Anti-White Indoctrination: Marxist Manipulation of Children's Minds Through Language

Now white people can’t even be friendly to minorities without accusations of racism.

The woke Left has been trying to exert political control and further cement its victimhood narrative through restrictive language changes. Racist common language glossaries have been popping up all over college campuses, including publicly funded schools. While some of the glossaries use traditional definitions typical for discussions of race, others have gone full Orwellian, altogether redefining words, inventing others, and openly promoting anti-white sentiment.

Community College of Philadelphia’s (PCC) glossary is nestled in its website’s “Enough is Enough” section. Unfortunately, PCC’s list comes fully outfitted with Marxist Black Live Matter propaganda.

In black and white, for all students to read, are all the “white people” definitions one would expect — white privilege, white guilt, white fragility, white supremacy.

‘White people are bad’

Putting its newspeak on full display, Tacoma Community College’s (TCC) Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee took its “Common Language Glossary” to a whole other level. TCC’s glossary ignores the actual definition of racism which reads, “prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism by an individual, community, or institution against a person or people on the basis of their membership in a particular racial or ethnic group” and changed it to “the perpetuation of historic, systemic discrimination against Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC).”

This definition maintains that only non-white people can be victims of racism and that all the groups listed experience racism at the hands of the only group not mentioned — whites- implying only “white people are bad.” Consistent with their anti-white rhetoric, TCC has not only redefined racism and other words like colonialism but created new ones like colorism and racelighting.

‘Micro’ Victimhood

Remember when microaggressions were all the rage? We have a whole new micro list: microresistance, microinvalidations, microassaults, microinsults, and microaffirmations.

The school also included an “updated” list of prejudices: modern symbolic prejudice, hostile prejudice, benevolent prejudice, aversion prejudice, and ambivalent prejudice.

Racist Kindness

More troubling is the definition of benevolent prejudice, “A form of prejudice that is expressed in terms of apparently positive beliefs and emotional responses to targets of prejudice. This prejudice often manifests as chivalrous acts towards women or white saviorism.” Now white people can’t even be friendly to minorities without accusations of racism.

These colleges are also working to eliminate white people from the topic of race altogether. For example, Pennsylvania’s Lehigh University’s glossary insists that regardless of intent, if you are a person of privilege and attempt to speak on the topic of oppression, you are “Whitesplaining.”

Whitesplaining / ____splaining

Regardless of intent, when someone with privilege assumes they have expertise and starts explaining oppression to a member of an oppressed group rather than listening, it is sometimes referred to as “____splaining.” Whitesplaining is an example related to race and is a form of racism.

Anti-white racism is now so widely accepted that when colleges like TTC offer “Affinity groups” designed to “support and amplify the priorities and concerns of *systemically non-dominant peoples” to all employees except white employees, no one bats an eye.

For years the conservatives have been trying to ring the alarm bells that Progressives have taken over our academic institutions to indoctrinate the youth. Lately, we are seeing more and more evidence of this type of ideology infiltrating not only higher education but elementary education. Yet the Left has consistently proclaimed conservative drumbeating about the indoctrination of students is absurd.

Suppose conservatives are

incorrect, and there is no intentional brainwashing of children. Why would the Medical College of Wisconsin include the term “Racial Socialization” in its glossary? The college states:

Racial Socialization: The developmental processes by which children acquire the behaviors, perceptions, values and attitudes of an ethnic group, and come to see themselves and others as members of the group. This term has is interchangeably with ethnic or cultural socialization.

When are we going to be able to call this what it is? Racist indoctrination.

Not one of these glossaries accomplishes its stated goal of inclusivity. Instead, it fosters a belief in white people that no matter what they do, they will always and forever be labeled as the enemy. That sentiment does not elicit understanding or empathy. On the contrary, it only serves to fuel contempt and resentment.

The actual definition of racism confirms that universities and colleges are discriminating against and antagonizing their white students. As history has shown, this is how race wars begin.

Lisa Reynolds


  • “A gunman has opened fire in central Paris, killing three people and wounding three others.

    The attacker targeted a Kurdish cultural centre and shot members of the local community. A possible racist motive is being investigated.”


  • “Taliban orders NGOs to ban female employees from working”


  • Just look at the history of mostly isolated (because of geography) racial groups and how they made out. Isolate black people by means of and island and you get Haiti, isolate white people and you get England.


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