles, CA
  370. Sanjana Karim MD, Psychiatry, San Ramon, CA
  371. Philip Taylor DO, Radiologist, New Orleans, LA
  372. Jennifer McArthur DO, Pediatric Critical Care, Memphis, TN
  373. Coralyn Alexander MD, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, Post Falls ID
  374. Maili Velez-Dalla Tor MD, FAAFP, Residency Program Director, Family Medicine West Covina, CA
  375. Noah Rindos MD, Minimally Invasive Gynecology, Pittsburgh PA
  376. Alma Onate Medical Student, Boston, MA
  377. Laura Veras MD, General Surgery, Springfield, MA
  378. Erin Ge, MD, Emergency Medicine, Michigan
  379. Angela Caswell-Monack DO, Obgyn Physician, Lewes, Delaware
  380. Jennifer Richards MD, Psychiatry, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
  381. Bonny Masters MD, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation , CA
  382. Kami Veltri MD, Family Medicine, University of Washington, Seattle, WA 
  383. Max Mecklenburg MPH, Medical Student, SUNY Downstate, Brooklyn, NY
  384. Katie McBrine M.D. Pediatrics Scituate, MA
  385. Fatima Amin RRT, Respiratory Therapist,Brooklyn, NY
  386. Sara Larmour RN, Columbus, Ohio 
  387. Kimberly Wolf DO, Pediatrics, Vallejo, CA
  388. Carol Cheney MD, Endocrinology, Carlsbad CA
  389. Cordelia Ross MD, Physician, Boston, MA
  390. Rania Labban, Registered Dietitian, Glen Allen, Virginia
  391. Michelle Berlin MD MPH, Physician, Portland Oregon
  392. Karim Sariahmed MD, Resident Physician, New York, NY
  393. Samantha Hauff MD, Physician, San Diego, CA
  394. Solomon Greenblatt RN, Hospice, Santa Rosa, CA
  395. Erica Bernstein MD PhD, Geriatrics, Boston, MA
  396. Nehdia Mumuni MD, Anesthesiologist, Baltimore, MD
  397. Anita Sreedhar MD, Resident Physician, Bronx, NY
  398. Andrew Loftus MD, Emergency Medicine, New York, NY
  399. Sameer Ahmad MD, Hospitalist, Memorial Hermann, Katy, TX
  400. Nila Chauhan MD, Emergency Medicine, Gaithersburg, MD
  401. Kate Mignosi MD, Emergency Medicine Physician, Hollidaysburg, PA
  402. Jordan Dow MD, Physician, Kings County Hospital/SUNY Downstate, Brooklyn, NY
  403. Anne McCarthy, MD, Physician, Grand Rapids, MI
  404. John Hessburg Medical Student, Brooklyn, NY
  405. Swetha Kondaveeti MD, Lexington, KY
  406. Felix Y Huang MD, Emergency Medicine, Chicago
  407. Bunmi Agboola MD, Immunology, TPC, Washington, DC
  408. Alicia E Crow MD, Pediatrics, Pittsburgh, PA
  409. Chanelle Diaz MD, MPH, Internal Medicine, Bronx, NY
  410. Shilpa Gupta DO, Internal Medicine, Plano, TX
  411. Sarah Naeem MD, Internal Medicine Physician, Katy, TX
  412. Sara Rasmussen MD, PhD, Transplant Surgeon, Washington Seattle Children’s Hospital, Seattle
  413. Irim Yasin MD, Oncologist, Oklahoma City, OK
  414. Nicole Liaw PharmD, Pharmaceutical Industry, Jersey City, NJ
  415. Smitha R Chadaga MD, Hospital Medicine, Portland, OR
  416. Donique Jones MD, Family Medicine, Westbury
  417. Daniel Lugassy MD, Attending, Emergency Medicine, New York, NY
  418. Mariha Feliciano MD, Physician, Midland, Georgia
  419. Jonathan Ross MD, Internal Medicine , Bronx, NY
  420. Carolina Miranda MD, Family Medicine, New York, NY
  421. Jasmine Walker BS, Medical Student, White Coats for Black Lives, Brooklyn, NY
  422. Tamara Barstow MD, Pediatrics, Eugene, OR
  423. Evelyn A Reynolds MD, Gynecologic Oncologist, Physician Women SOAR, Atlanta, Georgia
  424. Ashley Olson MSW, Medical Social Worker, Rohnert Park, CA
  425. Puja Naik MD, Neurologist, Miami, Florida
  426. Ana K. Rosario RN-BSN, RN, Psychiatry & Legal Consulting, Lodi, NJ
  427. John Riggins Jr. MD, Emergency Medicine, Brooklyn, NY
  428. Bader El-Ghussein MD, Medicine/Hospital Operations, NYULH, Brooklyn, NY
  429. Aaron S. Conway MA, MS, Medical Student, SUNY Downstate, Brooklyn
  430. Kelsey Sklar Medical Student, Brooklyn, NY
  431. Marissa Anto MD, Pediatric Neurology Fellow, Philadelphia, PA
  432. Kathleen Simons Medical Student, SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University, Brooklyn, NY
  433. Paige Marze Medical Student, MS4, Brooklyn, NY
  434. Melissa Krystel-Whittemore MD, Pathology, New York, NY
  435. Christine Courtney MD, Emergency Medicine, SUNY Upstate Medical University, Manlius, NY
  436. Lily Stokoe Medical Student, Brooklyn, NY
  437. Rz MD, Physician, New York, NY
  438. Brianna Label MD, Pediatrics , Bothell, WA
  439. Barbara Sahagun MD, Emergency Medicine, New York, NY
  440. Ruta Nene MD Physician, Fairfax, VA
  441. Iqra Nadeem Medical Student, Brooklyn
  442. Sumita Ghosh MPH, PHD, JD, Healthcare Management, Policy and Law, Sugar Land, TX
  443. Melinda L. Alba MD, Family Medicine, Phoenix, AZ
  444. Kimone Lightford MD, Internal Medicine , Ohio
  445. Constance Liu MD/PhD, OBGYN, Gallup, NM
  446. Laura Korin MD, MPH, Family Medicine, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, NY
  447. Rima OD (Doctor of Optometry), Vision Rehabilitation, Brooklyn Vision Therapy, Brooklyn, NY
  448. Jonathan W. Stewart MD, Psychiatry, Brooklyn, NY
  449. Urmila Bharathan Medical Student, Richmond, VA
  450. Dominique BS MD Student, Brooklyn, NY
  451. Sehar Gafoor MD, Anesthesia, Pittsburgh, PA
  452. Adrian Aurrecoechea MD, Emergency Physician, Brooklyn, NY
  453. Diana M Gonzalez-Golden Medical Student, Brooklyn, NY
  454. Saleem Akbar MD, FACC, Cardiology, Allen, Texas
  455. Amishi Murthy MD, Allergy/Immunology, Chicago, IL
  456. Tyler Wise Medical Student, Brooklyn, New York
  457. Camilo Galeano Londono Medical Student, New York City, NY
  458. Agatha Brzezinski MD, Resident Physician, Los Angeles, CA
  459. Andrew Schwieder Health Professional Student, VCU School of Medicine, Richmond, VA
  460. Meifawn Cooley DO, Pediatrician, Denver, CO
  461. Jerky Ebai MD Radiology, New York, NY
  462. Pat Schissel LMSW Social Worker, New York, NY
  463. Zehra Naqvi BSc, Med Tech, Imamia Medics, Franklin Park, NJ
  464. Enjana Bylykbashi MD Student, Richmond, VA
  465. Alana Jonat MD, Family & Preventive Medicine, Salt Lake City, Utah
  466. Shuhan Li MD Candidate, Medical Student, SUNY Downstate Medical Center, Brooklyn, NY
  467. Jamie E Student, Montefiore, Bronx, NY
  468. Virginia Sipp RN BSN, FNP Graduate Student GMU, RN Northern Virginia JHU, Johns Hopkins University
  469. Srishty Amarnani MD, Health Professional Student, SUNY Downstate, Brooklyn, NY
  470. Paul Patrick MD, Emergency medicine Physician, Rochester, NY
  471. Alexis de Lucca MD, Family Medicine, Portland
  472. Jessica Miller MD, Anesthesiology, Tacoma, WA
  473. Rima Panchal MD, Oncology Fellow Physician, San Diego, CA
  474. Michele Buonora MD, Resident Physician, New York, NY
  475. Chris Hanuscin MD, Emergency Medicine, Brooklyn, NY
  476. Asma Siddiqui MD, Family Medicine, Midland, MI
  477. Domi Le MD, Gastroenterology, Portland, OR
  478. Karl Claver-Obinna MD, Resident, New Haven, CT
  479. Ronnie Ren MD, Emergency Medicine, Boston, MA
  480. Stefanie Gopaul MD, Emergency Medicine Resident, Brooklyn, NY
  481. Dylan Wolff BS, Medical Student, Brooklyn, NY
  482. Catherine Nguyen Medical Student, Richmond, VA
  483. Lorna Lynn MD, Internal Medicine , Wynnewood, PA
  484. Gale Gordon MD, Pediatrics, Los Angeles, California
  485. Jafar W. Siddiqui MD, Interventional Spine, Buffalo, NY
  486. Rida Ashraf MD, Hospitalist Internal Medicine, Hoffman Estates, IL
  487. Baley Kynaston MD, Medical student, Salt Lake City, Utah
  488. Tonjay Davenport McDade, LPN, Center for Digestive Diseases, Raleigh
  489. Nidhi Agrawal MD, Student, Edison,NJ
  490. Madhavi Dandu MD, Internal Medicine, San Francisco, CA
  491. Michelle Birdseye MD, Hospitalist Physician, Eugene, Oregon
  492. Katherine Kenningham MD, Neonatologist, Seattle, WA
  493. Elizabeth Kravitz MD Candidate Medical Student, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX
  494. Stephanie Verdeflor RN-BC Psychiatric/Mental Health, Bronx, NY
  495. Aimee Brecht-Doscher MD, OBGYN, Ventura, CA
  496. Collin P Buckley MD, Medical Student, SUNY Downstate COM, Brooklyn
  497. Safina Koreishi MD, Family Medicine & Preventive Medicine, Portland, OR
  498. Justine Macneil MD, Emergency Medicine, University of Utah, Utah
  499. Christin Saad MD, Physician , Redondo Beach, CA
  500. Morgan Leafe MD, MHA, Pediatrics, CA
  501. Claudia Vega Castellvi Medical Student, PGY1, Brooklyn, NY
  502. Elisa Oujals MD, Family Medicine, California
  503. Tara Paulose MD, Anesthesiology, Houston, TX
  504. Alana Porat MD Candidate, Richmond, VA
  505. Shabnam Anwari Pharm D, Health Professional Student, MHP, Richmond, VA
  506. Alison Culyba MD, Internal Medicine-Pediatrics, Pittsburgh, PA
  507. Dina Rosen MD, MPAh, LCSW, Internal Medicine , Los Angeles, CA
  508. William Ford Medical Student, New York, NY
  509. Jennifer Santisi MS, Occupational Therapist, Wallingford , PA
  510. Mahreema Jawairia MD, Gastroenterologist, Orefield, PA
  511. Sidra Anwar MD, Physician Palliative Medicine, PA
  512. Chanelle MD, Health Professional Student, New York
  513. Sumair Akhtar MD, Internist, Orefield, PA
  514. Amy Mandavia Medical Student, New York, New York
  515. Afia Babar MD MD, Internal Medicine, MSKCC, New York, NY 
  516. MaryAnn Banerji MD, Physician, New York, NY
  517. Sierra Matula MD, MSHS, Physician, San Francisco
  518. Nika Douvikas MD, Pediatrician, Morganville, NJ
