'Armies of Illegal Migrants' Invade Hungarian Homes - Mayor Demands Military Action (Video)

When the woman returned home she found an army of illegals had broken into her house, tore down the doors, smashed windows, and taken possession of her property.

Mayor László Toroczkai of Ásotthalom is calling on the Hungarian military to protect his town from “armies” of “military-aged illegal migrants” ransacking and seizing control of citizens farms and homes. The mayor is demanding the government send more military and police forces to his struggling border town.

Migrants occupying citizen’s farms and homes has become a common occurrence according to Mayor Toroczkai. Just recently the mayor filmed his visit to an elderly woman’s farm that had been overrun by 65 dangerous migrants while she was away for the day. When the woman returned home she found an army of illegals had broken into her house, tore down the doors, smashed windows, and taken possession of her property. The migrants had overrun and occupied every room in her home.

The majority of the migrants invading the Hungarian border, declare themselves as Syrian, Libyan, Palestinian, Ghanaian, Moroccan, Tunisian, and Afghan nationals. The Illegal migrants that storm the Hungarian border have been shown to be extremely dangerous and often sharia-adherent with values and ambitions that are in staunch opposition to Western values and laws.

Watch the following video by Mayor László Toroczkai translated by RAIR Foundation USA,

PM Viktor Orbán

Well organized armies of illegals have been attacking Hungarian and other Western European countries for years. Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán was the first EU leader to close borders to asylum-seekers in 2015 and has consistently been the one EU leader who has called the migrants exactly what they are — “invaders,” explaining that the women and children are used as props for the media and pointing out that most of the migrants are military aged men who are invading Europe. 

Despite all the efforts to demonize him, Orbán has not wavered, repeating in his State of the Union address last year, that the main task of his government is to preserve Hungary’s security and Christian culture, once again vowing to never allow his Christian country to be changed by illegal invaders, and warning of the “Soros Plan, to settle a foreign population.”

Demographic Impact From Migration

Orbán recently sounded the alarms that by 2050, twenty percent of the European population will be Muslim due to Western Europe’s pursuit of multiculturalism and mass migration. However, Hungary and Central Europe continue to reject the “Soros Plan, to settle a foreign population.”

In Belgium, one third of the country’s population is of foreign origin, and in Brussels, Belgians are already the minority. Within a generation, Sweden’s third largest city, Malmö, will have a population in which the majority of people are of foreign background.

Meanwhile, Democrat Joe Biden has vowed to flood America with 700% more “refugees” from terrorist hotspots around the world through the corrupt U.S. Refugee Admissions Program. 

Hungary’s history, even more than most European nations, has been a struggle for freedom. All within the last century, Hungary has had to fight off the Ottoman Islamic Invasion, the Nazis and the communists all. As a result, Hungarians are generally not fond of the idea of sacrificing themselves to invaders aiming to change societal norms and customs.

Many thanks to crossware for the translation.

Greetings everybody. Behind me can be seen that in the farm, during the day with my colleagues,
we found 65 migrants here.

The owner of the farm, an old lady, took the bus to Szeged.

When she returned on the bus from Szeged, she tried to return to her home; she found herself 
facing sixty-five young military-age illegal migrants, who simply broke into the house, broke 
down the door, windows, and occupied this old lady’s property, her kitchen, her bedroom; 
they went in everywhere.

It is inconceivable to me, what is currently going on at the Hungarian border, at this 
moment. My colleagues, the municipal field guards, in another farm found another big group, 
which means that a large group, hundreds of people, all military-age men, like some kind 
of army, broke into this country, came over here across the border barrier of Ásotthalom, 
across the fence, where they have night vision cameras, too, which must have seen that 
almost a whole army of migrants were coming over. Inconceivable — where are the police, 
where is the Hungarian army?

It seems that the Hungarian government presently sends much fewer police and soldiers 
to the border, here to the border, that we used to get earlier.

I do not know what is happening. We ask the Hungarian government to protect the borders 
of Hungary, not just talk about it, but if necessary, send the Hungarian army here.

Send the Hungarian army down here to us to help.

Order must be restored. This is unacceptable, that groups with hundreds of members invade 
and take the houses, farms of Hungarian people.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.

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  • As for America, Article IV, Section 4 of the US CONSTITUTION provides that “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a republican form of Government, and SHALL PROTECT each of them AGAINST INVASION …”.
    This is a COMMAND, not a mere grant of power to a branch of government, as in Article I, II or III, that the United States, ie. the President, Congress and the federal Court, MUST OBEY! Since there is NO qualifying adjective to “Invasion”, such as “Military”, ANY “Invasion” MUST BE STOPPED. It is not only TREASONOUS to encourage and permit the INVASION of our nation by foreign and/or illegal trespassers, but it is also a TREASONOUS betrayal of our Constitution to FAIL to PROTECT our States from this invasion.


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