ALERT: Mandatory Coronavirus Vaccinations Coming to Spain (Video)

The names of Spaniards who refuse the injection mislabeled as a “vaccine” will be documented in a special register.

The regional government of Galicia in north-western Spain has declared that the controversial coronavirus vaccination should be mandatory for all 2.7 million citizens. The announcement was made by Galicia’s left-wing regional president Alberto Nuñez Feijóo at a press conference on Tuesday. His government has been working on a corresponding bill since November that will mandate the gene-altering mRNA injection to treat a virus 99.8% of people will survive.

Those who refuse to be injected will be fined several thousand euros. If the violation is classified as a “minor offense”, a fine of EUR 1,000 to EUR 3,000 ($1,200 USD to $3,600 USD) is due. In cases where the violation “poses a risk or serious harm to the health of the population”, the fine can range from € 3,000 to € 60,000. ($3,600 USD to $73,000 USD)

As reported in December at RAIR Foundation USA, the names of Spaniards who refuse the Gene Therapy injection, commonly called a “vaccine” will be documented in a special register. The country’s Health Minister, Salvador Illa, said that the authorities will share the list with the European Union and its 27 member states.

Watch the following news report by Euronews,


One in three Spaniards do not want to receive the controversial Pfizer-BioNtech vaccination. As previously reported at RAIR, prominent German virologist Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi warned the public of the vaccine’s major risks. These major risks can be grouped into the following four primary buckets.

First, the testing for these vaccines was conducted on young, healthy individuals with the strongest immune systems. It is a major unknown how the elderly population and those with pre-existing conditions will respond to these vaccines.

Next, these gene-altering Messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccinations “can cause very serious allergic reactions.” The mRNA is described at the CDC as “a new type of vaccine to protect against infectious diseases,” and Bhakdi has warned that this type of vaccine is “still unknown scientifically and medically.”

Third, the vaccines can contribute an adverse overreaction to subsequent naturally occurring infections. More specifically, once injected into the body, the vaccine rapidly spreads throughout your body risking the dangers of immediate bodily overreaction or allergic reaction.

Lastly, the vaccines bring with them the possibility of autoimmune disease that can cause death, and possible infertility in women.

Watch Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi outlined the vaccines “four major risks”:

Please ask your friends and family the five following questions before they decide to be injected with an untested “vaccine”, made using unprecedented technology, with no legal recourse should it do you harm, to treat a virus 99.8% of people will survive.

Many thanks to Miss Piggy for the following translation:

Since the end of December Croatia has been vaccinating medical personnel and senior 
citizens against Covid-19.

Now the capital Zagreb has started delivering vaccines for mass immunization.

The city health authorities plan to vaccinate 17,000 residents this week.

In one of the centers in Zagreb, the wife of President Zoran Milanovic is helping with the 
vaccinations. She is an epidemiologist.

What we know about all vaccines without exception is:

any vaccine will protect you from being admitted to intensive care, from ventilators and 
from a fatal outcome not intended by God.

I think that’s the most important thing for everyone.

A second team of Bundeswehr paramedics landed in Lisbon on Tuesday.

The eight German doctors and eighteen nurses replace the team that has been helping in 
Portugal since early February.

The public health system, suffering from a shortage of personnel, was stretched to its 
limits in January.

With sunshine and hope, we greet them.

We must not allow ourselves to forget that our health services still need this help.

The regional government of Galicia, in northwestern Spain, has announced that Covid-19 
vaccination will be mandatory for all 2.7 million inhabitants.

The government is working to draft a law proposal that would require vaccine refusers 
to pay a fine of several thousand Euros.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist


  • Everybody in the world should obey The Leader of The Anus Gate Galaxy: Bill G-spot Gates, that visited Wuhan and started all this Covid-19 shit for the whole Universe!

  • this is all just a world wide NWO ploy to see how far they can push the people by panicking them into being injected with dangerous stuff while hiding in their basements and wearing useless face coverings, all for a flu virus with a 99.7% survival rate (overall). Your mileage may vary.

    Next up is $10 a gallon vehicle fuel and mandatory vehicle lockdowns “to save the planet”. Of course the planet is in no danger but our freedoms certainly are.

    • David, they will inject you and your whole family because your existence disgusts them and there is nothing you can or will do about it.

  • So Galicia is now officially on the “no go” travel list. They can jab themselves till their hearts’ content, I won’t even look their way…

  • Let’s charter a plane and fly to Florida – as refugees 🙂 We now qualify as political refugees.

    Once they start mandating the sticking of experimental products into adults and children – they won’t stop there. If we give up bodily integrity we are nothing more than cattle.


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