  519. Alexandra Greenberg MSPH, Medical Student, New York
  520. Rayna Sobieski MD, Family Medicine, Bronx, NY
  521. Anthony MD, Resident Physician, Syracuse, NY
  522. Emily Leiner MSN, NP, Certified Nurse Practitioner in Psychiatry New York, NY
  523. Sana Abubaker MD, PM&R, Las Vegas NV
  524. Deki Tsering MHS, Medical Student, Falls Church
  525. Aman Mangalmurti MD/PhD, Student, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA
  526. Claudia Mercado MD, Family Medicine, Laredo, TX
  527. Erica Carlsson Buchta MD, Emergency Medicine Physician, Nebraska Medicine, Omaha, NE 
  528. Zarron T Moses MD, Medical Student, Student National Medical Association (Minority Advocate Organization) Former President, North Chesterfield
  529. Sheena Sam RN, Critical Care RN, Derby, CT
  530. Bobbie Jo Rimel MD, Gynecologic Oncology, Los Angeles
  531. Rachel O’Brien Medical Student, Charlottesville, VA
  532. Gabrielle Estevez-Inoa Medical student, Brooklyn, NY
  533. Eugenia Montesinos Midwife, OB/GYN, Brooklyn
  534. Lynette Connell MD, Physician, Evanston, IL
  535. Mary Kate Little, LICSW, Program Manager, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Behavioral Health, Boston, MA
  536. Elizabeth McElroy, MSW, LCSW, Hospice Social Worker, Cheltenham, PA
  537. Hakeem Oufkir Medical Student, Charlottesville, VA
  538. Leah Hall Medical Student, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA
  539. Sahana Kribakaran Health Professional Student , New Haven 
  540. Nathan Kim MD, Family Medicine, Do No Harm Coalition, San Francisco, CA
  541. Alma Atkins MHCA, Medical Case Manager, Asheville
  542. Megha Reddy Healthcare Professional, Brooklyn, NY
  543. Melissa Birkett Professor, Ashland, OR
  544. Regan Sindelar Medical Student, Charlottesville, VA
  545. Tyler Bhukan MD, Syracuse, NY
  546. Yajaira Garcia Medical Student at the University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA
  547. Jill Kitaura MD Emergency Medicine, New Orleans, LA
  548. Cassidy Thomas MD Candidate, Charlottesville, VA
  549. Matthew Ruppert NA, Facilities Specialist, Pittsburgh, PA
  550. Mallika Govindan MD, Physician, Bronx, New York
  551. Kripa Kavasseri MD, Urologist, Seattle, WA
  552. Ellen Stolar MD, Internal Medicine, Redondo Beach, California
  553. Owen Edwards RN , Medical Student, Downstate SOM, Port Jefferson, NY
  554. Asma Syed MD, Infectious disease, Sioux Falls SD
  555. Vaishali MD Resident Physician, New York City, NY
  556. Noelia Pena FNP-BC, Nurse Practitioner, Bronx, NY
  557. Nakish Grant MD, Physician, Chantilly, VA
  558. Noah Gordon Berland MD, Emergency Medicine, Kings County Hospital – SUNY Downstate, Brooklyn, NY
  559. Saba Ali MD, Medical Student, Richmond VA
  560. Vidya Challapalli MD, Anesthesiologist, Jackson, MI
  561. Bradley Fasulo Medical Student, Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine, Richmond, Virginia
  562. Nicholas Rosende MD, Doctor Miami, FL
  563. Kristen Maiden Medical Student, Richmond, VA
  564. Laura Taylor MD, Family Medicine, USC Keck Family Medicine, Los Angeles, CA
  565. Jasmine Mathews MD, Emergency Medicine, MA
  566. Michael Devereux MD Student, Brooklyn, NY
  567. Kathryn Harmoney DO, Attending Physician, Columbia, MO
  568. Jill MD Physician, Houston, TX
  569. Kerry Adler MD, Student, Brooklyn, NY
  570. Evan Marzouk Medical Student, Brooklyn, NY
  571. Linsey O’Donnell DO, Geriatrics, Chadds Ford, PA
  572. Hannah Fischer MD, Pediatrics/Neonatology, Louisville, KY
  573. Sarah Duncan MD, PGY1, New York, NY
  574. Jaisha Mathew MD, Pain Medicine, Glendora, CA
  575. Benjamin Seiden Medical Student, Brooklyn, NY
  576. Jessica Chumsky Medical Student, Brooklyn, NY
  577. Poonam Somani MD, Internist, Los Angeles, CA
  578. Jomagdalee Espinal Medical Administrative Assistant, New York, NY
  579. Eve Bloomgarden MD, Physician, Chicago, IL
  580. Mehreen Arshad MD, Pediatrician, Chicago, IL
  581. Regina Troxell MD, Child Neurologist , San Diego, California
  582. Jennifer Hickey MD, Emergency Medicine, Pittsburgh, PA
  583. Maliha Rahman PharmD, Health Prof. Student, Muslim Health Professionals, Richmond, VA
  584. Yudith Vargas RN, Associate Director of Nursing, Santa Rosa, CA
  585. Ani Holley MD, Internal medicine, Houston, TX
  586. Gina Lagalbo MD, Doctor, Seattle, WA
  587. Maria Mandhai Alam RN, Nurse Houston, TX
  588. Caitlin Takeda Medical Student, Providence, RI
  589. Kiara Francisco Health Professional Student, Richmond, VA
  590. Natan Vega Potler MD, Resident Physician, Bronx, NY
  591. Lynn Chacko MD, Family Medicine, Gainesville, FL
  592. Donna CST, BSN Student, NY
  593. Juliana E. Morris MD, EdM Clinical instructor in Family Medicine San Francisco, CA University of California San Francisco
  594. Sadaffarooqi MD, Physician, Kankakee,IL
  595. Victoria Vella RN, Senior Staff Nurse, New York, NY
  596. Susan L. Fellman MD, Pediatrics, Omaha, NE
  597. Shahida Mizan Medical Student, Richmond, VA
  598. Hina Khan MD, Internal Medicine, Hamilton, New Jersey
  599. Cameron Michelle Halsell  DO, OBGYN, Oklahoma City, OK
  600. Rocio Rodriguez MPH, Public Health Professional, New York, NY
  601. Cristin Welle PhD, Associate Professor, University of Colorado, Denver, CO
  602. Gurdeep A. MD, Healthcare, Canton
  603. Capwell Taylor MD, Health Professional Student, Richmond, VA
  604. Mamie Thant MD, Hematology Fellow, Johns Hopkins, Baltimore, MD
  605. Mark Lorthe MD, Family Medicine, Rosedale, NY
  606. Maggie Magee MPH, New York
  607. Aixell Mercedesp MD, Pediatrician, Linwood, NJ
  608. Nadine Shabeeb MD, MPH, Dermatology Resident, Madison, WI
  609. Leah Haykin MD, Family Medicine Resident Physician, The Mount Sinai Hospital, New York City, NY
  610. Marmy Shah MD, Medicine, Burr Ridge
  611. Nika Sabasteanski MPH, Disaster Preparedness, New York
  612. Katie Bowens L.Ac, Licenced Acupuncturist, NCCAOM, OMB, Portland, Oregon
  613. Rasheeda Monroe MD, Pediatrics, Raleigh, NC
  614. Libby Wetterer MD, Physician, Montefiore, Bronx, NY 
  615. Deepa Ravi MD, Pediatrics , Boca Raton
  616. Christiani Guerrero Gatto CNM, Certified Nurse-Midwife, Exeter, NH
  617. Erica Kaye MD, MPH, Pediatrician, Hospice and Palliative Medicine Physician, Memphis, TN
  618. Bilal Tasneem MD, Medical Student, New York City
  619. Munazza Ahmed MD, Neurologist, Pittsburgh, PA
  620. Sam MD, Pediatrics , Buffalo, New York
  621. Evelyn Rustia MD, Pediatric Hematology/Oncology/Bone Marrow Transplant, Seattle, WA
  622. Danni Holanda MD, Pathology, Iowa City, IA
  623. Julie Hurtado MD, Pediatrician, Pembroke Pines, FL
  624. Leslie Fogel MD/PhD, Pediatric Rheumatology Fellow, St. Louis, MO
  625. Jaime Estrada MD, Pediatrics – Hemotology/Oncology, Doctors for Social Responsibility, San Antonio, Texas 
  626. Bonnie Arzuaga MD, Physician, Boston, MA
  627. Vanessa K Ferrel MD, MPH, Internal Medicine, Bronx, NY
  628. Maria Pedraza RN, Austin, TX
  629. Smruti DO, Emergency Medicine Physician, New York
  630. Noah Gorelick MD, Resident, Michigan
  631. Jennifer Huffman MS, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  632. Adnan Ahmed MBBS, Psychiatry, Minneapolis, MN
  633. Batul Hassan MPH, Public Health, New York City, NY
  634. Rukhsar Ahmed MD, Resident, PGY2, Albertson, NY
  635. Syed Bokhari MD, Hospitalist, Houston, TX
  636. Hana Nobleza MD, Doctor Jackson, MS
  637. Lorraine Fei MD, MPH, Emergency Medicine, Brooklyn, New York
  638. Matthew Hughes MD, Emergency Medicine Resident, Chicago, IL
  639. Misha Huang MD, Infectious Diseases Physician, Aurora
  640. Rajani Caesar MD, Neurology, Grace Neurology Clinic, Longview, TX 
  641. Bushra Khan MD, Neurology, Chester , VA
  642. Megan Heinlein MD, OBGYN, Wisconsin
  643. Anjali Sheth MD, Ophthalmologist, Erie, CO
  644. Cindy M Ku MD, Anesthesiology, Honolulu, HI
  645. Shazia Arain MD, Charlotte, NC
  646. Soleil Arrieta MD, Integrative Family Medicine Physician, Wabasha, MN
  647. Sanober Balbale MT (ASCP), Medical Technologist, Edward Hines Jr. VA Hospital, Hines, Illinois
  648. Heather Richardson PhD, Associate Professor, Amherst, MA
  649. Tari Gilbert NP Family Health, San Diego, CA
  650. Mously Le Blanc MD, PM&R Laurel, MD
  651. Ijanae Holman-Allgood MD, MPH, Family Medicine Resident, Fayetteville, Arkansas
  652. Mahvash Sheikh MD, Psychiatrist, MD
  653. Natasha Varley MD, Pediatrician, Arroyo Grande, CA
  654. Teresa Elmore Medical Student, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond
  655. Huma Vahora, MD, Internal medicine, Pittsburgh, PA
  656. Eliza Decroce-Movson MD, Psychiatry, New Haven, CT
  657. Rushabh S. Shah MD, Emergency Medicine, New York
  658. Diona Symester Medical Student, Brooklyn, NY
  659. Atira Rahman MD, Physician, Lehigh Family & Geriatrics, Allentown, PA
  660. Tejal Khandhar DO, Pediatrician, Yorba Linda, CA
  661. Nicole Salmen MD, Resident Physician, Syracuse, NY
  662. Rachel Dunlap MD, Dermatology, Portland
  663. Kadijah Ray, MD MD, Anesthesiologist, Illinois
  664. Jhazmin Griffith Medical Student, Brooklyn, NY
  665. Jason Truong MD Student, SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University, Brooklyn, NY
  666. Damayea Hargett MD, Orthopedic Surgeon, Ventura, CA
  667. Kate Sugarman MD, Family Medicine, Doctors for Camp Closure, Potomac
