Another Biden Lie: Global Warming is Causing Indonesia to Sink (Video)

Indonesia’s capital city Jakarta has long suffered from flooding, documented from the year 1699.

Installed puppet Joe Biden regurgitated old talking points about the so-called urgency of man-made global warming during a speech to American Air Force Personnel in England this past week. To emphasize his point, he claimed that Indonesia is sinking.

Biden stated in part:

“This is not a joke: you know what the Joint Chiefs told us the greatest threat facing America was? Global warming. Because there’ll be significant population movements, fights over land, millions of people leaving places because they’re literally sinking below the sea in Indonesia, because of the fights over what is arable land anymore.”

Evidently global warming is even worse than the [non] threat of white supremacy.

President Trump responded to these comments in a statement:

“Biden just said that he was told by the Joint Chiefs of Staff that Climate Change is our greatest threat. If that is the case, and they actually said this, he ought to immediately fire the Joint Chiefs of Staff for being incompetent!”

Indonesia’s capital city Jakarta has long suffered from flooding, documented from the year 1699. As the population grows in Jakarta, the problems of flooding worsen due to the city’s hydraulic infrastructure – not because of man-made global warming.

The radical left attributes every environmental catastrophe to anthropogenic [man-made] global warming, but it is a vicious lie designed to impose their global socialist agenda. For example, RAIR Foundation USA reported that global warming had nothing to do with the Australian bushfires of 2020, floods in Venice, Italy in 2019, or devastating fires in California.

Watch Joe Biden’s speech:

John Kerry made similar ridiculous statements in Jakarta, Indonesia about the urgent threat of man-made global warming causing Indonesia to back in 2014. He declared that the same urgent threat was being discussed in 1992 by the late Maurice Strong.

Maurice Strong was a self-described “ideological socialist” best known in recent years as the driver of Agenda 21, a plan to impose global socialism using man-made global warming as the launch pad. Strong was also heavily influenced by Club of Rome founder Aurelio Peccei, author of the doomsday book “The Limits to Growth”.

As reported at RAIR, the Club of Rome is a radical environmentalist, neo-Malthusian organization that believes population growth is a main threat to civilization.

We listened as expert after expert after expert described the growing threat of climate change and what it would mean for the world if we failed to act,” John Kerry declared. “The Secretary General of the conference was – he was an early leader on climate change, a man by the name of Maurice Strong, and he told us – I quote him: ‘Every bit of evidence I’ve seen persuades me that we are on a course leading to tragedy.’

Well, my friends, that conference was in 1992.  And it is stunning how little the conversation has really changed since then,” he contunued.

Kerry, who owns a $12m beachfront home and travels in a private jet, bashed “shoddy scientists” and “extreme ideologues” for questioning man-made global warming. “We should not allow a tiny minority of shoddy scientists and science and extreme ideologues to compete with scientific facts,” he said.

It is now almost 30 years after Kerry was influenced by globalist radical Maurice Strong. Yet the failed 2004 presidential candidate and his allies continue to use the same fear-mongering language.

Watch John Kerry’s 2014 speech:

Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.



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