Asian 'Hate Crime' Hoax? Left-Wing Seizes on Threatening Letter - Demand Proof!

The strongest indicator that a “hate crime” is a hoax is when the “victim” uses the occasion to blame society.

Back in March, Claudia Choi called the police and the FBI after her mother Yong Choi, 82, received a threatening letter. The letter, which arrived at her home in Seal Beach, California, came just days after Yong Choi’s husband of 57 years was laid to rest.

The letter named Claudia Choi’s dad directly, stating that his death “makes it one less Asian to put up with in Leisure World [a senior community].” “You fricken Asians taking over our American community!,” it continued.

The piece of paper received massive local and even national attention.

Watch just one of many local news reports:

The local police issued a press release declaring that they are investigating the hate crime. Seal Beach Chief of Police Philip L. Gonshak was quoted as stating that “Hate directed toward any member of our community is disgusting and will not be tolerated.”

Further, the local police force promised to put massive resources into finding the perpetrator:

Seal Beach investigators are diligently working to identify the suspect and author of the threatening letter. Investigative efforts including DNA and fingerprint analysis, handwriting analysis, neighborhood canvass, and video surveillance review.”

Neighbors held a rally to denounce “hate”:

The Leisure World website posted a statement condemning the letter.

This malicious and egregious act of hate speech threatens our core values of racial equity and social justice,” the letter declared.

There is also a $5,000 reward offered for information leading to the culprit.

But is this Really a ‘Hate Crime’?

There are several indicators that this alleged hate crime is a hoax.

One of the most revealing indicators in this case are the actions of the daughter Claudia Choi. Her first act was to alert the police, understandably, but then she reportedly called the FBI, as well. She also called the Golden Rain Foundation, the group in charge of the Leisure World Retirement Community.

Choi appears to be highly political. In an article posted at the OC Register, Choi claims that people who used the phrase “China Flu” “opened the door to hatred and scapegoating:”

Choi said Asian Americans have long put up with racist remarks, jokes and acts of hatred. That’s been exacerbated during the pandemic, with some calling COVID-19 the ‘China flu.’

‘That’s really opened the door to hatred and scapegoating,’ she said.

The strongest indicator that a “hate crime” is a hoax is when the “victim” uses the occasion to blame society.

“We want people to know that Asian Americans can no longer and will no longer stay silent about the racist attacks that all of us have endured over our lives,” Claudia Choi declared.


“We’re told as Asians to ‘Put your head down. Work hard. Don’t make a fuss’,” Claudia Choi was quoted as saying. “I’m here to say we have a place. We have a seat at the table. We’re part of the American fabric. And we need to be listened to.”

It is unclear who is telling Claudia and her family not to “make a fuss,” but she clearly has issues that go far beyond the threatening letter, whether it is legitimate or not.

Promoting a Fake Agenda

An article published yesterday at ABC News titled “Survivors of hate crimes and bias incidents speak out about their journey to recovery” by the highly partisan Kiara Alfonseca reveals that the suspect has not yet been caught. Alfonseca also reveals that evidently the family received “financial support” in the wake of the alleged hate crime:

Police have yet to find the perpetrator, but Claudia said the community support has helped her mother get through the trauma. She said the financial support, along with letters from friends, family and local organizations have helped make her mother feel at ease.

It should be noted that despite her headline, Alfonseca only references two alleged hate crimes. One was a case in New York, when a black man (who literally murdered his own mother and was free to roam the streets) attacked an older Asian woman. The other was case of the threatening letter in Seal Beach.

The letter has contributed to the completely fake narrative that citizens are attacking Asian Americans in the streets because of the coronavirus. There is zero evidence of that narrative, as reported at RAIR Foundation USA.

Read more on the fake Asian hate crime narrative:

Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.

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  • The Covid-19 virus was genetically engineered in a laboratory in Wuhan China under the orders of those tyrannical/totalitarian CCP politicians and hence referring to the virus as the China or Wuhan flu is in no way racist.


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