  668. Leesha M. Ellis-Cox MD, MPH, Child, Adolescent, & Adult Psychiatry, Birmingham, AL
  669. Lesa Brookes MD, Pediatrics, Las Vegas, NV
  670. Leat Mechlovitz MD, OBGYN, Brooklyn, NY
  671. Shobha Mehta MD, OB/GYN/Maternal-Fetal Medicine, Ellicott City, MD
  672. Lisa Talati DO Family Medicine, Vernon, CT
  673. Jenifer Lloyd MD, Psychiatry, University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, IL
  674. Alex Ewenczyk MD, Psychiatrist, Montefiore Medical Center, New York City
  675. Whitney RN, Nurse, Miami, FL
  676. Maple Fung MD, Nephrology, San Diego, CA
  677. Sonia Shariff MD, Psychiatry, Kalamazoo, MI
  678. Qudsia Khan MD, IM , Tacoma, WA
  679. Kristi Peterson MD, Emergency Medicine, Chicago, Il
  680. Christina Kay MPH, New York, NY
  681. Sahil Patel MD, IM , ACP, Brooklyn, NY
  682. Valerie LeComte DO, Emergency Medicine Physician, Denver, CO
  683. Uzma Hasan MD, Pediatric Infectious Diseases, Livingston, New Jersey
  684. Gricelda Program & Marketing Coordinator for Health Center, Santa Rosa Community Health, Santa Rosa
  685. Jasmine Phaguda Health Professional Student, Richmond, Virginia
  686. Analilia Jimenez Medical Assistant, Santa Rosa Community Health Center, Santa Rosa, California
  687. Theresa Pinn RN, Care Manager, Houston Methodist Hospital, Houston, TX
  688. Stephanie Nitzschke MD, Physician, Newton
  689. Stephanie K Yuen MD, Resident Physician, New York, NY
  690. Monica Salas MD Family Medicine, San Antonio, Texas
  691. Alya Jawaid MD Internal Medicine, MN
  692. Aubrey Bethel MD, Emergency Medicine, Columbia, SC
  693. Dale Stark MD, Pediatrician, Sacramento, CA
  694. Aisha Zafar MD, Internist, Indiana
  695. Xavier D. MD, Resident Physician, New York, NY
  696. Sabeen Rokerya MPH Candidate, New York, NY
  697. Lena Bichell Medical Student, Charlottesville, VA
  698. Elizabeth Constance MD, Medical Student, Reproductive Endocrinologist, Omaha, NE
  699. Valentina Sabino PhD, Associate Professor, Boston, MA
  700. Christine Ibrahim MD student, Brooklyn, NY
  701. Alicia Morehead-Gee MD, Physician, Los Angeles, CA
  702. Allison Brown MD, Family Medicine, Fort Worth, Texas
  703. Anjali DO, Physician, Indianapolis, IN
  704. Erica Mitchell MD MEd FACS DFSVS, Vascular surgeon,  Portland, OR
  705. Dr. Swati Johnson DO, Neonatologist, Dallas, TX
  706. Bertie Zhang MD student, New York, NY
  707. Toan Nguyen Medical student, SUNY Downstate, Brooklyn, NY
  708. Bridget Gavin RN CNRN CMSRN, Crystal, MN MNA
  709. Caitlin Bonney MD, Emergency Medicine, Las Vegas, NV
  710. Kinna Thakarar DO and MPH, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Portland, ME
  711. Shannon Brogdon MA, Addictions Counselor UPMC, Pittsburgh, PA
  712. Gina Moreno-John MD, Physician, San Francisco, California
  713. Sarah Guyer MPH, Research Assistant, New York, NY
  714. Lawrence Melniker MD MS MBA, Emergency Medicine, NY
  715. Amna Buttar MD, Geriatrics New York University School of Medicine, New York, New York
  716. Leonette Morrison MD, Psychiatry, San Rafael, California
  717. Sumbul Ali MD, Endocrinologist/physician, Land O’ Lakes, FL
  718. Alana Engelbrecht MD student, Brooklyn, NY
  719. Risha Gidwani Dr PH, Adjunct Associate Professor, San Diego, CA
  720. Mohamed Sylla, Medical Student, Down 4 justice ( SUNY Downstate), Brooklyn, NY
  721. S D’Souza MD, MPH, Physician, Tulsa, OK
  722. Marisol Solis MD Candidate, Health Professional Student, Sacramento
  723. Melody Tran MD, Internal Medicine, Sacramento, CA
  724. Amy Guest MD, Radiology, Northbrook, IL
  725. Eileen Hollander NP, Primary Care, D4CCC, Silver spring, MD
  726. Zina Huxley-Reicher MD, Internal Medicine, New York, NY
  727. Julieann Grant MD, PhD, Internal Medicine, Ann Arbor, MI
  728. Charlotte Crider MA, Medical Student, Richmond, VA
  729. Katherine Tolhurst MD, Family Medicine Sports Medicine, Salem, VA
  730. Maggie Rossano MPH, MD Candidate, Richmond, VA
  731. Emily Cohen MD, Family Medicine, Albuquerque, NM
  732. Claire MD, Pediatrician, NY
  733. Elizabeth C. Berigan MD, Internal Medicine, Iowa City, IA
  734. Ali Peterson MD, Pediatrician, Eden Prairie, MN
  735. Aaron Shapiro MD, MPH, Internal Medicine, Bronx, NY
  736. Sheetal Desai DO, Hospitalist, Tifton, Ga
  737. Briana Barclay MD, OBGYN, Davenport, IA
  738. Naseem Rad MD, Family Medicine, Sacramento, CA
  739. Sadia MD, Corporate Medicine, Urgent Care, Medexpress, Jacksonville, FL
  740. Sarah Kringer MD, Emergency Physician, Fairfax Station, VA
  741. Sydul Choudhury MD Student, New Hyde Park
  742. Trang Le MD, Anesthesiology, Sacramento, CA
  743. Nafisa Chowdhury MD Candidate, SUNY Downstate College of Medicine, Brooklyn, NY
  744. Rahim Fazal MD, Medical Student, Atlanta, GA
  745. Hamidullah Cashmere BSN, RN, Registered Nurse, Dublin, OH
  746. Geneva White MD, Physician, Sacramento
  747. Lisa Crispin Masters of Science, San Luis Obispo, CA
  748. Jane Hopkins Walsh Phd Candidate Nursing, RN, MSN, Human Rights, and International Justice, Doctors for Camp Closure, MA
  749. Dr. Blitz DO, Neurology, Brooklyn, NY
  750. Nadia Sarwar MD, Pediatrics , San Diego, CA
  751. Hafifa Shabaik PhD, RN, MSN, Psychiatric Registered Nurse, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA
  752. Kimberlynn Heller DO, Obstetrician/Gynecologist, The Oregon Clinic, Portland, OR 
  753. Uche Agwai RN, Dialysis, Eagle Pass, Texas
  754. Jasmeen Nijjar LMSW, Social Worker, New York, NY
  755. Ferrell Motlow MD, Pediatrics, Brooklyn , NY
  756. Asim Khan MD Internal Medicine, New Brunswick, NJ
  757. Gabrielle Steinberg MD, MPH, Resident Physician, Santa Rosa, CA
  758. Amen Nigussie Medical Student, Charlottesville, VA
  759. Desiree Baumgartner MD, Child Psychiatrist, St. Louis, MO
  760. Allison Lyle MD, Pediatrician, Indianapolis, IN
  761. Martha Thomas MD, Pediatrics , San Antonio, TX
  762. Jacquline Perry MD, Family Medicine, Birmingham Alabama
  763. Sarah Waheed MD, Hematology, Maryland
  764. Michelle Van Ooy MD, OBGYN, Aptos, CA
  765. Zarina Dawoodbhai RN, DNP, Doctorate in Nursing, Project manager, Aurora HealthCare, Waukesha, WI 53188
  766. Jamie Lin MD, Infectious Disease, Temple City, CA
  767. Irmina MD, MPH, Family Medicine Physician, Los Angeles, CA
  768. Belinda Serrano MD Family Medicine Assistant Professor Lagrange IL
  769. Mohammad Arshad DDS, Dentist, APPNA, Bryn Mawr, PA
  770. Billy Buffington MD, Medical Student, New York
  771. Surah Grumet MD, MPH, Family Medicine and Palliative Medicine, Apex, NC
  772. Megan MD, Psychiatry, Minneapolis, Minnesota
  773. Sabira Qureshi MSc, Educator, Falls Church, VA
  774. Nikkisha McCrea MD, Internal Medicine, Philadelphia
  775. Zahra Syed, MD MD, Family Medicine, Richmond, TX
  776. Theresa Bradbury Health Administration Hospital Administrator , Hagerstown,MD
  777. Monica Prieto MD, Emergency Physician, Philadelphia, PA
  778. Vaishali Desai MD, Doctor, Sacramento, CA
  779. Tameem Jamal MS, Medical student, Richmond VA
  780. Stella MD, Physician, Internal Medicine, Brooklyn, NY
  781. Lawren Wooten MS, MD student, Doctors 4 Camp Closure, Washington, DC
  782. Margaret Bannerman MD, Anesthesiology, St. Helena, CA
  783. Muhammad Rais MD, Pediatric, VA
  784. Sarah Bergman Lewis MD, Pediatrician, Seattle, WA
  785. Stephen Kane MD, MD Student, Washington, DC
  786. Veronica Contreras DO, Family Medicine, Jurupa Valley, CA
  787. Kristine Strickland MD, Maternal Fetal Medicine Department Head, St. Vincent’s Hospital, Green Bay, WI
  788. Hena Zaki DO, Family Medicine Physician, Plano, TX
  789. Jerry Soucy RN CHPN, Hospice Nurse, Community Educator, CONCORD Death Nurse, LLC
  790. Lauren LaGreag MD, Pediatrician, Lexington MA
  791. Jennifer Meyer MPH, MSW, Licensed Social Worker, New York, NY
  792. Monica Viteri-Giordano D.O., Internal Medicine -Pediatrics, BMG, Gilbert, Az
  793. Iris Wu Medical student, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginia
  794. Marie Y Morantus RN, Critical Care/Administration, Baldwin, NY
  795. Ram Matsa MD, Anesthesiology, Chicago, Illinois
  796. Elizabeth RN, Ambulatory Care, Baltimore, Maryland D4CC
  797. Anjuli George L.Ac, Acupuncturist, Rockville MD
  798. Katie Brooks MD, Attending Physician, San Francisco, CA
  799. Angela Heysel Medical Student, Philadelphia, pennsylvania
  800. Khadija Aziz MD MD, Radiologist, RadNet, Corona, California
  801. Maya Maxym MD, Peds Hospitalist, Honolulu, HI
  802. Ellen Piernot MD, MBA, Doctor, Merced, CA
  803. Kara Zabelny DO, Internal Medicine, Harlingen, TX
  804. Elena Johns RN, Critical Care, San Diego CA
  805. Leila Jamal MD, Student, AZ
  806. Nicole Christian Brathwaite MD, Psychiatry, Boston
  807. Sahar Shaikh BA, Medical student, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA
  808. Michele Baker MD, Psychiatrist, Brookline MA
  809. Lily Ostrer MD Resident Physician Miami, FL
  810. Julie Graves MD, MPH, PhD, Family medicine & Public Health, Nurx, North Bay Village, Florida
  811. Andrea Sterling DO, OBGYN, Greenville, MI
  812. María Abundis-Barrera MD, Family Practice, California
  813. Lydia Siegel MD, MPH, Internal Medicine, Boston, MA
  814. Mausumi Lidogoster MD, Physician, Charlotte, NC
  815. Olivia Lee Medical Student, Richmond, VA
  816. Rachael Mossey RN, Emergency, Chapel Hill, NC
