Antifa Radicals From Across Europe Descend on Hungary, Violently Attack Anyone Perceived to Be Conservative

This past Friday, a 40-year-old Hungarian man, T. Zoltán, was violently attacked in broad daylight in Budapest by a gang of Antifa radicals. Hungarian news sites report that the attackers are German Anifa radicals targeting anyone they perceive to be conservative.

The victim reports that the radicals attacked him on his way to pay a check at the post office. The criminals were most likely on the man’s bus and had hoped off at the same to stop. The Antifa radicals wore ski masks, one of which had a viper.

Zoltán explains that a young girl approached him while he was on the way to the post office. She politely asked him if he would attend the Day of Honor event. He told her that he would not be able to attend because he had to work on Sunday. However, he said that some of my friends would be going. He reported that he even told her he had never made it to the event before.

Despite trying to hide their faces, drawings of the three attackers have been circulating on news sites:

Video footage shows eight violent attackers left Zoltán seriously injured and in a pool of blood. One of the female attackers sprayed the man and other onlookers with pepper spray. A young girl rushed out of a shop to help him, the victim, but could not stop the bleeding.

The police cordoned off the scene. According to the neighboring store employee, two other tobacco store employees were brought to the police station to be questioned as witnesses. So far, they can’t imagine why the gang attacked the Zoltán.

Budapest Police Headquarters report:

At 12:28 p.m. on February 10, 2023, the Activity Control Center of the Budapest Police Headquarters received a notification that a man was beaten on Gazdagréti square in the district. The man was taken to hospital. The District Police Department have ordered an investigation and data collection is currently ongoing.”

Since the police statement, they have arrested four perpetrators: a Hungarian woman, a foreign man, and two foreign women.

According to Hungarian news, Western European Antifa radicals who have entered Hungary have carried out at least six different knife and viper attacks in Budapest against people they believed to be “far-right.”

For example, Antifa attacked a Hungarian couple returning home from a concert. There were attacked by five people with pepper spray. The pair was severely assaulted, with the man sustaining serious injuries. They also targeted a German couple on their way home from a concert when six people attacked and assaulted them.

“Day of Honor” Event

In Hungary, February 11 is the “Day of Honor,” commemorating the day when German and Hungarian troops attempted to break out from Buda on the evening of February 11, 1945. In the Battle of Budapest, German-Hungarian troops surrounded in the Buda Castle district made a concerted attack in a westerly direction to reach the contiguous German battle line. This is one of the biggest annual events of the fringe groups in Hungary, and many people from abroad also usually attend.

Organizers wanted to hold gatherings commemorating the 1945 event, but the police refused to allow these. Still, many supporters showed up in the Hungarian capital, and at the same time, far-left protesters also emerged. On Saturday, many left-wing demonstrators gathered in the Buda Castle district to protest against the Day of Honor, holding hundreds of Antifa flags, among other things.

Antifa Radicals from Across Europe Converge on Hungary

According to a RAIR source in Hungary:

It turns out lots of Antifa troops have been dispatched to Hungary — from Greece, Germany, France, and Switzerland. They occupied the Buda Castle area where Hungarian patriots (similar to America’s ‘Proud Boys’) were planning to peacefully remember a 1945 event (when Hungarian and German soldiers tried to push back against the attacking Soviet communist army in Budapest). New video and photos of the numerous Antifa troops that gathered in Budapest: 

Hungary has its ‘own’ smaller Antifa organization that resides in the country and consists of Hungarian citizens, but they are kept in check by the authorities and therefore they have no significant fighter troops. That’s why they had to ask for reinforcement from the Comintern.

The man who was beaten up was probably not even related to those ‘Proud Boys’ who were celebrating and are being targeted by Antifa. He was just a random man wearing khaki trousers that you can buy in every shopping mall nowadays.

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  • Thank Samantha Powers and the State Dept.(?) – just playing the same game that brought us Zelensky in the Ukraine. They want regime change in Hungary as the current one just isn’t subservient enough to the US/globalist dreams.

    • unless the ‘right wing’ in Eastern Europe responds ruthlessly to these leftists and grinds their bones into the dust NOW, Eastern Europe will turn into a leftist multiracial anti-White hellhole like America and Western Europe is. Orban needs to use his government power and make an example out of these communists.

  • Isn’t it just coincidental that Samantha Powers, Director of the USAID, just began her visit to Hungary two days ago? Everything is just coincidence with the USG.


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