Alert: Oprah Winfrey Joins Socialist Groups For Webinar On How to Seize Control of the Senate

If Oprah Winfrey is not complicit in these subversive efforts, she is a useful idiot for the radical left.

Oprah Winfrey joined race-obsessed left-wing groups focused on incentivizing black Americans to vote for hard left democrats for a webinar Thursday. The event was blandly marketed as a forum to “discuss the Georgia Special Election,” but the ultimate goal is get a Senate majority in order to easily push a socialist agenda.

As previously reported at RAIR Foundation USA, some of the policies being promoted by the activists in Winfrey’s webinar include defunding police, open borders, restrictions on speech, tax-payer funded abortion without restrictions, a welfare state, massive taxes and amped-up Chinese coronavirus tyranny.

A mass email sent on December 2nd signed by Stefanie Brown James, co-founder of a subversive Clinton-tied group The Collective advertised the event. The panel discussion moderated by Oprah Winfrey featured representatives from the Soros-Funded “Black Voters Matter” group and the communist-tied “New Georgia Project” among others. The event was advertised under the hashtag #OWNYourVote.

Zoom With Oprah

One of the groups, the “New Georgia Project,” is currently “under investigation for improper registration activities,” as reported at the New York Post this week. The New Georgia Project was founded by failed gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams and was, until January, chaired by Rev. Raphael Warnock, who is running against Sen. Kelly Loeffler for the January 5th run-off election.

The Washington Free Beacon reported that Georgia Senate candidate Raphael Warnock “was listed as CEO of the New Georgia Project from 2017 until Feb. 21, 2020.” As a young man, Warnock served as a youth pastor at the radical Abyssinian Baptist Church in Harlem which hosted the late communist dictator Fidel Castro.

See the image below featuring John Bachtell wearing a “New Georgia Project” tee-shirt (far left). According to the Communist Party newspaper People’s World, Bachtell was “national chair of the Communist Party USA from 2014 to 2019.” In this article, the Communist leader discusses efforts to turn Georgia “blue”.

The Collective email encourages supporters to register to vote “in advance of their December 7 voter registration deadline” in order to “determine the future of the Senate”:

“Together, we’ll be discussing how Georgians (and those of us that have people in the state which I literally think is every Black person in America) can ‘Own the Vote’ in advance of their December 7 voter registration deadline and January 5 runoff election in Georgia that will determine the future of the Senate!”

As previously reported at RAIR, left-wing groups “who seek to fundamentally transform America into a socialist country are descending upon Georgia…”

Screenshot from Oprah Winfrey’s Meeting

The Webinar largely consisted of Oprah Winfrey speaking with actress Kerry Washington discussing how excited they are that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris won, which of course, they did not. Despite Oprah, the mainsteam media and the socialist groups’ assertion that the election was called for Joe Biden, the states have until December 14th to resolve disputes surrounding voter fraud.

Kerry Washington also promoted another event “Rock the Runoff” with Stacey Abrams. Oprah additionally spoke with Stefanie Brown James (The Collective), LaTosha Brown (Black Voters Matter), Nse Ufot (New Georgia Project), and Cheryl Lowery (The Joseph and Evelyn Lowery Institute). While the ladies appear to be concerned citizens looking to ensure voter participation, they are trained radicals.

Just today for example, participant and communist training school Rockwood alum LaTosha Brown tweeted about “police murders” and expressed anger at former President Barack Obama for his recent comments about the “defunding police” movement. Further, she sickeningly tweeted in part: “I live in a country where the ‘defund the Police’ statement is far more offensive than the actual killing of Black people.” (emphasis added)

Brown, of course, did not express concern for the police officers regularly attacked and killed by criminals.

Read this article at RAIR Foundation USA to find out more about the radical nature of these organizations, whose socialist agenda is becoming more mainstream and will lead to devastation for America.

Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.

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