  817. Jane Lester MD, Pediatrician, Seattle Everett Clinic
  818. Nichole Goodsmith MD, PhD, Psychiatrist, Los Angeles
  819. Taylor Douglas MD, Emergency Medicine/Internal Medicine, Brooklyn, NY
  820. Jacqueline Cervantes MD, Internal Medicine and Pediatrics, CA
  821. Elizabeth G Finigan MD, Family Medicine, Kapolei, Hawaii
  822. Tyler McGehee MD, Candidate Medical Student, Washington, DC
  823. MaryBeth Salama MD, Family Medicine, Hospice & Palliative Medicine, Pittsburgh, PA
  824. Deepa Joseph MD, Hospitalist, Vassar Hospital, Poughkeepsie, Nuvance health, Fishkill, NY
  825. Samantha Carter MD, Dermatology, Houston TC
  826. Amera Rahman MD, Doctor, Illinois
  827. Erin Nortrup LCSW, Social Work, Mount Rainier Ms
  828. Sandy RN, Baptist, Miami, FL
  829. Caitlyn Ma AMFT, Mental Health Therapist, Gardner Health Services, San Jose 
  830. Emily Alves PA, Emergency Medicine, Foxborough, MA
  831. Neil MD, Radiology, Los Angeles, CA
  832. Alisha Milletr, MD, Family Medicine, Sewickley,PA
  833. Kimara March MD, Cardiologist, Minneapolis, Minnesota
  834. Bronwyn Baz, MD, AAP, PWDP, Pediatric Hospital Medicine, Portland, Oregon
  835. Ellen House MD, Physician, Athens, GA
  836. Pam Stuckey RN, BSN, Telehealth Nursing, Kensington
  837. Linda Burke MD, OBGYN, Physician, Oviedo
  838. John K Slepchuk II MD Student, Norfolk, VA
  839. Sonam Jindal DO, Emergency Medicine, New York, NY
  840. Sylvianne Shurman MD-ScM candidate, Student, Providence, RI
  841. Aaron Mason MFT Trainee, Clinical Psychology, Los Angeles
  842. Lindsay Merriman MD, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, Minneapolis, MN
  843. Hannah Brooks MD, Family Medicine, New York, NY
  844. Juan Duran MD, Neurology, New York Presbyterian, New York
  845. Farah MD, Family Medicine, Bettendorf, Iowa
  846. Dr. Michalene Stevermer DO, Psychiatry, Minnesota
  847. Marina RN, ICU, Downey, CA
  848. Paul Pacheco RN, Professional, Albuquerque
  849. Anna Meyer MD, Physician, San Francisco, CA
  850. Lulu Zhao MD Physician, Cleveland, OH
  851. Vidya Sarjoo EMT Fire Rescue, Miami Dade Fire Rescue, Miami, FL
  852. Hannah Janeway MD, Emergency Medicine CA
  853. Stacy Tsai MD OB/GYN, Honolulu, HI
  854. Teju Peesay MS, Medical Student, Washington, DC
  855. Maria Aguilera Nunez MD, Psychiatry, Los Angeles, CA
  856. Shaquita Bell MD, Pediatrics , Seattle, WA
  857. Catherine Bradley Medical student, Los Angeles, California
  858. Dannielle McBride MD, Clinical Instructor, Pediatrics, San Francisco
  859. Sairah Ahmed MD, Oncology, Houston, TX
  860. Jessica Isom MD, MPH, Psychiatrist, Boston, MA
  861. Danny Kim MD Resident Physician, Los Angeles, CA
  862. Dharshinie Jayamaha MD, Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Kansas City, MO
  863. Kimberly Winsor MD, Diagnostic Radiology, Tucson, AZ
  864. Patricia Knaudt MD, Psychiatrist, Durham, NC
  865. Lauren Taylor MD, Emergency Physician, Nashville, TN
  866. Cindy Hernandez MD, Child Neurology Resident, Rochester, NY
  867. Saba Malik MD, MPH, Family Medicine, Harbor UCLA, Los Angeles, CA
  868. Amanda Inglish APRN, FNP-C, Family Practice Nurse Practitioner, Helotes, TX
  869. H Chopra MD, Physician, Louisville, KY
  870. Joe de Jonge Medical Student, New York, NY
  871. Anusha Sadda MD, Medical student, Richmond, VA
  872. Candice Crichlow MD, Internal Medicine, Bismarck, ND
  873. Tara Eagle DO Critical care, Portland, Oregon
  874. Jessica Williams MD, OBGYN, Collegeville, PA
  875. Rehan Ahmad MD, Emergency and Internal Medicine, Allegheny Health Network, Pittsburgh, PA
  876. Mohammad Babar Khan MD, Physician/Neurologist, Chandler, AZ
  877. Faith Galderisi DO, FAAP, Physician, Portland, Oregon
  878. Ann Arthur, MD MD, Ophthalmology, Brooklyn, NY
  879. Ahmed Amer MD, Brooklyn, NY
  880. Krystal Hill MD Resident, Houston, TX
  881. Brianna da Silva Bhatia MD, Internal Medicine, Portland, OR
  882. Ashley de Padua MD, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Cleveland, OH
  883. Emily Kintzer MD, OBGYN, NY
  884. Emmanuelle Ruocco MD, Family Medicine, Newark, NJ
  885. Amanda Labora MD, General Surgery, UCLA, Los Angeles, California
  886. Keli Donnelly DO, Physician, Havertown, PA
  887. Nicole Spector RN/NP Adult-Geriatric NP/Community Health RN, Boston, MA
  888. Jess Dillard-Wright MA, MSN, CNM, RN Nursing, Augusta, Georgia
  889. Bronwen Kahn MD, Doctor of Maternal Fetal Medicine, ObGyn, Denver, CO
  890. Kanani Titchen, MD, Pediatrics, San Diego, CA
  891. Lipi Roy, MD, MPH, FASAM, Internal Medicine, Addiction Medicine, New York
  892. Saadia Khizer MD, Research, CHOA, Atlanta, GA
  893. Dietra Hawkins PsyD, Organizational Consultation, Atlanta, GA
  894. Matthew Zin MD student, Rego park, NY
  895. Rebecca Kolsky MD, Pediatrician, TEC, Seattle, WA
  896. Saira Alimohamed MD, Pediatrician, Atlanta, GA
  897. Nicolas E Barcelo MD, Psychiatry, Los Ángeles, CA
  898. S. Patel MD, Physician, Pennsylvania
  899. Pooja Medical student, Louisville, KY
  900. Wajida Syed L.Ac, M.Ac, Acupuncture Student, Timonium, MD
  901. Lisa Luu DO, Pediatrician, Los Angeles, CA
  902. Melanie MD, Physician, San Diego
  903. Vidya Visvabharathy, MPH, Medical student, Chicago, IL
  904. Krsna Kothari Medical Student, Health Professional Student, NYC, NY
  905. Ambereen Sleemi MD, MPH, Physician, Brooklyn, NY
  906. Aliye Runyan MD, Physician, West Harrison, NY
  907. Shazia Malik MD, Consultant Surgeon, Oakville
  908. Keerthan Somanath MD, Psychiatry, UCLA Health, Los Angeles, CA
  909. Joyce Koh MD, Gastroenterologist, Rockville, MD
  910. Moira Hennessey PhD, MPH, Clinical Psychologist, Cambridge, MA
  911. Angelica McPartlin, MD, Emergency medicine, Los Angeles, CA
  912. Jenny Jacobs, LAC, Acupuncturist, Annandale, VA
  913. Michael Mensah MD, MPH, Chief Resident Physician APA Trustee, Los Angeles CA
  914. Saima Akbar MD, Geriatrics, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  915. Adys Mendizabal MD, Neurologist, Los Ángeles, CA
  916. Wahida Abaza MD, Pediatrician, Dublin, Ohio
  917. Peter Beah MD, Resident, Los Angeles, California
  918. Michael F Drusano MD, Family Medicine, Oakland, California
  919. Eloise Weeks MD, Physician/Psychiatrist, Memphis, TN
  920. Jessica Duvall MD, Pediatrician, Boise, ID
  921. Ravneet Kaur MD, Hospice and palliative care, Cincinnati, Ohio
  922. Kimberly Sue MD, PhD, Internal Medicine, New York, NY
  923. Krystal Ealy MD, Medical Student, New York, New York
  924. Brittany Tarrant MD, Psychiatry, Los Angeles, CA
  925. Gregory Barnett MD, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellow, Los Angeles, CA
  926. Alejandra M Beardman MD, Pediatrics, Kansas City, MO
  927. Isabella Morton MD, MPH, Psychiatrist, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA
  928. Allie Jackson MD, OB/GYN, Greenville, SC
  929. Janay Bailey LP-MHC, Mental Health Counselor, Douglas Psychotherapy, New York, NY
  930. Francesca Kingery MD, Pediatric Hospital Medicine Fellow, New York, NY
  931. Christine Riley MD, Obstetrician Gynecologist, Newburgh, Indiana
  932. Nim S. DO, Medicine / Nephrology, Dallas, TX
  933. Corey T. Health professional student, Chevy Chase, MD
  934. Tarmee Hoque RN, Case Manager, Queens, NY
  935. Ami MD, Physician, Slingerlands, NY
  936. Shahbaaz Abraham Pharm.D., Pharmacist, Dallas,TX
  937. Lorie Smith MD, Palliative Care and Geriatric Medicine, Cambridge, MA
  938. Denise Pinon MD/MPH, Family Medicine, Napa, CA
  939. Mehvish Ahmed, DO, Physician, Gloucester , NJ
  940. Gregory Gabrellas MD, Psychiatry, SEIU Committee of Interns & Residents, Los Angeles, CA
  941. Jobert Poblete MD, Resident Psychiatrist, Los Angeles, CA
  942. Kazandra De La Torre MD, MPH, Psychiatry, UCLA Health, Los Angeles, CA
  943. Rohaneh Ebrahimi MD, Doctor, Northwell, New York
  944. Hannah Wallace MD, MPH, Emergency Medicine Physician, Dallas, TX
  945. Alena Kantor MDc, EMT, MD Student, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA
  946. Sarah Boyd MD, Female Pelvic Med and Reconstructive Surgery Hershey, PA
  947. Rohit Mukherjee MD/MPH, Resident Physician, UCLA, CA
  948. Chad Roach, MD, EM, Washington, DC
  949. Ann Crawford-Roberts, MD, MPH, Resident Physician, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA
  950. Nichole Roxas, MD, MPH, Psychiatry Resident Physician, New Haven, CT
  951. Lindsey Loveland Baptist MD, Pediatric Anesthesiologist, Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI
  952. Ren Bruguera M.D. Candidate, Medical Student, Sacramento, CA
  953. Melissa Zimel MD, Orthopedic Surgery, San Francisco, CA
  954. Rachel Baldwin MD, MPH, Physician, Wilmington, NC
  955. Lauren D’Andrea Medical student, Philadelphia, PA
  956. Shelly Choo MD, Preventive Medicine, Millersville, MD
  957. Lauren Ashbrook MD, Internal Medicine, Cincinnati, OH
  958. Asha Martin MD, Resident physician, New York, NY
  959. Sherman Jones BSChE, MD/PhD Student, Atlanta, GA
  960. Ndéye Guissé B.S, Medical student, Atlanta, GA
  961. Chrysta Perez BA, Paraprofessional PP+2, San Jose, CA
  962. Hemang A. Acharya MD, Physician, Los Angeles, CA
  963. Dakota Lane MD, Emergency Physician, Gainesville, FL
  964. Alicia Genisca MD, Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Providence, RI
