Australians Beg The World For Help: 'This is an Official S.O.S Message' (Video)

“Please, international friends, hear our cries for help and apply economic and political pressure on our leaders to change the destructive path we are on.”

Australia, as we once knew it, no longer exists. Australians are no longer ‘young and free.’ Instead, Australians are discriminated against, pitted against each other, blackmailed, pressured, beaten, and stripped of their rights.

It has become a country where you can no longer move and speak freely. Protesting is prohibited, police officers must enforce controversial measures to keep their jobs, and police shoot protesters in the back as they run away. Doctors and nurses who speak out lose their license to practice medicine, and others lose their jobs if they refuse “the jab.” More and more children are isolated and attempting suicide. 

We Are A Broken Nation

People must show vaccination papers if they want to go shopping and must first ask permission to travel to another state. In addition, Members of Parliament critical of the state’s measures are censored and vilified. Pregnant women are arrested for social media posts and activists who fight for democracy, end up in jail. Human rights in the most basic way, no longer exist.

“Australia can no longer fight for itself,” said Monica Smit, founder of Reignite Democracy Australia. “They have gagged, attacked, blackmailed, and psychologically damaged us. We are trying to fight this fight alone. The government has instilled so much fear into people that we have lost our vigor to fight. We are a broken nation.”

New legislation has been proposed in Victoria that would give its leader ultimate and arbitrary power to imprison political dissenters and even force medical testing and procedures, explains Smit. “Elections could be suspended. The country is in distress, and we need your help.”

Worldwide Protest

Monica Smit and her organization are organizing a worldwide protest on December 4, “This is an official SOS message from my beautiful country. We beg you to heed our cry for help.” They are requesting that their government has:

  • No more lockdowns
  • No mandatory vaccinations or medical procedures
  • No fines for businesses or individuals for “COVID safe” measures 
  • Open reasonable options for International Travel

If the above requests are not honored, they are hoping some countries can offer these solutions to Australians who no longer feel safe here:

  • Expedite the safe return of your citizens who want to leave Australia. 
  • Extend an offer of asylum to a certain number of Australians.

“And although we will never give up, we need your help to continue our fight,” Smit begs. “We need help from our international friends.”

Polish MPs have already spoken out in support of Australia, Smit’s hope that more countries join them. The Polish leaders condemned Australia’s treatment of citizens, comparing its radical left-wing policies to that of North Korea.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist


  • Of course the UN is silent on this matter. If and when this matter is over. Leave Australia for good. Any bureaucrats and police from Australia should be treated like SS men and denied entry to other countries, and if they do enter, arrest them and make their visit uncomfortable as possible. God Bless you all.

    • The UN has become merely an international welfare program for the countries that can’t feed themselves and controlled by those same countries that can’t feed themselves. It was a nice idea, but when you give the welfare countries a vote on how to use world resources, it was doomed to failure. The welfare countries will only act to benefit themselves but are too dumb to know that, when all countries become Communist, they too will not be able to feed themselves, and their free foreign aid packages will dry up. If they were smart, they would fight to preserve as is the nations that feed them–but they aren’t smart.

      • The UN IS the problem. They were the problem in Korea, Vietnam and every military action we have been involved in since their creation. We should have nothing to do with them.

          • The U.N. is a tool of the DS/Elites NWO/OWG agenda.
            And yes, their useful Stupids will be the first to suffer under a NWO/OWG regime.

  • Leftists are waging WWIII by abusing their control of nearly every country just like their socialist (NAZI) and communist predecessors. Free people defeated leftists in WWI and WWII and it is time to do it again. Military aged men need to take out the leftist trash. Every leftist is a criminal. Jails and prisons already segregate tens of millions of them. Segregate the rest.

    • Wake up Australia and the rest of the world. This will be a fight to the end. If you act like you can’t do nothing to resist you become easy pickings. Time to bring the fire not resignation. You could die either way, but at least the Nazi’s will know you won’t be stepped on.

    • I agree wholeheartedly. These are the communist Bolsheviks continuing their world domination agenda which began in 1917. Communism never died. They have been using the U.S. to overthrow nations for decades under the false pretense of promoting democracy when it has been for socialism/communism.

  • I feel for the people of Australia. Unfortunately, the USSA current idiot government with poopy pants biden (fraud in chief) will not do anything to help.

