America On The Precipice

The world is at a crossroads, and America is on the precipice losing all the liberties we inherited from our forefathers. Will we overcome the divisions like those of the 13 colonies? Or will we fall victim to the tyranny roaming the earth now? We have a choice. Let’s choose wisely.

In 1776, the United States of America was not “united” in any semblance of the word. There was a deep divide with a population of both supporters of Britain and groups like the Sons of Liberty.  Not all of the signers of the Declaration of Independence signed it on July 4 – some waited until August 2 to do so, believing that signing it would bring about their own death warrant. Is America once again on the precipice of a danger we can’t fathom?

“The mood in the room was far from celebratory. Everyone was aware of what they were undertaking. It was an act of high treason against the British Crown that could cost each man his life. Recalling the day many years later, Benjamin Rush, a signer of the Declaration of Independence and a leader in Philadelphia, wrote about how awful and silent the house was as each member was “called up, one after another, to the table of the President of Congress.” There they signed “what was believed … at that time to be our own death warrants.” reports, National Geographic

Ultimately all 13 colonies signed the document, and the breakaway from England was formally set toward independence and war. The horrific actions of the King of England that precipitated the Declaration occurred in the years prior to the document. But today, as America slides ever increasingly toward loss of freedoms, there is a question before us: will we unite to stop that loss, or will we capitulate to the totalitarian way espoused by many of our own citizens?

Let’s look quickly at just a few of the numerous situations that have occurred over the last two years:

A disease that sparked fear among the masses brought freedom-crushing lockdowns in nearly all countries. In the United States, what was supposed to be a two-week action to “stop the spread” turned into a two-year nightmare.

Restaurants shuttered. People were gifted money from the government that kept them home when businesses needed workers the most. There are help wanted signs in nearly every city.

Suicide jumped through the roof, as people despaired that it would ever stop. Veterans, in particular, were affected, particularly after the President pulled U.S. troops out of Afghanistan too soon, causing 13 military members to be murdered. It devastated our warfighters.

Children lost social skills and were unable to read due to not being in the classroom or with their friends. “Virtual learning” wasn’t effective.


Vaccines created extreme division among the populace as the more tyrannically minded among us literally forced workers to take it, and if they didn’t, they were fired. Never mind natural immunity. Never mind that those workers were at first called “heroes” for helping people before vaccines were even available. Even the military began enforcement that pushed members out when war was a real possibility.

Mask mandates divided people within every community. Mask “nazis” demanded everyone wear a face-covering ‘or else.’ As NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers remarked, “Any science that cannot be questioned is propaganda.” Now the CDC admits that the vaccines weren’t perfect, and they over-relied on them, ignoring the detrimental side effects.

The worst division came in politics over the years from 2015 to the present. Hatred toward Trump has permeated American politics – even movies – to the point that ordinary people who supported President Trump are considered “domestic terrorists” by the government. As a result, agencies charged with defending US citizens, such as the FBI, are actively investigating us for anything they can use to destroy Americans.

January 6, 2021, is a case in point. When thousands went to a rally for Donald Trump, there was a riot – it was labeled an “insurrection.” No one was actually armed for the so-called “insurrection,” and someone opened the Capitol doors from the inside to let the crowd in. People died due to police beatings and one shooting: Ashli Babbit, Roseann Boyland. Two people committed suicide after being unjustly arrested and charged: James Stevens and Matthew Perna.

We watched our neighbor to the north, Canada, as their freedom-loving truckers were crushed by their leader even to having their finances frozen, as reported by RAIR Foundation USA.

Biden continually listens to the voices of those who hate the Second Amendment. You’re a danger, you know, just because you like to go target shooting or defend your life and that of your family. Every time there is a tragic shooting, that narrative gets embedded deeper.  

He listens to the voices of far leftists who demand that you drive a car that can only go 300 miles before it has to be recharged in a method that may take several hours. Or burn up your car – just ask the Volkwagen Group that recently lost nearly 4,000 high-end vehicles because a lithium-ion battery caught fire and sank the ship carrying them.

Are any of these things different from the origins of the American Revolution?  Or are they the same types of provocations but different circumstances?

Today we have a war going on in Europe. Of course, some of the footage is fake because that’s standard nowadays. But what is real are the people who are suffering, the troops that are stomping through a sovereign nation on a rampage. Their leader did it because of a weak American President and weak organizations like NATO and the United Nations. Not much different than the League of Nations before WWII.

Some nations have resorted to the “cancel culture” method of stopping any discourse on the war by imposing prison sentences for disagreeing. For example, the Czech Republic imposed a three-year prison sentence for supporting Russia, while Russia has imposed punishments for protesting against the government’s action in Ukraine.

The world is at a crossroads, and America is on the precipice of losing all the liberties we inherited from our forefathers. Will we overcome the divisions like those of the 13 colonies? Or will we fall victim to the tyranny roaming the earth now? We have a choice. Let’s choose wisely.

“We must indeed all hang together, or most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.” Benjamin Franklin, July 4, 1776

Faye Higbee


  • Yes, and arrest this America’s second biggest idiot, after Biden-the toilet bidet!: Mark Suck Fuckerberg! (Send both to Siberia for life!)

    “Facebook and Instagram to temporarily allow calls for violence against Russians”

  • “Russia demands US stop Meta for ‘inciting hatred against citizens’
    The Russian embassy accused Meta of ‘aggressive and criminal behavior’ and declaring an ‘information war’ ”

    Please Putin, send somebody to delete these idiots: Toilet Bidet, Fuckerberg, Schwabe, Gates, Soros and Fauci!


  • “WEF freezes ‘all relations’ with Russia and Putin
    11.03.2022WORLD & GEOPOLITICSRussia, Ukraine, World Economic Forum
    Due to the Russian operation in Ukraine, the controversial World Economic Forum said it had terminated “all relations” with the Russian government and President Vladimir Putin.”

    Please Putin, drop some of your TOS-1A on the WEF headquarter!


  • Yes America is on the precipice of losing it. Because American people became too fat, too complacent, too lazy and too stupid. After their response to WuFlu plandemic and stolen 2020 election are any indication. Is hard to believe on how America can hold it together. But again miracles can happen, 2022 election can be that miracle

  • “The biggest lesson we have learned over the last two years is that no one person should have this much unchecked power. And my amendment, which will get a vote this week, will finally force accountability and fire Dr. Fauci.




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