  965. Andrew Davidowitz MD, MS, Resident physician, UCLA-CIR, Los Angeles, CA
  966. Daniela Anaya MS, Associate Marriage and Family Therapist, Santa Clara County Behavioral Health, California
  967. Samuel Lee MD candidate, New York, NY
  968. Christianna Sim MD, MPH, EM-IM resident physician, Brooklyn, NY
  969. Chad MD, Psychiatry, Shreveport, LA
  970. Kelli Wagner RN, Emergency Care Naperville, IL
  971. Dana Robinson LAc, Licensed Acupuncturist, Baltimore
  972. Alex Hirsch M.S.; EMT-B, Medical student, Richmond, VA
  973. Jillian Primiano RN, Ridgewood
  974. Uzma Athar MD, Oncology, VA
  975. Tamara Magloire MD, OBGYN, New York, NY
  976. Caitlin Hanavan DNP-C, Family Nurse Practitioner, New York, NY
  977. Darlicia Alexander MD, Anesthesiology, Las Vegas, NV
  978. Clay Smith MD, Neurodevelopmental Physician, Kennedy Krieger Institute, Baltimore, MD
  979. Mike Pappas MD, Family Medicine, NY
  980. Tim Munier RN, Brooklyn, NY
  981. Ashleigh Wright DO, DO, St. Augustine, FL
  982. Anna Fiskin MD, Staff Psychiatrist, San Francisco, CA
  983. Parveen K Parmar MD MPH, Emergency Medicine, Santa Monica, CA
  984. Sophia Rahman MD, Internal Medicine Hospitalist, Chicago, Illinois
  985. Benjamin T Hayes MD, MPH, MSW, Physician, Montefiore Medical Center, New York, NY
  986. Fahreen Lalani MD candidate, Medical student, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  987. Cecilia Divin MD, Family Medicine,Mercy medical group, Sacramento, CA
  988. Sufia RN, Pediatric, Wylie, TX
  989. Steph Jideama MD candidate, Medical Student, Atlanta, GA
  990. Nanette Susan Nuessle MD, Pediatrician, Las Vegas, NM
  991. Sonal Lalwani MD, Internal medicine, California
  992. Farah Shah MD, Houston Dermatology Associates, Houston, TX
  993. Natalya MD, MPH, Pulmonary critical care, Phoenix
  994. Angela Coombs MD, Psychiatry, New York, NY
  995. Jennifer Wertz MD, Long Beach, CA
  996. Naiyera MD, Family practice, Henderson, NV
  997. Becca Bull, Student of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, Brooklyn, New York
  998. Rebekah Dubrosky PhD, RN, Registered Nurse Case Manager, Milwaukee, WI 
  999. Chibueze Nwagwu MD Student, Decatur, GA
  1000. James Barnes Medical Student, Richmond, Virginia
  1001. Danielle Savage MD, Internal Medicine, Morristown, NJ
  1002. Patience Timi MD, Medical student, Atlanta, GA
  1003. Haseeb Mahmud BS, Health professional student (MD), Richmond, VA
  1004. Katherine C. White MD, Neonatal/perinatal medicine, Derwood, Maryland
  1005. Zebaa Kalimullah MD, Emergency Medicine, Darien, IL
  1006. Martha James MD, Emergency Medicine, Atlanta, GA
  1007. Ayala Danzig MD, Psychiatrist, New Haven, CT
  1008. Chiara Corbetta MD, OB/GYN resident, San Francisco, CA
  1009. Kerry-Ann Pinard MD, Psychiatry, UCSF, San Francisco, CA
  1010. Terilyn Scott Winful MD, GI , Plano, Texas
  1011. Toni Biskup MD, MPH, Physician, Alaska
  1012. Vinay Krupadev MD, Internal Medicine and Pediatrics, New Orleans, LA
  1013. Alexandra Liggatt MD, Emergency Medicine, Summit, NJ
  1014. Lauren Askew MD, MD-PhD student, Atlanta, GA
  1015. Muijj BS, Medical Student , Idaho Falls, ID
  1016. Teresa McFarland, Masters of Acupuncture Student, Silver Spring, MD
  1017. Tatum Fjerstad, Acupuncture Student, Minneapolis, MN
  1018. Sanya Virani MD, Resident Psychiatrist, Maimonides Medical Center, Brooklyn, New York
  1019. Andrea Martinez MD, Brooklyn, NY
  1020. Shahla Wahid RN, Nursing, Houston, Texas
  1021. Jennifer O’Donohoe MD, Physician, Salt Lake City, UT
  1022. Timmi Claveria MD, Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist, Portland, Oregon
  1023. Vanita Miso MD, Psychiatry, Minneapolis, MN
  1024. Daniel Turner-Lloveras MD, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Harbor-UCLA, Los Angeles
  1025. Ian Gold MD, Med-Psych Resident, Tulane New Orleans, LA
  1026. Marissa Maier MD, Infectious Diseases, Oregon
  1027. M. Bari Khan MPA, Public Health , New York, NY
  1028. Bernadette Clayton RN, NNU/CNA/ TNA , California
  1029. N Perrotte MD, Physician, Atlanta, GA
  1030. Dr. Christie Masters MD, Internal Medicine, Santa Monica
  1031. Swarup Misra DO, Emergency Medicine, Charlotte, NC
  1032. Tamandra Morgan MD, Resident Physician, UCSF, San Francisco, Ca
  1033. Daniella Lamour DO, Emergency Medicine, Miami FL
  1034. Syed Ahmad, Health Professional Student, Charlottesville, Virginia
  1035. Hannah Martin, Medical Student, Portland, ME
  1036. Ahmara Ross MD PhD, Glaucoma and Ophthalmology, Philadelphia
  1037. Dax Volle MD, Psychiatry, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA
  1038. Catherine Bradley, Medical Student, Los Angeles, California
  1039. Sara Abdelhalim DO, MPH, Resident, Nyc, NY
  1040. Ayala Danzig MD, Psychiatrist, New Haven, CT
  1041. Isabella Morton MD MPH, Psychiatrist, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA
  1042. Oluchi Immanuel MD, Physician, Houston, TX
  1043. Nissa Perez MD, Psychiatry, San Jose
  1044. Brittany Tarrant MD, Psychiatry, Los Angeles, CA
  1045. Tahmid Rahman MD, Cardiology, New York, NY
  1046. Whitney Vedella MD, Pediatrician, Naples, FL
  1047. Dr. Shauntelle Bonman DO, Family Medicine, Los Angeles, CA
  1048. Chanee Massiah DrPH, Epidemiology, Brooklyn, NY
  1049. Ayana Jordan MD, PhD, Physician, New Haven, CT
  1050. Lisa MD, Ob, Chicago, IL
  1051. Dennis Dacarett Galeano MD/MPH, Psychiatry, Los Angeles, CA
  1052. Sophie Feller MD, Psychiatry, PGY3 Resident, Los Angeles, CA
  1053. Sofia Rizwan MD, Psychiatrist, Burke, VA
  1054. Julia Brant MD, Physician, Denver, CO
  1055. Lindsay McCarrick MD, Family Medicine, Alamo, CA
  1056. Sofia Noori MD, MPH, Resident Physician in Psychiatry, New Haven, CT
  1057. Katharine G Lamperti, MD, Board certified in Anesthesiology and Hospice Medical Direction, Kirkland, WA
  1058. Sojourner Rivers MPH, Public Health, New York, NY
  1059. Annie McDonnell LAc, Acupuncturist, New York, NY
  1060. Nora Jalal DDS Doctor, California
  1061. Daniel Kozman MD, MPH, Internal Medicine-Pediatrics, Asst Clinical Professor, Los Angeles, CA
  1062. Sobia Halim MD, Pediatrics, Chester
  1063. Katrina DeBonis MD, Psychiatry, Los Angeles, CA
  1064. Jessica Phan, Medical student, University of Colorado School of Medicine, San Jose, CA
  1065. Sadia Shah MD, Virginia
  1066. Donald Brown MD , Psychiatry, Los Angeles, CA
  1067. Julia Eicher DO Family Medicine, New York, NY
  1068. Mohammad Mehkari DDS, Dentist, Allen, Texas
  1069. Roseann Day MD, Family medicine, Santa Rosa, CA
  1070. Chiemela Ohanele, Medical student, Atlanta, GA
  1071. Julian Lejbman MD, Internal Medicine-Pediatrics, Los Angeles, CA
  1072. Rupal Jain M.D., Emergency Medicine Physician, Baltimore, MD
  1073. Andrea Dreyfuss MD, Attending physician and Faculty, Alameda Health System, Oakland, CA
  1074. Humeraa Qamar MD, Pediatrics, Ocala , FL
  1075. Yousef Zarbalian MD, Rheumatology, Vienna, VA
  1076. Kelly Orringer MD, Clinical Assistant Professor, Ann Arbor, MI
  1077. Spencer Elosiebo DPT, Physical Therapist, Sun City Center, FL
  1078. Meera Bajwa MD, Nephrology, Hollidaysburg, PA
  1079. Michelle Driessnack DPT, Student, Aurora, CO
  1080. Tobin M. Carson DO, Hospitalist, Medina, NY
  1081. Grace Lee MD Candidate, Medical student, Los angeles, CA
  1082. Kelly Valignota DO, Physician, Fox Island, WA
  1083. Talia Maridueña-Urdanigo MD, Family Medicine, NY, NY
  1084. Philip Taylor DO, Radiologist, Ochsner, New Orleans, LA
  1085. Danielle Pickering RN, Community Health & ER nurse, Callen-Lorde, New York, NY
  1086. Funminiyi Taylor MD MFM, Illinois
  1087. Tracey Silva RN, Orthopedic RN/ Family Nurse Practitioner Student, Las Vegas, NV
  1088. Sigrid Larson MD, Family Medicine, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  1089. Erin Rose Medina MD, Family Medicine, Spokane, WA
  1090. Tiffany Cobb MD, Emergency Medicine, San Francisco, CA
  1091. Joe Luis Pantoja MD, Resident, Los Angeles, CA
  1092. Haeinn Woo MS3, Medical Student, NYITCOM-AC, Port Washington NY
  1093. Maureen Miller MD MPH, Pathologist, New York, NY
  1094. Darla Lane DO, Family Medicine, Buffalo, NY
  1095. Alexa Goldstein MD, Resident Physician, Mount Sinai, New York, NY
  1096. Tiffany Lahr MD, Pediatrician, Phoenix AZ
  1097. Nicky Tettamanti MPH student, Columbia University, New York, NY
  1098. Erica Manrriquez MD, MPH, Ob/Gyn, Los Angeles, CA
  1099. Hafsa Bhatti MD, Family Medicine Hospitalist, Columbus GA
  1100. Alshaday Gudina, Medical Student, UVA SOM, Alexandria, Virginia
  1101. Hodan Ahmed MD, Internal Medicine, Atlanta
  1102. Rishi Khakhkhar MD, New York, NY
  1103. Allie Lockwood MD, PGY3, New York, NY
  1104. Madeleine Lipshie-Williams MD, Psychiatry, Los Ángeles, CA
  1105. Saqib Rashid BDS MSc FCPS, Dentist, Ontario Canada
  1106. Cliff Marks MD, Resident, New York, NY
  1107. Charles RN, ICU, Upatoi, GA
  1108. Filippa Trikantzopoulou MD, Medical student, Richmond, VA
  1109. Jackie Shibata MD MS, Emergency medicine & Internal Medicine, CA
  1110. Tola Ebunlomo MD, Student, Atlanta, GA
  1111. Munira Vajihi MD/MHA/GER, Gerontologist, Senior living, Houston
  1112. Pamela Royer MD, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Utah
  1113. Chandni Pawar MD, Physician, New York City, New York
  1114. Erin Tracy Bradley MD, MPH, ObGYn Physician, Boston, MA
