ALERT: Left-wing 'Shut Down DC' Sends Mob to Confront Election Attorneys

“We have divided up the list of lawyers who work at the firm so that together we can contact a huge number of people – and this is your assigned person.” – Shut Down DC Mailing, November 13, 2020

“We have divided up the list of lawyers who work at the firm so that together we can contact a huge number of people – and this is your assigned person.” – Shut Down DC Mailing, November 13, 2020

The militant left-wing group Shut Down DC is doxxing specific attorneys in a mass email sent on November 13, 2020. In the email, Shut Down DC provides supporters with a unique “assigned” attorney to harass with form letters and pre-scripted phone calls.

Shut Down DC, along with their many allies in big tech, the mainstream media and the democrat-funded Lincoln Project, have launched a full-on attack on law firms and individual attorneys for daring to take on cases that may possibly bring wrong-doing to light, as reported at RAIR Foundation USA.

Shut Down DC asks supporters to join them in “visiting [law firm] King & Spalding” and to assist in their “virtual campaign” where they provide supporters with their “assigned” attorney’s name, phone number and email address. The left-wing group also reminds supporters that they can participate in shaming attorneys on social media.

“I am very concerned that King & Spalding is pursuing frivolous lawsuits for the Trump campaign that are undermining our democracy and attempting to silence the voices of Black and brown voters,” the juvenile and amatuer form letter reads in part. “You are complicit in Trump’s effort to bully and cheat his way through this election and impede a stable and safe transfer of presidential power,” the letter continues.

Here is a screenshot of the mass mailing, sent through the Action Network, which describes itself as “a mission-driven organization dedicated to building power for the progressive movement…”

Screenshot from email

The mainstream media has thrown away all semblence of objectivity and journalistic integrity, with some even threatening attorneys that if they work with the Trump Administration, they may not have a job in the future, like this menacing message from The Atlantic:

Threatening Message to Attorneys: If you work with Trump, you might not keep your job

The authors of the Atlantic piece, Bradley P. Moss and Joanne Molinaro, are rabidly against the President and have been from the beginning. Moss, who obsessively tweets about the President, referred to claims of voter fraud as “baseless and pathetic” and Molinaro even wrote a poorly-written open letter to President Trump bashing him for making her mad at her boyfriend and having white voters, or something.

While the complicit left is counting on the ignorance of their base, there is a constitutional process that must be completed. The mainstream media is not constitutionally authorized to call elections.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo explains:

“We’re gonna count all the votes. When the process is complete, there’ll be electors selected. There’s a process. The Constitution lays it out pretty clearly.”

Watch attorney and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani discuss the compelling evidence of potential voter fraud that is being scrutinized in Pennsylvania and Michigan:

Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.


  • Maybe these people sending messages to the lawyers should use their time actually reading the Constitution of the United States.

  • They need to round out these criminals and put them in prison. This is Fascist Tactics that they claim they despise but it is all they use. Antifa are Fascists! Liberal Brownshirts! Social miscreants and malcontents brainwashed by the left.

  • They have gotten away with so much in the last three and a half years I’m scared they’re going to remove Trump, and nothing will been done to them. Even though It’s a rigged election

  • since when in this country are you guilty before trial? since when are attorneys guilty before trial, and by the way, not even THEIR trial? fascist, communist, paid criminal sheople.

  • US does not have a Judicial branch for higher-ups. Didn’t prosecute employers of illegals; didn’t investigate 911; didn’t prosecute 2008 financial scam; didn’t investigate political murders; doesn’t investigate 2020 anarchy.
    Well, it’s coming back to bite you on the ass. (They) have officially stolen your freedom. You’re toast.

  • If I was so confident in my candidate’s unassailable victory, as you seem to be, then I would not only get out of the way of a challenge to it; I would openly invite it because a second vindication would prove my position all the more.

    But instead, you’re attacking anyone daring to ask questions. Why? If someone accused me of shoplifting a widget, and I hadn’t, I’d be very happy to empty my pockets in their presence so they could see I had nothing on me.

    Instead, you are protesting. That’s suspicious in my book. Let Trump file all the objections he wants. Sit back and let it play out, even if you think it’s foolhardy for him. What’d you have to lose?

  • Your too far to the left to be interesting. Better try something else to do in life. Thus far you and your colleagues are failures.

  • I am no legal mind , but common sense must not be top of their list. Threating a law firm and lawyers, does not always go well I wonder if they are putting their names and addresses on their threats , so, they can be contacted in the future ??? These people are nothing but closet communist thugs

    • These people don’t know what they are. For the most part, they are low IQ thugs who are on drugs or are convicted criminals.

  • These people are intimidating Officers of the Court and interfering with the judicial process. They need to be arrested.

  • Are people too lazy to do their homework? Telling people that doing what the constitution requires is equivalent to destroying Democracy is lunacy. All should want a fair and free election and there is mounds of evidence that it was not. This should not be allowed to stand and our constitution gives a remedy. Following the right path is upholding our democratic form of government in a REPUBLIC. The media should not be allowed to call the winner until the very last vote is in. All votes count is what was repeated over and over again, yet people now see that was just another lie. Biden pledged in the presidential debate to Chris Wallace that he would not accept the presidency until it had been established by the legislature. Just another politician lying to the American people.

  • Maybe its time to doxx Shut Down DC. They are interfering with an ongoing judicial process, therefore they are obstructing the court.

    Who is funding them?

  • The left wing engages in constant gaslighting. When will this country wake up and understand that “ShutdownDC”, BLM, and Antifa are full of imbeciles who couldn’t pass an eighth-grade civics test? They are killing this country.


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