'Allahu Akhbar' Screaming Afghan Migrant With Prior Arrests Goes on Stabbing Spree in Germany (Video)

Police shot the Muslim, who has had seven previous criminal offenses, including sexual, violent, and drug charges.

On September 8, 2022, a 30-year-old Afghan migrant known to police attacked and injured two travelers (a 17-year-old and a 20-year-old) with a knife at the Ansbach train station in Germany.  Police shot the Muslim, who has had seven previous criminal offenses, including sexual, violent, and drug charges. Witnesses heard the Afghan shout, “Allahu Akbar.” However, police have not yet determined the Islamic man’s “motives.”

Middle Franconia’s Chief of Police, Roman Festinger, explained that the Afghan attacked a 17-year-old with two butcher knives. A few minutes after the attack, several police patrol cars moved out. Officials placed the 30-year-old near the crime scene. When he attacked the officers with his knives, the two police officers, aged 22 and 25, shot him.

Investigators reported that the man initially attacked the 17-year-old and knelt on him with the knives in his hands. However, the victim owed his survival to the presence of mind of the 20-year-old who intervened and helped save the teenager, said police chief Fertinger.

Bavaria’s Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann (CSU) emphasized the courageous intervention of a passerby. “I am particularly impressed by the 20-year-old man who selflessly rushed to help the 17-year-old who was initially attacked.” 

The 20-year-old is believed to have saved the youth’s life. “It takes a lot of courage to put a knife-armed man to flight when you are putting your life in danger and getting injured. I hope both victims recover from their injuries and traumatic experiences as soon as possible.” According to investigators, both boys were able to leave the hospital after treatment.

The knife attacker was stopped after a few minutes thanks to the quick intervention of the police, Herrmann told the press. “Here, too, it has paid off that we have invested massively in an increased police presence in recent years.”

According to police, the motive of the Afghan, who had come to Germany as an asylum seeker but was rejected and only had a toleration status that was valid for one week, was still unclear. However, according to witnesses, the Muslim repeatedly screamed “Allahu Akbar” during the crime. 

It is not surprising that the jihadi was shouting the controversial Islamic phrase “Allahu Akbar,” which means that “Allah is greater” than any other god. When recited, it empowers Muslims, making them feel superior to the rest of mankind. “Allahu Akbar” has been a jihadist tool since the early years of Islam.

As Gatestone reports, when Allahu Akbar is shouted publicly as an expression of rage, however, particularly during an attack on others, it is intended to intimidate or threaten; its purpose is to emphasize that the assault is being committed on behalf of Allah — submitting to his command to kill enemies — and in the expectation of the reward of eternal paradise.

Despite the obvious Islamic motives, the head of the criminal investigation, Dieter Hegwein, said, “this alone says nothing about a possible terrorist or Islamist background.”

The police and public prosecutor said there were no further indications of a possible terrorist background. Police reported that they were unsure whether the asylum status played a role as a possible motive is unclear, said Hegwein. In any case, the police assume it was a lone culprit. 

At the crime scene, the investigators secured two household knives from the suspect, likely to be the weapons to commit the attack, as the spokesman explained. In addition, the Muslim’s apartment was searched, and his cell phone seized, a police spokesman said on Friday morning. Their forensics team is searching the cell phone for clues. 

Mental Health Excuse

According to the public prosecutor’s office, there had been a “care procedure” for the man. News outlets in Germany quickly reported that this means there is a possibility of the Muslim suffering from mental illness. The prosecutor refused to give any further details. However, they claim antidepressants were found during the search.

German left-wing media and authorities quickly deployed their tactic for protecting Muslims who kill non-Muslims or illegal migrants who kill their hosts and immediately suggested the man was likely suffering from “psychological issues.

In virtually every instance of jihad or migrant attacks in Europe, politicians & media hide the identity of the attackers. However, in rare cases, when an attacker’s identity and citizenship status are leaked, the suspect is presented as possibly suffering from mental health issues.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist


  • Unbelievable, must be some error in the news text, “shot the muslim”?
    Unheard of that police can be so clever.
    Usually police just change the diapers on fellow police.

    “However, police have not yet determined the Islamic man’s “motives.” ”

    Oh, right, what on earth could the motives be? Can anybody of the readers help these completely stupid police officers??? Anybody?
    How can we have an answer to that difficult question.
    Did Albert Einstein write about that? No?
    Oh, this is harder than Einsteins theory of relativity.
    Can it be general relativity or special relativity?
    Wow, really hard question this one!

  • The West must face the truth that Muslims donot assimulate into Western society. It’s oil and water. They stem from tribal cultures. Add the teachings of a racist, misogynist, and violent cult know as Islam.

  • “Dozens of relevant stakeholders sent a letter to European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, European Council President Charles Michel, and several others in key position of power calling on them to take immediate action to “prevent permanent deindustrialisation from spiralling electricity and gas prices.”



  • Witnesses heard the Afghan shout, “Allahu Akbar.” However, police have not yet determined the Islamic man’s “motives.” This is definitely a mystery and a job for Inspector Jacques Clouseau (Pink Panther movies).

  • Why the “authorities” always shy away from stating the obvious muslim motive behind this atrocity mystifies me. The perpetrator was carrying out the will of Allah as is spelled out in the Koran. His trip to paradise should be expedited but he should be injected with pig blood before he is dispatched. Allahu Akbar, baby.


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