  1115. Dr. Jasmine Kearse MD, Psychiatrist, Atlanta, GA
  1116. Thomas Webb MD, Family Medicine, Waco Family Health Center, Waco, Texas
  1117. Allison Mahon MD, Pediatrics, Denver, CO
  1118. Nurain M. Fuseini MD, MHS, MSCR, OB/GYN, Mount Holly, NJ
  1119. Gloria Tavera MS, PhD, MD Candidate, Cleveland, OH
  1120. Fatima Syed MD, Durham, NC
  1121. Lisa Damberger BSN, Student Nurse, Santa Rosa, CA
  1122. Laura Anderson MD, Resident Physician, Mount Sinai Hospital, New York
  1123. Sarina Kapoor, MD Physician, Bethlehem, PA
  1124. Akash Desai MD, Emergency Physician, New York City, NY
  1125. Gwendolyn Hooley MD, Emergency Medicine Resident Physician, New York,NY
  1126. Emeka Okafor MD, Interventional Radiology, Los Ángeles, CA
  1127. Sara Beste MD, Pediatrics, Seattle WA
  1128. Juan Lopez MD, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellow , Daly City
  1129. Maisha Correia MD, Psychiatrist, Placerville, CA
  1130. Susan E. Williams MD, Gastroenterology, New York City
  1131. Kathryn Stahl MD, Emergency Medicine, Silver Spring MD
  1132. Pamelyn Close MD, MPH, Associate Professor, Mendocino. CA
  1133. Andrea Zimmer MD, Infectious Diseases, Omaha, NE
  1134. Adaku Njoku Animashaun MD, Psychiatry, Marietta, GA
  1135. Morgan Dauer MD, Physician, New York, NY
  1136. Sumair Akhtar MD, Internist, Orefield, PA
  1137. Allek Scheele MD, Pediatric Hospital Medicine, Grandville, MI
  1138. Omar Usman MD, Emergency Medicine, San Francisco, CA
  1139. Priscilla Chao MD, Emergency Medicine Kings County Hospital/ SUNY Downstate Brooklyn, NY
  1140. Tywana Health Professional, New York, NY
  1141. Amanda Blea, Doctor, Santa Fe, NM
  1142. Anita Haynes MD, Emergency Medicine, Atlanta, GA
  1143. Kate Marder LPC, Counseling, Houston, TX
  1144. Leila Jamal MD, Student, AZ
  1145. Tatyana Zinger DO, Pathology Resident, New York, NY
  1146. Resa Caivano MD, MPH, Family Medicine, PW SOAR, Los Angeles
  1147. Sasha Winslow RN, Postpartum, NYC
  1148. Angela Coombs MD, Psychiatry, New York, NY
  1149. Bjorg Thorsteinsdottir MD, Internal Medicine, Rochester
  1150. Dyllon Martini MD, Emergency Medicine, Colorado
  1151. Andreas Lazaris MD, MSc, Family Medicine, New York, NY
  1152. Stephanie Mischell MD, Resident Physician, Bronx, NY
  1153. Sandhya Kumar MD MPH, Physician & Assistant Professor, New York, NY
  1154. Ami Student PsyD, Health Psychologist, Los Angeles, CA
  1155. M. Allyson Brown MD, ObGyn, Phoenixville, PA
  1156. Amy Zeidan MD, Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine, Emory, Atlanta, GA
  1157. Joseph Stephens MD, Internal Medicine Physician, New York
  1158. Lauren Hughes MD, Pediatrician, Bloom Pediatrics and Lactation, Kansas City, KS
  1159. Nimret Dev DO, Dr, Arlington, Texas
  1160. Mary Moya MD, Doctor, San Diego, CA
  1161. Joanna Chapin M.D., Physician, New York, NY
  1162. Gayathri Kumar MD, Physician, Atlanta, Georgia
  1163. Christina Council MD, Family Medicine Physician, North Potomac, MD
  1164. A. Rizvi MD FM, Boston, MA
  1165. Elaina Ramos MD, Family Medicine, New York, NY
  1166. Viet Vu DO, Physiatrist, Vancouver, BC
  1167. Kimberly Cruz MD, Dr, Pompano Beach, FL
  1168. Sumanth Kuppalli MD, Anesthesiology, Boston, MA
  1169. Alyssa Keeney RN, Medstar Rehabilitation National Hospital, Washington DC
  1170. Fariha Qayum MD, Family medicine, St Louis, Missouri
  1171. Paola Devis MD, Tucson, AZ
  1172. Melva Green MD, Physician, Baltimore,MD
  1173. Tasha Smith, NP, Nurse Practitioner, New York, NY
  1174. Ummais Khan MD, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Scotch plains
  1175. Autumn Ambroday DO, Psychiatry, Shorewood, MN
  1176. Akshay Pendyal MD MHS, Cardiologist, Charlotte, NC
  1177. Liya Milgram DO, Family Medicine, Northbrook, IL
  1178. Alisha RN, Cardio thoracic, MD
  1179. Shweta MD, Physician, Libertyville, IL
  1180. Megha Reddy Healthcare Professional, Brooklyn, NY
  1181. Joy Skaug MD, Physician, Jonesboro, AR
  1182. Jasmine Ipaye MSW, Forensic Social Worker, Los Angeles, CA
  1183. Aaron Herzog MD, Resident, Brooklyn, NY
  1184. Neena Gupta MD, Emergency Medicine, Parsippany, NJ
  1185. Heggy Mesbahi MD, EMED, Maryland
  1186. Adam Bonnington MD, OBGYN Physician, San Francisco, CA
  1187. Aniket Arora MD, Internal Medicine, Glendale, AZ
  1188. Dr. Felicia Cooper MD, MS, Neurology, Rochester, NY
  1189. Dr. Dee Jal, Doctor Retired, San Antonio, TX
  1190. Kimberley MD, Physician, Oregon
  1191. Natalie Astor MPH, Health professional Student, Women 4 Women, New York, NY
  1192. Fatima Siraj DMD, Dentist, Dallas
  1193. Bing Li MD, Doctor, Brooklyn, NY
  1194. Zade Gabi OD, Eye Doctor, Atlanta, GA
  1195. Betty Kolod MD, Internist, Bronx, NY
  1196. Priyanka Datta MD, Emergency Medicine, Brooklyn, NY
  1197. Nasir Malim DO, Internal Medicine, Bronx, NY
  1198. Helen Chea MD, Pediatrics, Edmonds, WA
  1199. Hannah Odunaiya Linton MD, Anesthesiology, Duluth, GA
  1200. Shruthi Mohan MD Resident, Ohio
  1201. Marika Ennis MD, Emergency Medicine, Eureka, CA
  1202. Denzil Harris MD, Resident Physician, Internal Medicine, New York, NY
  1203. Mohsina Chaklader MD, Gastroenterology, Ontario
  1204. Czessie Francois MD, Resident, NY
  1205. Aliza de Araujo Kreisman NP, Family Medicine, Tucson, AZ
  1206. Krystal Ealy MD, Medical Student, New York, New York
  1207. Simone Blaser MD, Resident physician, New York, NY
  1208. Azucena Ramos MD PhD, Student, Boston, MA
  1209. Michelle Gentile MD, Physician, Radiation Oncology, IL
  1210. Arslaan Arshed MD, Psychiatry, Montefiore and NYU, New York, NY
  1211. Chaand Ohri MD, Attending Physician, Medstar Washington Hospital Center, Washington DC
  1212. Anusha Ramanathan MD, Attending Pediatric Rheumatologist, Los Angeles, CA
  1213. Gwennaelle A. Wilson, MD, Pediatrician, Tampa, FL
  1214. Lizveth Fierro MD, Emergency Medicine, Loma Linda University, Redlands, CA
  1215. Mary DeWaters DO, Family practice, Milwaukee wisconsin
  1216. Margaux Snider MD, Emergency Medicine, Pismo Beach, CA
  1217. Krin Walta DO, Psychiatrist, Portland, OR
  1218. Lu Davies MD, Internal Medicine, Rochester, NY
  1219. Afreen Pappa, MD FM, Sanitas Medical Center, Houston, TX
  1220. Justin Key MD, Psychiatry, Los Angeles, CA
  1221. Asad Qamar MD. FACC, Cardiology, Central Florida Heart Group, Ocala, FL
  1222. Christina Reinke MPH, Public Health Professional, Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health, New York, NY
  1223. Smruti DO, Emergency Medicine Physician, New York
  1224. Evelyn Nelson MD, Resident, Los Angeles, CA
  1225. Raven Elosiebo-Walker MD, Physician (Dermatologist), Atlanta
  1226. Sarah Kawasaki MD, Internal Medicine/Addiction Medicine, Penn state health Harrisburg, PA
  1227. Uzoamaka Odoemena MD, Anesthesiology, Rochester, NY
  1228. Joanne Kwan MD, Internal Medicine, New York, NY
  1229. Collin Price MD, Psychiatry, UCLA , Los Angeles, CA 
  1230. Mara Rosner MD, MPH, Maternal Fetal Medicine, Johns Hopkins, Baltimore, MD, 
  1231. Ndéye Guissé B.S, Medical student, Atlanta, GA
  1232. Samantha Catalanotto MSW, Bronx, NY, Bronx Defenders
  1233. Paula Nguyen MD, Family medicine, Santa Rosa, CA
  1234. Belicia Ding MD, Internal Medicine, Bronx, NY
  1235. Wenqi Feng MD, Psychiatry, Los Angeles, CA
  1236. Nicole Salmen MD, Resident physician, Syracuse, NY
  1237. Sarah Darr, MD, Hospitalist, Baptist Health South Florida, FL
  1238. Roberta Bruni MD, Neonatal & Perinatal Medicine, Fountain Valley, CA
  1239. Katherine RRT CNPT, Roanoke, VA
  1240. Peter Beah MD, Resident, Los Angeles, CA
  1241. Shivani Hewitt RN BSN MD, Student, Brooklyn, NY
  1242. Elizabeth Fisseha MD, Resident physician, Los Angeles, CA 
  1243. Supreeya Swarup DO, Cardiology, Memphis, TN
  1244. Sonya Shadravan MD, Forensic Psychiatrist, Los Angeles, CA
  1245. Mallory Martini NP, Certified Nurse Midwife, Gallup Indian Medical Center, Gallup, NM
  1246. Kristen Kelly MD, Emergency Medicine, New York, NY
  1247. Emi Masuda MD, Physician, Tucson, AZ
  1248. David Mintz DO, Internal medicine, Somerville, MA
  1249. Shivani Hewitt RN BSN MD Student, Brooklyn, NY
  1250. Natasha Tejwani MD, Pediatric Emergency Physician, Columbia, New York, NY 
  1251. Lauren Keyes CCLS Certified Child Life Specialist specializing in Pediatric, Emergency Medicine, New York, NY
  1252. Julia Eicher DO, Family Medicine, New York, NY
  1253. Kinda Najem MD, Ophthalmology, Montreal, Canada
  1254. Tywana NP, Health professional, New York, NY
  1255. Anahita Seyedan OMD Ellicott City, MD
  1256. Beth Seltzer MD MPH, Public Health Physician, New York, NY
  1257. Fawzia Bhatty, Pharmacy Student, Stephens City, VA
  1258. Fiona Desland MD-PhD, Student New York, NY
  1259. Gilda Lorensen MD, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Portland, OR
  1260. Nadi Costa MD, Nephrology , MD
  1261. Eva Bilderbeck, RN MSN CNM, Kaiser Family Medicine Residency, Santa Rosa CA
  1262. Alexa Goldstein MD, Resident Physician, Mount Sinai, New York, NY
  1263. Tatyana Zinger DO, Pathology resident, New York, NY
  1264. Muhammad Rais MD , Pediatric, VA
  1265. Nozaina Aftab MD, Infectious disease, Dupage medical group, Lombard, IL
  1266. Elizabeth Beltran LMSW, Social Worker, Women In Need, Inc., Brooklyn, NY
  1267. Shreya Vatsala MD, Internal Medicine, Ashburn, VA
