ALERT: Luc Montagnier Did NOT Say Vaccine Would Kill People in Two Years - Here's What he DID Say (Video)

Vaccine coercion activists are using the fake statement attributed to Prof. Luc Montagnier to discredit his valid scientific observations about the vaccine being the root cause of the variants.

Lies about French Virologist Luc Montagnier have been circulating online after an article posted at RAIR Foundation USA went viral. Social media activists are spreading a vicious rumor that the Nobel Laureate claimed those who take the coronavirus vaccine will be dead in two years.

The outright misrepresentation of Prof. Montagnier’s statement comes after he revealed that the coronavirus vaccine is “creating variants,” as reported at RAIR, where one can read the full transcript.

It is unclear if the rumor was started as a to cynical attempt to discredit Prof. Montagnier or if it was done to put emphasis on the danger of the vaccine. Either way, the Nobel Laureate said no such thing.

Vaccine coercion activists are using the fake statement attributed to Prof. Luc Montagnier to discredit his valid scientific observations about the vaccine being the root cause of the variants.

The rumor is so pervasive that it is pre-populating on Twitter at the time of this writing on May 25, 2021:

Twitter Screenshot

Do not allow this rumor to hijack Prof. Montagnier’s important message about the vaccines causing variants.

Read the transcript here and watch the video, which was accurately translated exclusively for RAIR Foundation USA:

Read more of RAIR’s coverage on coronavirus vaccines:

Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.


  • Here’s the question – Why’s all who posted articles about Dr. Montagnier, whether or not he said the “vaccine” would kill people in 2 years call this a “vaccine” when it’s not? No real vaccine produces spike proteins that alter people’s RNA and DNA .. However, whatever toxin this is does produce these spike proteins that alter a person’s RNA and DNA – It’s an experimental drug that’s being injected into people’s arms – and the FDA only approved it for emergencies, not for non-emergencies.

    • However it might behoove anyone considering activism on GMO (genetically modified foods and vaccines) to know that a psychotic ruling class has determined results without any precautionary principle and has deemed their intelligence higher than that of natural order. Basing random sequences in the REAL world has lead to nothing less than more disease instead of cures.

  • Being French, I can say that some of the translation is incorrect. He says ” Je suis de pres , si vous voulez des experiences qui sont faites in situ, c’est a dire sur des patients, des malades qui sont devenus infectes…”.

    Translation: ” I am following closely, if you want, experiments that are done “on site” , meaning on patients, sick people who have become infected”

  • I do not see Mr. Montaigner saying that people will die in three years… Where is it?

    In Spain, some groups from CESIC are preparing what it seems to be real vaccines. I am waiting for it because they seem very promising. However, the Spanish authorities stopped (just a couple of days ago) the next step of the process…

    See (in Spanish):

  • But where is the explanation for why this particular “vaccine” creates variants? Or is it implicit that other viral outbreaks which were treated w/ vaccines resulted in such variants, too? Does he state or imply that our current predicament is unique because the lab-enhanced (and therefore the potentially more “unstable”) nature of the virus and the antibody reaction to this particular type of “vaccine” is uniquely variant prone? He also does not explicitly state WHY this is a mistake. We are left to assume that it is because he thinks the virus will mutate UP – that it will become more lethal. But aren’t more lethal mutations generally LESS communicable? If they mutate down, as they usually do (?), they become less lethal but more easily spread. Someone who knows something, please respond!

    • because it is a leaky vaccine, it doesn’t stop transmission, i guess if a vaccine doesn’t stop transmission and the pandemic can continue it gives the virus organism an chance to mutate and spread. But I’m no doctor, i’m just spitballin


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