Atlanta Massage Parlor Massacre: Left-Wing Media Caught Spreading Chinese Communist Narrative

The mainstream media is literally promoting communists who support the Communist Party of China (CCP).

Leftist radicals from across the country descended on Atlanta in the wake of the massacres last month at several massage parlors. These communist agitators exploited the horrific crime to further their totally fake narrative about hate crimes escalating against Asian Americans in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

Local news outlets and mainstream media platforms like the Washington Post and even People Magazine have repeatedly posted images of memorial tributes, which feature blatant propaganda messages left by communist organizations.

Some examples highlighted below include:

  • A woman who was marching with “,” a radical anti-Second Amendment organization,
  • A poster touting the Party of Liberation and Socialism, a pro-China revolutionary Marxist organization,
  • A poster advertising “Refuse Fascism,” a front group for the Revolutionary Communist Party, who idolizes Communist Butcher Mao Zedong, as previously discussed at RAIR.

RAIR Foundation USA has reported on how communists from the Party of Liberation and Socialism (PSL) – who literally say on their website that they want to “dismantle” America – were featured on the cover of a Washington Post “article” represented as legitimate mourners.

The mainstream media is promoting communists who support the Communist Party of China (CCP). These people and organizations do not represent Americans, yet the mainstream media keeps featuring them as if they do.

Imagine if the media was regularly interviewing nazis as if they represented all Americans? Would Americans finally push back?

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Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.


  • We… the civilized rational thinking individual should not believe the media or government slant on anything. Is it is and has been proven for decades that the media is corrupt

  • Trump! Do something! How long shall America ( and EU ) suffer under this Dementia Joe and vice puppet presidents Gates, Schwabe and Fauci?

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