  1268. Priyanka Patel MD, Psychiatry, Peoria, IL
  1269. Sabahat MD, Arkansas
  1270. Atsuko Koyama MD, MPH, Pediatric Emergency Medicine, University of Arizona, Phoenix, AZ
  1271. Smruti DO, Emergency Medicine Physician, New York, NY
  1272. Karinn Glover MD, Psychiatry, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, NY
  1273. Amanda Johnson MD, MBA, Physician & Director of Isolation for the Test & Trace Corps, NYU, New York, NY
  1274. Kim Carlson MD, Dermatology, Santa Rosa, CA
  1275. Anita Rao MD , Resident Physician, Chicago, IL
  1276. Francesca Voza MD, General Surgery, Florida University of Miami/ Jackson Health System, FL
  1277. Allie Lockwood MD, Resident, New York, NY
  1278. Coral Yap DO , Pediatrics, Wailuku, HI
  1279. Kim Carlson MD, Dermatology, Santa Rosa, CA
  1280. Ruth Moges, Medical Student, New York, NY
  1281. Jamila DO, Student, Pomona, CA
  1282. Rachel O’Brien, Medical Student, Charlottesville, VA
  1283. Elizabeth A. Herseth MD, Family Practice/Primary care, ABFM, Bellingham WA
  1284. Isheeka Edwards MD, Internal Medicine, Fort Collins, CO
  1285. Navin Gazi, MBBS, Family Medicine BC, Richardson, TX
  1286. Sonal Patel MD, Pediatrics, Denver, CO
  1287. Debby MD, Emergency Medicine, New York, NY
  1288. Adam Eldahan DNP, Family Nurse Practitioner, New York, NY
  1289. Vernetta Gallop MD, Internal Medicine, Norwalk, CT
  1290. Dondee Murray BSN RN, Endoscopy, Portland OR
  1291. Nhi Tran MD MPH, Family and Community Medicine, UCSF, San Francisco, CA
  1292. Kathy Millen PHD, Professor, University of Washington, Seattle, WA
  1293. Judith Lienhard RN, Maternity, JWJ, Portland, OR
  1294. Benaifer Bhadha LMSW, Psychotherapist, Brooklyn, NY
  1295. Edward Levine BSN RN, Mount Sinai, New York, NY
  1296. Bushrah Rahman NP Pediatric, New York, NY
  1297. J Buckley MD, Pediatric Hospital Medicine, Walnut Creek, CA
  1298. Tobi Aladesuru, Medical Student, Weill Cornell, New York, NY
  1299. Carlisdania Ne Doza MD, Psychiatry, Brooklyn, NY
  1300. Ugochi Nwosu MD, Internal Medicine, Weill Cornell Assistant Professor, New York, NY
  1301. Shannon Ordon MD, Resident Physician, Psychiatry, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA
  1302. Gjanje Smith MD MPH, Urology, Bellevue, WA
  1303. Juli Sterman OTR/L PhD, Occupational therapy, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MI
  1304. Nailah Cooper MD, Pediatrics, Phoenix, AZ
  1305. Rhina Acevedo MD, Family Medicine, Rutgers University, Edison, NJ
  1306. Shreya Vatsala MD, Internal Medicine, Ashburn, VA
  1307. Weronika Armstrong MD, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Northwestern, Chicago, IL
  1308. Mayra Ramírez MD, Emergency Medicine, New Orleans, LA
  1309. Abdul Alabi MD, Physician, Boston, MA
  1310. Carla Velarde MD MPH, Psychiatry Resident, Rochester, NY
  1311. Saadia MD, Family Medicine, Rochester Hills, MI
  1312. Mariya Masyukova MD, Attending Physician, Montefiore Medical Center/Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, NY
  1313. Lindsay Huber MD, Physician, Cincinnati, OH
  1314. Sofia Noori MD MPH, Resident Physician in Psychiatry, New Haven, CT
  1315. Rhina Acevedo MD, Family Medicine, Rutgers University, Edison, NJ
  1316. Birva Straub MD, Division Chief, Emergency Radiology, Columbia University Medical Center, Greenwich CT
  1317. Rhina Acevedo MD, Family Medicine, Rutgers University, Edison, NJ
  1318. Jessica Henson Lac, Licensed Acupuncturist, Minneapolis, MI
  1319. Charnette Lercara MD, PM&R, Queens, NY
  1320. Moiuri Siddique MD, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Brown, Providence, RI
  1321. Abiola Longe MD, Psychiatry, Suffern, NY
  1322. Cinnamon Bradley MD, Internal Medicine, Atlanta, GA
  1323. Rhina Acevedo MD, Family Medicine, Rutgers University, Edison, NJ
  1324. Alexis Dallara-Marsh MD, Neurology, Ridgewood, NJ
  1325. Nicole Lum DO, Family Medicine, University of Hawaii, Honolulu, HI
  1326. Harmony Arcilla, MPH CHES, Project Coordinator, NYU, New York, NY
  1327. Rhina Acevedo MD, Family Medicine, Rutgers University, Edison, NJ 
  1328. Amanda Elderkin BSN RN LM PHN, Maternal Child Public Health, CA
  1329. Jeremy Flores MD, Resident, Los Angeles, CA
  1330. Sheeja Kanacheril DO, Family Medicine, Fort Myers, FL
  1331. Kulsoom Shah MD, NY
  1332. Suzanne Kaminski MD, Gynecologist, Raleigh, NC
  1333. Sarosh Saleemi MD, Pain Specialist, Austin, TX
  1334. Jeremy Flores MD, Resident, Los Angeles, CA
  1335. Janay Bailey LP-MHC, Mental Health Counselor, New York, NY
  1336. Rahwa Ghermay MD , Internal Medicine, Deerfield, NH
  1337. Aaron Afran BA, Medical student, Boston University , Boston, MA
  1338. Selena P, MD , Medicine resident, Brooklyn, NY
  1339. Geraldine Kempler MD, Pediatrician, Portland, OR
  1340. Jeremy Flores MD, Resident, Los Angeles, CA
  1341. Marc Shi MD, Internal Medicine, New York, NY
  1342. Modeste MD, Resident, Brooklyn, NY
  1343. Iva Hacker-Delany MD, Emergency Medicine, Einstein Medical Center, Philadelphia, PA
  1344. Samantha Stimmel MD, Family Medicine, Jersey City, NJ
  1345. Kulsoom Shah MD, New York, NY
  1346. Marisa Mendel MD, Comprehensive Psychiatric Associates, Wellesley, MA
  1347. Maria Gervits MD, Attending, New York, NY
  1348. Mohammad Arshad DDS, Bryn Mawr, PA
  1349. Celeste Jibben MD, Family Medicine, Minneapolis MN
  1350. Kunmi Sobowale MD , Psychiatry, Los Angeles, CA
  1351. Jane Andrews MD, Internal medicine, Houston, TX
  1352. Nupur Shridhar MD, Medical Student, Bronx, NY
  1353. Sarah Hill MPHTM, Medical Student, Bronx, NY
  1354. Marla Fisher, Medical student, Bronx NY
  1355. Molly Charney BS, Medical Student, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York, NY
  1356. Kerry McCabe MD, Emergency Medicine Physician, Boston, MA
  1357. Dan Huang, Medical Student, Bronx, NY
  1358. Eliza Balazic, Medical Student, Bronx, NY
  1359. Lula Madrigal D.Ac., Acupuncture, Bethesda, MD
  1360. Anjali Niyogi MD, Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine Tulane University, New Orleans, LA
  1361. Soaptarshi Paul, Medical Student, Bronx, NY
  1362. Lucille Woodard MD, Doctor Omaha, NE
  1363. Anna Krigel MD, Gastroenterology, Columbia University, New York, NY
  1364. Coco Hema DDS, Plano, TX
  1365. Alice Tang MD, Otorhinolaryngology (ENT), Cincinnati, OH
  1366. Susan E Bonadonna MD, Family Medicine Attending, Larchmont, NY
  1367. Adam Haines BS, Medical Student, New York, NY
  1368. Zaki Masoud MD, Cardiology, Bronx, NY
  1369. Jasmeet Sandhu MD , Internal Medicine, Brooklyn, NY
  1370. Ali Debasitis Medical Student, NY, NY
  1371. Stephanie Frazin MD, Fellow, San Francisco, CA
  1372. Leah Johnson MD, Physician, Atlanta, GA
  1373. Kim Whitney EMT, Medical Student, Bronx, NY
  1374. Elizabeth Leweling MD, Anesthesiology, Billings, MT
  1375. Lisa Davidson MD, Attending, Atrium Health, Charlotte, NC
  1376. Chelsea McGuire MD, Physician, Boston University, Boston, MA
  1377. Alycia Valente MD, Emergency Medicine, Worcester, MA
  1378. Brooke Nosratian, Medical Student, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York, NY
  1379. Aisha Rivera MD, Occupational medicine, Elkridge, MD
  1380. Sanjana Prasad, Medical student, Ann Arbor, MI
  1381. Amneh Yacoub DO, Medical Student, Moorpark, CA
  1382. Prachi Medical Student, Champaign, IL
  1383. Kaahukane Leite-Ah Yo MD, Internal Medicine Resident, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA
  1384. Gayatri Nangia BA, Medical Student, Bronx, NY
  1385. Abby Gomo Medical Student, Biddeford, ME
  1386. Andrea Cabrera MSN RN, Public Health, Seattle, WA
  1387. Mariyam Astaneha CCLS, Certified Child Life Specialist Fort Lee, VA
  1388. Trina Van Medical Student Philadelphia, PA
  1389. Nneka Medical Student, Boston, MA
  1390. Tricia MD, Chesapeake, VA
  1391. Betsy Zucker MSN RN, Portland, Oregon
  1392. Julia Skapik MD MPH, Medical Director National Association of Community Health Centers, Washington, DC
  1393. Jose Fernandez Medical Student, The Bronx, NY
  1394. Pooja Medical student, Louisville, KY
  1395. Erika Boothman MD MPH, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Dublin, OH
  1396. Nelly Durr Chambers MD, Internal medicine, Tampa, FL
  1397. Galina Bass MD, Psychiatrist, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, NY
  1398. Sarah DiBacco, Medical Student, Chicago, IL
  1399. Natalia Munoz, MD/PhD student, Bronx, NY
  1400. Le’Shauna Phinazee Medical Student, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, NY
  1401. Jenny Abrams MD, Family medicine, Seattle, WA
  1402. Brienne Paradis EMT, Medical student, Saco, ME
  1403. Deepa Chandhrasekhar Health professional student, Phoenix, AZ
  1404. Amanda Elderkin BSN RN LM PHN, Maternal Child Public Health, CA
  1405. Jennifer Levine Executive Director – Substance Use NPO, Franklin, MA
  1406. Livia Santiago MD, Emergency Medicine, Touro COM, Poughkeepsie NY
  1407. Preeti MD, Emergency Medicine Physician, St. Louis, MO
  1408. Jesse Frechette LCSW, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Eagleville, PA
  1409. Gayatri Nangia BA, Medical Student, Bronx, NY
  1410. Therese Obioha DO, Family Medicine, Houston, TX
  1411. Katherine Hayman Medical Student, Fort Worth. TX
