Antifa Recruiting Tool: Convicted Criminal Brothers Create 'Smash MAGA' Video Game (Video)

The “Smash MAGA” website states that the “unapologetically antifascist” video game is a “call to action” and “just practice” for real world violence.

Convicted criminals and twin brothers Jason and Jeremy Hammond have launched “Smash MAGA,” a video game they describe as “just practice” for real world violence. The website for the game serves as a recruiting tool for leftist activists by providing “resources” to form an “antifa group”.

The website also advises fledgling antifa criminals how to “end fascism,” which often includes stalking conservative organizations, harassing the venues that host them, “doxing” the people involved and “organizing with others to disrupt their activities”.

Advice to newly formed antifa groups include such pearls of wisdom as “[N]ever talk to the pigs!”, “[D]on’t talk about anything illegal to people who do not need to know”, and “[U]nderstand how to use VPN and TOR, develop aliases and cover up identifiable features during actions (black bloc).” “Black bloc” is the cowardly antifa “uniform” that helps the individuals engaged in criminal activity to maintain anonymity.

See screenshots from the trailer (right click in new tab for larger image):

The criminal brothers also assure antifa thugs that although they may have to spend time in prison, “antifascists are engaged in anti-prison struggles and do much to support our incarcerated comrades…”

Unfortunately, many comrades have been arrested and spent time in prison defending their communities from the fash. Knowing the risks involved and accepting the potential consequences of your actions are essential precursors to your involvement in this work. But also know that antifascists are engaged in anti-prison struggles and do much to support our incarcerated comrades and all others trapped in the web of the prison industrial complex. The movement has your back!

The brothers lament that people must “fight for liberation” in the face of the “burning, dying paradigm of capitalism”.

Who are Jason and Jeremy Hammond?

Unsurprisingly, the brothers each have a criminal record.

Jeremy Hammond is a convicted Anonymous “hactivist”. According to a local report, he was released from prison in 2020 to serve the rest of his 10 year sentence in a Chicago half-way house. In 2013, it was reported that Jason Hammond “was among 18 masked men who stormed a south suburban restaurant…and attacked lunch-hour diners with bats, clubs and hammers.”

Jeremy Hammond’s statement on the plea and sentencing of his brother, Jason Hammond
Twin Brothers Jason Hammond (left) and Jeremy Hammond (right)

In 2018, Jeremy Hammond was quoted at (libcom stands for “libertarian communism”) as justifying his brother’s violence because it was aimed at “neo-nazis”:

For some, it may come as a shock to think he could have been involved in an armed attack against neo-nazis. But it’s a troubled world we live in – sometimes you pick up the trombone and picket sign, other times you gotta pick up the baseball bat and Molotov cocktail.

Jeremy continued to declare that violence is an acceptable tactic in the goal to “overthrow” “the system”:

The system’s got to go, and we have to be prepared to use any and all tactics to overthrow it. Burning, looting, flipping over cop cars. hacking websites, and beating up nazis.

The “Smash MAGA” website states that the “unapologetically antifascist” video game is a “call to action” and “just practice” for real world violence.

Smash MAGA! is an unapologetically antifascist smash-and-run that depicts a dystopian world ravaged by the Trump Virus, a fascist plague infecting the masses, causing adherents to become violent zombies willing to inflict hate-filled violence upon the people.

#SmashMaga is not a game: it is a call to action in support of the movement to stop the rise of fascism before it is too late. There are anti-vax chuds, proud boys, militia, nazis; they are flooding the streets, spreading hate and lies, and the police let it all happen, offering their protection while arresting and brutalizing counter-protesters.

#SmashMagaGame is just practice.

The website explains further:

To this day, half of Republicans still believe that Trump is the actual president. Despite their many contradictions – many MAGAs actually doubled down and embraced the day’s events [January 6, 2021] while simultaneously believing that it was actually an orchestrated Antifa plot – they now have a shared in-group experience with which to recruit from.

Even though the vast majority of arrests from that day has resulted in relatively light sentences (especially compared to the brutal repression that the Black Lives Matter movement endured), the MAGAs have developed a martyrdom complex and the perception of being victimized.

Even though they cry about how their free speech is supposedly being violated because many could no longer spread their hate on social media, their rallies are everywhere: MAGA, Proud Boys, Blue Lives Matter. Anti-maskers, anti-vaxxers. They are invading school board meetings and disrupting hospitals: hate crimes are on the rise. They are becoming more emboldened and desperate.

The fascist threat is not going away unless people organize to stop it. End the Trump Zombie apocalypse!

Earlier this month, Input Magazine (a BDG brand) favorably reported on the brothers, who have had difficulty getting the regular app stores to pick up the game. Their “ultimate goal is to use the game as a way to share resources on how to form an anti-fascist group and carry out mutual aid…” But the brothers experienced push-back from the beginning of their antifa-supporting, violence-inciting venture, the article continued.

Fortunately for them, FBI director Christopher Wray has their back by his dismissal of antifa as “an ideology, not an organization:”

When he and his brother started developing the game in the spring of 2021, the company reported a flurry of what they perceived as red flags to his probation officer — descriptions of a game where you brick Nazis, throw molotov cocktails at riot cops, and shoot masks onto MAGA zombies with a crossbow? His P.O. raised concerns that making the game might be a violation of his supervised release — he’s not allowed to associate with civil disobedience groups — and threatened to bring it in front of a judge.

But because antifa is not an organized group, and the game just includes anti-fascist concepts, his attorney argued there was no violation. They even cited testimony from FBI director Chris Wray that ‘antifa’ is an ideology, not an organization.

Watch the trailer:

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  • Like all KKKlantifa, these guys are idiots. They’re part of a straight-up communist gang that believes everyone who doesn’t agree with them is a “fascist” somehow, and that violence is necessary to subdue freedom and economic self determination. They are the definition of the hate they claim to be against.


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