Arm Yourself: How to Spot Communist Dog-Whistles

Workers, People’s, Solidarity, Struggle, Equity, and Comrade are very common communist dog-whistles.

Communists like to blame others for things they do themselves, a well known tactic. While communists claim that non-communists use “racist dog-whistles,” it is actually the communists who use the dog-whistles.

“Workers”, “People’s”, “Solidarity”, “Struggle”, “Equity”, and “Comrade” are very common communist dog-whistles. Radical leftists exploit, redefine and devise certain words and phrases that are unfortunately now mainstream, such as “revolution,” “white privilege,” “systemic racism,” “critical race theory,” “intersectionality,” “eat the rich”, “gentrification,” “patriarchy,” “xenophobia”, “Islamophobia,” “homophobia,” etc.

The federal government often uses euphemisms to justify seizing the earnings of Americans. They often insulting refer to taxes as “revenue” as if they somehow earned the money they take. The government also often commonly refers to their wasteful spending as making “investments,” as if there will be a return on the “investment”.

Oftentimes communists and their allies will use the words “Progressive”, “Socialism”, and “Democracy” to describe communism. For example, the Communist Party USA’s tagline includes the words “democracy” and “socialism.”

“People’s World” (PW) is is the magazine for Communist Party USA. According to their “About Us” section, “People’s World traces its lineage to the Daily Worker newspaper, founded by communists, socialists, union members, and other activists in Chicago in 1924.” They claim to be “a voice for progressive change and socialism in the United States.”

“People’s” as a Dog-Whistle

As just one illustration, here are just some communist organizations that use the word “People’s”:

One of the most effective communist dog whistles is the “clenched fist“.

Words/phrases commonly used by communists


Americans believe in judging a person as an individual; communists judge people by their melanin level, their sexual orientation, their faith, etc. Most of all, communists judge an individual based on his or her ideology.

Communist’s allies are often referred to as “fellow travelers” or “useful idiots.”

It should be noted that communists are obsessed with young people. Communists want to indoctrinate children as early as possible, with as little interference from parents as they can manage.

Once one studies communists over a period, their rhetoric becomes quite consistent and frankly, mind-numbingly boring. All proper communists want to scrub history, indoctrinate children, and exterminate those who resist. Life after the revolution is always vague, but they believe they will be in charge over the masses. There is constant infighting over the most mundane issues, and they have a tendency to obsessively dissect the most tedious communist texts.

Communists hate meritocracy and love lists. They reward their cronies, and their reigns are inevitably rife with corruption and nepotism. They are obsessively envious and will do whatever it takes to stop a rising star if he or she is not in their circle. Only the chosen will benefit, in their world. The truth means nothing to them and discussions of violence as a strategy never consider morality, ever.

Communists tear down societies painstakingly built and maintained by men and women of good will.

Ignoring communists works very much to their advantage, but the cost of freedom is eternal vigilance. Americans and all those who yearn for liberty must stop the fringe elements who want to dismantle and fundamentally transform the world.

Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.



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