  1412. Carlos J Vital MD, Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, Houston, TX 
  1413. Melissa Curtis Health Professional Student, El Paso, TX
  1414. Aisha Smart MD, Family Medicine, Houston, TX
  1415. Parnaz Daghighi Medical student, Houston, TX
  1416. Anjali Gupta MD, Physician, Hackensack Meridian School of Medicine, Nutley, NJ
  1417. Kristina Ruff DO student, Glendale AZ
  1418. Kavya Sundar Medical student, Camden, NJ
  1419. Matthew Moronta Medical Student, Weill Cornell Medicine, New York, NY
  1420. Kesh Williams MD, Physician, Wilmington, NC
  1421. Amy Mugg MD, Pediatrics, Oakland, CA
  1422. Susan Wu MD, Pediatrics, Los Angeles, CA
  1423. Naureen Attiullah MD, Psychiatry, Brown, Sharon, MA
  1424. Ann Safo DO, Physician, Sanford Health UND, Horace , ND
  1425. Huda Naeem DO, Emergency Medicine Physician, Tulsa, OK
  1426. Lynne Lightfoote MD, Washington, DC
  1427. Erinma Ukoha MD MPH, Obstetrics & Gynecology, UCSF, San Francisco, CA
  1428. Lynne Lightfoote MD, Washington, DC
  1429. Emily Masterson MD, Family Medicine, Denver, CO
  1430. Alice Nayak MD, Internal Medicine, Portland, OR
  1431. Toan Nguyen MD, Medical Student, SUNY Downstate, Brooklyn, NY
  1432. Shelley Ann Logan RN, Health Professional, Brooklyn, NY
  1433. Michelle PA Urgent Care Medicine, New York, NY
  1434. Brittany J Blue MD, Pediatrics, Tampa, Fl
  1435. Leon MD, New York, NY
  1436. Lukmanafis Babajide MD, Psychiatry, Newark, NJ
  1437. Garrett Pehote DO, Medical Student (OMS III), MSUCOM, Detroit, MI
  1438. Aaline Ahmad MD, Family Medicine, Northwell Health, Long Island, NY
  1439. Salvador Franco NP RN, Family Primary Care, San Francisco, CA
  1440. Rayna Birnbaum Medical/PhD Student, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, NY
  1441. Nishita Pondugula Medical Student, New Haven, CT
  1442. Sara Ashraf MD, Hematology Oncology, Huntington, WV
  1443. Claire Murphy RN, Mount Sinai, New York , NY
  1444. Amaris Yandel DO, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Pittsburgh, PA
  1445. Dejauwne Young MD, Medical student, Bronx, NY
  1446. Mariam Anwar MD, Hennepin Healthcare, Minneapolis, MN
  1447. Jacob Roth Health professional student, New York, NY
  1448. Muijj BS, Medical Student, Idaho Falls, ID
  1449. Hang Claus MD, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Fairfield, CA
  1450. Angela Zhang BA, Medical Student, Brown, Providence, RI
  1451. Joachner Philippe BS, Medical Student, New York, NY
  1452. L Rashid MD, Pediatrician, Sacramento, CA
  1453. Bernadith Russell MD, Attending Physician, New York, NY
  1454. Joshua Rodriguez MD, Emergency Medicine, New York, NY
  1455. Aurora A Robledo MD, Family Medicine, Santa Rosa, CA
  1456. Susana Williams Keeshin MD, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics and Internal Medicine University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT
  1457. Elise Rackoff MD, Dermatology, Asheville NC
  1458. Kathleen Simons Medical Student, SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University, Brooklyn, NY
  1459. Sonia Sosa MD, Family Medicine, OHSU, Portland, OR
  1460. Mayrose Porter BS, Medical student, Houston, TX
  1461. Kavita Jackson MD, Emergency Medicine, Washington, DC
  1462. Ruchika Darapaneni BS, Medical Student, Bronx, NY
  1463. Dina Tom MD, Pediatrician, UHS, San Antonio, TX
  1464. Jasmin Sibai MPH, Epidemiologist, New York, NY
  1465. Rachel Scott MD/MPH, Obstetrics, Georgetown, Washington DC
  1466. Zinnia Farooq OD, Optometrist, Dallas, TX
  1467. Marlene Cano MD, PhD, Physician, Washington University, Saint Louis, MO
  1468. Tiffany Sayles DO, Family Medicine Physician, Plantation FL
  1469. Meera Garriga BA, UCSF Medical Student, San Francisco, CA
  1470. Reise Sample MD, Medical Student, Bronx, NY
  1471. Aliya Ferouz-Colborn MD, Head and Neck Surgeon, Carlsbad CA
  1472. Leilani Zimmerman NP, Community Health Family Nurse Practitioner, Santa Rosa, CA
  1473. Madison Messmer Medical Student, Old Westbury, NY
  1474. Lindsay Pattison BA, Medical Student, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, NY
  1475. Kelly Pearson MD, Dermatology, Scottsdale, AZ
  1476. Rohan Karanth Medical Student, Charlottesville, VA
  1477. Rabia Awan MD, Family physician, Edison, NJ
  1478. Jawad Javed MD, Neonatologist, UIC, Peoria, IL
  1479. Melanie Sion MD, Trauma Surgery, Yale, New Haven, CT
  1480. Meera Mehta MD, Physician, Columbus, OH
  1481. Miranda Greiner MD, Physician, New York, NY
  1482. Divya K Chhabra MD, Fellow, New York, NY
  1483. Junieth Zelaya Sutton LVN, Acute Care, CA
  1484. Daniel Bradley MD, Radiology, Los Angeles CA
  1485. Vicky Lam MD, Emergency Medicine, Brooklyn, NY
  1486. Stephanie Dukhovny MD, Maternal Fetal Medicine, Portland, OR
  1487. Melissa Zheng MD, Otolaryngology, Los Angeles, CA
  1488. Camilla Cracchiolo RN, ICU/CCU, Los Angeles, CA
  1489. Hilary Grubb MD, Psychiatry, UCSF, San Francisco, CA
  1490. Amna Jamil Pharmacist, New York, NY
  1491. Alex Niculescu MD, Resident Internal Medicine, Bronx, NY
  1492. Linda Forrester Medical student, Bronx, NY
  1493. Saniya Kibria MD, Psychiatrist, New York City Children’s Center, New York, NY
  1494. Sophie Richardson Medical student, Sioux Falls SD
  1495. Gwendolyn Hooley MD, Emergency Medicine Resident Physician, New York, NY
  1496. Sonali Kulkarni MD, Internal Medicine, Los Angeles, CA
  1497. Sudipta Devanath MD, Physician, Yale, New Haven, CT
  1498. Humera Naqvi MD, Hospitalist, Memorial Hermann, Fulshear, TX
  1499. Bauer, Medical Student, Illinois
  1500. Khaleel Sayeed MD, Nephrology, Chicago, IL
  1501. Rupali Gautam Medical Student, Fort Worth, TX
  1502. Lynn Northrop PhD, Psychologist, Sharp Healthcare, San Diego, CA
  1503. Helen F. Grace DO, UNMC Assistant Professor, Pediatrics, Omaha, NE
  1504. Rachel Christenson DO, Health Professional Student, Des Moines, IA
  1505. Emmeline Medical Student, Aurora, CO
  1506. Morgan Presta CMD, Medical Dosimetrist, Healthcare Workers Action Network, San Jose, CA
  1507. Ana Rivera MD, Internal Medicine, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA
  1508. Edythe Stewart MD, Physician, Selma, CA
  1509. Geeta lalwani MD, Physician, Boulder, CO
  1510. Raphaela Lipinsky DeGette MD, Internal Medicine, San Francisco CA
  1511. Victor Tolo RN, Medical/Surgery, Nanuet, NY
  1512. Razina Aziz-Bose Medical student,Palo Alto, CA
  1513. Mary E Cottle Medical Technologist, Laboratory Science, Cannon Beach, OR
  1514. Kirti P NP, Los Angeles, CA
  1515. Monique Gittens MD, Pediatrician, Los Angeles, CA
  1516. Ruchika Darapaneni BS, Medical Student, Bronx, NY
  1517. Yara Vargas MD, PMR, Scottsdale, AZ
  1518. Deborah Im Medical Student, Los Angeles, CA
  1519. Andrea RN, New York NY
  1520. Marie Ellis DO, Internal Medicine, Mount Prospect, IL
  1521. Allison Ong Medical Student, UC Davis School of Medicine, Sacramento, CA
  1522. Andrea Fisher Medical Student, Stanford, CA
  1523. Dunisha G Ranasuriya MD, Physician, San Diego, CA
  1524. Diego Luna Centeno BA, Medical Student, OHSU, Portland, OR 
  1525. Danielle MD, Psychiatry, University of Cincinnati, Mason, OH
  1526. Kyle Kerley RN, Nursing – Emergency, New York, NY
  1527. Lubna MD MPH, Pediatrics, CA
  1528. Suzanne Mendez MD, Pediatrics, Western College of Osteopathy, Bend, OR
  1529. Shruti Rai DO, Osteopathic Medical Student, St. Louis, MO
  1530. Yong-hun Kim, Medical Student, Rochester, MN
  1531. Melani Sanders MD, Obstetrics & Gynecology, McDonough, GA
  1532. Amelia Metz RDH, Dental Hygienist, Pearland, TX
  1533. Deslyn MD, Urogynecology, Wayne State University, Detroit, MI
  1534. Terri Coble MD, Internal medicine, Saint Louis, MO
  1535. Sarah Minney MD, Family Medicine, Rochester, NY
  1536. Fatima Syed MD, Physician, Durham, NC
  1537. Andrea Taveras PT DPT, Physical Therapist, Valley Steam, NU
  1538. Tracy McNeish MD, Pediatrics, Richmond, VA
  1539. Rayna Birnbaum MS, PhD Student, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, NY

Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.


  • How extremely odd. Why would a bunch of doctors sign such a petition for two lawyers who had committed such a crime? I can see, given the name of the site where the petition was posted, why many may have signed it without researching it a bit more but why was it posted there in the first place? It seems very odd.
    But then, upon investigating the site a bit further myself, I can see that it is a purely political and anti Trump page, so never mind.

    • Purely political and citizens should be aware. I would want to know if a doctor I trusted had such poor judgement.

  • Not too hard to tell from reading the names that 90%+ aren’t born-in-America citizens. Also, where is the physicians oath of “do no harm”?!

  • Wow I am truly stunned by this. Working in Health Care for over 50 years I can only imagine that these people just signed whatever they had in front of their face to sign, maybe.

  • My VA doctor is on this list. Not sure if should report it to theVA or what because she works for the government and is supporting the destruction of government property.

  • Because someone was too lazy to break the list down by state and alphabetically the list is practically useless. Bad form.


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