ALERT: NPR Butchers History, Implies 'neo-Nazis and skinheads' Responsible for Robert Fuller's Death

NPR also took the opportunity to smear California’s Antelope Valley as racist using cherry-picked half truths and outright lies.


On June 30, National Public Radio (NPR) published an article by Emily Elena Dugdale suggesting that Robert Fuller, 24, was lynched by racists despite having zero evidence and initial findings that the young man took his own life. Instead of focusing on Fuller’s life, NPR took the opportunity to smear California’s Antelope Valley as racist using cherry-picked half truths and outright lies.

This comes just days after an NPR article by Hannah Allam claiming that “right-wing extremists are turning cars into weapons” was completely debunked.

The circumstances surrounding the tragic hanging death of Robert Fuller in Palmdale, California are consistent to that of a suicide, according to the county’s medical examiner Jonathan Lucas. Despite this fact, the police, along with the FBI, are officially investigating the hanging as a homicide likely having less to do with the facts of the case than with the political climate that puts allegations before evidence.

In the following tweet, NPR claims that people do not believe Robert Fuller took his own life. They inexplicably continue to claim that “neo-Nazis and skinheads have been a threat in the area,” and mention a “firebombing of a black church”:

The allegation of the “firebombing of a black church” appears to be a reference to the unsolved August 25, 2010 Molotov cocktail attack on the First African Methodist Episcopal Church in Palmdale. Dugdale forgets to mention that that same day, a Mormon church was also targeted, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster – about a 14 minute drive from the “black church.”

In the NPR article, Dugdale explains the local housing authority and Sheriff’s Department settled claims of discrimination pushed by the Department of Justice:

The Housing Authority eventually agreed to pay a $2 million settlement. The Sheriff’s Department paid an additional $700,000 and agreed to several reforms.

In a very similar article published at LAist, Dugdale described the settlements a bit differently:

The Housing Authority denied any wrongdoing, but eventually agreed to pay a $2 million settlement. The Sheriff’s Department insisted its deputies did nothing wrong, but paid an additional $700,000 and agreed to several reforms.

Spot the difference?

Communist Agitators Inflame Tensions

Marxist agitators have predictably jumped on the “Robert Fuller was lynched” bandwagon, as the Los Angeles chapter of the Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL), a self-described “revolutionary Marxist organization,” have been active in protests. Expert in communist subversion Trevor Loudon explained to RAIR Foundation USA that the PSL has some very dangerous allegiances. They support the communist governments of Cuba, Venezuela, China, Iran and North Korea. As an aside, the anti-American ANSWER Coalition is a front group for the PSL.

Screenshot of the Twitter Page for the Party for Socialism and Liberation

Distinctive black and white signs from the PSL were seen repeatedly in featured photos for numerous “news” outlets without one raising a question about their communist origin:

Family of Robert Fuller, Black man found hanging, seeks 'truth ...

The article by Dugdale does not delve into Robert Fuller’s life insomuch as list every unproven allegation of the town’s alleged racism made in the past decade in the Antelope Valley region of Southern California, where Palmdale is located. The allegations over the years led to an FBI investigation signed off by then-Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez, a known hard left partisan, which is equally short on facts, unfortunately.

Who was Robert Fuller?

It is difficult to piece together much about Mr. Fuller’s frame of mind. It is known that Robert Fuller had a “social services case worker” and “rumors” have been circulating without confirmation that Fuller “committed lewd and lascivious on a child prior to his death” but other reports claim that Fuller “was excited about an upcoming group trip to Las Vegas and the rising Black Lives Matter movement.”

In a shocking twist, Robert Fuller’s older brother Terron Boone, 31, was shot to death during a police shoot-out a week after his younger brother was found hanging in a tree. The shooting “ended a bizarre series of events in which authorities accused Boone of pistol-whipping, imprisoning and threatening a former girlfriend over a weeklong period.” Boone had a criminal history and spent time in prison for, among other things, “corporal punishment on a child.” Additionally, an ex-girlfriend “successfully obtained a restraining order against him, citing domestic violence.”

The good citizens of Antelope Valley are being smeared as being racist, and it appears they have been for quite awhile. It is past time to set the record straight and fight back against partisan attacks by media outlets that align more with Marxists than the American people.

Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.

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