ALERT: Left-Wing Groups Fight to Abolish Filibuster to Seize Control of State Elections (Watch)

The leftist power grabbers must abolish the filibuster soon, or they will not be able to push voter fraud legislation ‘For The People Act’ through before it can impact the 2022 midterms.

The radical left wants to pass unconstitutional voter fraud empowerment legislation in time for the 2022 midterms. The money pouring into the effort to abolish the filibuster can only be rivaled by the shocking amount of taxpayer dollars being spent on the leftist coronavirus vaccine coercion campaign.

Who is behind the effort and why are they pushing so hard to get rid of the filibuster?

The deceptively named “For the People Act” would strip the states of their electoral process autonomy and impose blanket rules, such as doing away with voter ID. The radical left is also fighting to pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Act, which would empower the Department of Justice to steamroll over state’s electoral decisions by claiming the states are racist.

Read a primer on the filibuster.

The radical left claims that Republicans are engaging in “voter suppression” by reaffirming common-sense voter integrity measures such as identification. Those paying attention can easily see this anti-filibuster campaign for what it is – an attempt to nationalize elections.

It seems that every astroturf group is on board, all funded by leftist “philanthropic” organizations such as Hillary Clinton’s “Onward Together” (an Indivisible “partner“) and Arabella Advisors, the group behind “Fix our Senate”.


“The Senate needs to pass the For the People Act by the end of the month so we have time for its provisions to go into effect before the 2022 midterms,” Indivisible declared in an email to followers earlier this month.

From a mass email sent on July 25, 2021 from Indivisible:

We’re still hard at work on our plans to pass the For the People Act (S. 1) before the Senate leaves for August recess — and 17 Indivisible Georgia groups got a letter entered into the record of the Senate Rules Committee demanding just that! From the organizers working directly with local groups to call for action, to the policy research, recruitment, and more that we’re doing to keep activists informed and engaged, we’re throwing tons of resources into passing the For the People Act as our top priority over the next few weeks, and we’re seeing it pay off.


Both Leah Greenberg of Indivisible and Rahna Epting of MoveOn sent out fundraising letters bragging that they got arrested during the so-called Women’s Moral March on Washington to fight the filibuster and push through the voter fraud legislation “For the People Act”.

Screenshot from Indivisible email dated July 22, 2021
Fix our Senate

A Twitter-Promoted New York Times article by Carl Hulse posted on July 21st cites a letter signed by 31 people “who worked for more than 25 current and former Democratic lawmakers” spearheaded by “Fix our Senate.” But “Fix Our Senate” is the opposite of grassroots.

While they are partnered with many radical left groups, their money comes from Arabella Advisors, which is described by the Free Beacon as “one of the left’s most powerful dark money networks”.

“The 31 signers of the letter, who worked for more than 25 current and former Democratic lawmakers, conceded that they and their former bosses had embraced the filibuster in the past,” Hulse explains. Democrats are doing everything they can to justify squashing minority rights by destroying the filibuster.

Watch a video from “Fix our Senate“:

Our Revolution

As reported at RAIR, Our Revolution is a front group for America’s largest Marxist organization, the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA). They have been using their considerable resources to push to abolish the filibuster.

Despite their communist connection, elected officials such as Rep. Pramila Jayapal and Rep. Ilhan Omar regularly speak in rallies and conferences organized by the radical group. It is time Republicans start loudly using their platforms to call out this practice.

On Friday, the Marxist organization sent a mass email to their followers putting pressure on the installed puppet Joe Biden to dismantle the filibuster. Our Revolution states in the email that “getting rid of the filibuster” is the “only possible remedy” to stop “dangerous voter suppression laws that allow partisans to overturn free and fair elections.”

Screenshot from Our Revolution email dated July 23, 2021

As reported at RAIR, Our Revolution bragged in June that CNN “ran an entire segment directly quoting from our last email demanding President Biden deliver on keeping his progressive campaign promises.”


As reported at RAIR, MoveOn, who obsessively begs for money through various fundraising campaigns, received $49,833,034 just in 2019-2020. As one would expect, the left-wing group is also fighting to destroy the filibuster.

This past week, Rahna Epting, MoveOn’s executive director, sent a mass email to followers bragging about how she got arrested while demanding an end of the filibuster at the “Women’s Moral March on Washington.”

“The Senate’s self-imposed arcane filibuster rule allows Mitch McConnell and the MAGA-hijacked Republican Party to obstruct the progress 81 million of us voted for in November,” Epting says in an email sent to supporters on July 20, 2021.

Epting continues:

The path to eliminating the filibuster to unlock our governing potential is not easy by any means. You no doubt have heard that there are Democratic senators who defend the filibuster. It may appear as if these senators have made up their minds, but here’s the thing: Progress often seems impossible until the moment we break through. We’ve already seen cracks in the dam. Some of those Democrats have started to favor reforming the filibuster, and there are signs that even the White House is losing patience with the obstruction. We cannot let up now. We must continue to build pressure and demand that Democrats deliver by removing any obstacles in their way toward the progress we voted for.

Watch the Women’s Moral March on Washington | Poor People’s Campaign program here:

Read more of RAIR Foundation USA’s coverage on the Filibuster:

Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.

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  • We need to start a drive by regular citizens, congress, etc.. To start to weed out Communists wherever they are, and their organizations as a great threat to freedom that our forefathers, and generations not that long ago fought to keep. They didnt die for nothing. These people are OUR CURRENT DOMESTIC ENEMIES. THE COMMUNIST USEFUL IDIOTS. Shut down all private companies that promote communism like facebook, twitter, etc…These are private companies trying to destroy and have in some cases succeeded. WE CANNOT WAIT FOR CONGRESS TO ACT. WE CANNOT WAIT FOR OTHER SOURCES TO BE DEVELOPED, These people will try to destroy these other sources, THAT MY FRIENDS IS CALLED WAR. ESSENTIALLY WE ARE AT WAR BY ENEMIES WITHIN. TIME TO ACT. UNLESS YOU WANT TO LOSE. Great that we sites uncovering and exposing them, but things have to be done. SO GET BUSY AND FIND OUT HOW TO DEFEAT OUR ENEMIES, ITS UP TO US. NOBODY ELSE, REMEMBER GOVT NEVER FIXES ANYTHING IT ONLY MAKES THINGS WORSE


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