    • Walter I was thinking that exact same thing because they are going to try the same thing here in the USA! That old saying……….Be careful what you wish for! Applies here…………..

      Just saying…………………

    • So did New Zeland and look at them now. You probably can’t if you don’t have access to someone over there. I have a close friend who has a family there and the people there are very unhappy.

    • Australian men lack back bones, they are cowardly wimps, could care less about family, community. Losers, they need to man up and help themselves.

  • You have an error there in your request:

    “Open reasonable options for International Travel”

    Should be:

    “Open ALL international travel and with NO Covid-Nazi Passports!”

    Citizens, civil war is inevitable, so fight with anything, burn down state offices, an eye for an eye, teeth for teeth.
    Civil war is inevitable in every country and World Economic Forum with Klaus Schwabe is the main terrorist breeding ground for their CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY!
    WEF should immediately be classified as a TERRORIST ORGANISATION!

  • So, when you all elected all those politicians who didn’t want you to have guns; did you ever stop and think what other Civil Rights you might lose?

    My sympathy.

      • Howdy Kureelpa. It is my understanding that in accordance with the Firearms Act 1996 No 46, the only reason a person can own a rifle in Australia is to either shoot varmints in connection with farming or grazing activities on rural land; or for competitive shooting in a gun club. It is also my understanding that if a farmer used his varmint rifle to defend either himself or others in the course of a robbery or personal assault inside his home, he would be arrested. I further understand that if self defense is used as a reason for asking for permission to get a license to own a rifle or pistol, the application will be denied.

        I would not dream of advising any Australian how to run his own country. My comment is centered around the question, Did the Australian voters appreciate the repercussions of abandoning one of their most basic Civil Rights, that of self defense? And if you reduce yourself to the status of a child in the eyes of the government, why wouldn’t the government also tell you how late you can stay up, if you can drink alcohol, go to work, vote, who to associate with, what questions you can put before the government, etc. I do not think your government plans to enslave its population, and I completely believe the Australian population will resolve their grievances in a completely peaceful way. That’s what elections are for. In the mean time, I offer my sympathy.

    • Without the means of fighting back against government oppression, your rights are just words on paper headed to the bonfire. I hate commies of all stripes, but Mao said it best, “Power comes from the end of a gun.” If the people have the power of the gun, our God-given rights in this world are that much safer from the power hungry who would enslave us for whatever the excuse of the day might be.

      • Howdy William Joseph Robert Dupree Beauregard III. Long before Mao’s axiom needs to be tested, I look forward to the next election cycle in Australia. This civil conflict just might produce a sea change in their policies. My only exposure to Australian politicians is a lady by the name of Pauline Hanson, who is an Australian politician representing Queensland as a Senator. I do not pretend to know anything about Australian politics, but it is my understanding that a representative is supposed to study government problems to a depth and detail that their voters can’t. Then they are supposed to use their elected powers to implement strategies that resolve those complex problems. After watching her question an Admiral about pump jets on submarines on youtube, I have concluded that the Australian population’s fondness for electing people who stopped their education at age 15 might be their primary problem.

        • Well, maybe okay, maybe not.
          Didn’t the article mention that at least one of the Aussie states is passing laws to prohibit all opposition to the decree of the state? Including suspending elections? A once proud people of an amazing country have now been, barring a revolution, subjugated forever.
          Unfortunately, America would not be far behind if it were not for the 2A – the one that guarantees all of the rest.

          • Howdy sheepdog77. I looked up the Federal Registry of Australia new legislation and looked for any new bills that included “dissent”, “protester”, or “opposition”. Nothing popped up. I must say that any law that would outlaw all opposition to the state or allow the suspension of elections would be outrageous. I understand that the Australian Constitution does not explicitly allow Freedom of Speech, but a court decision in Nationwide News Pty Ltd v Wills (1992) 177 CLR 1 did establish that the right of political free speech was implied in the Australian constitution. I do not pretend to know anything about Australian laws or politics, but I cannot imagine that the Australian military or police would tolerate a totalitarian government.

    • Both main parties supported taking our guns after the Port Arthur Black Flag attack.
      As if we had any say in the matter.

  • God willing if there’s enough time left for ALL of us, when Donald Trump gets back in office we can apply a very large can of whup-ass on the Aussie clowns bullying you, we don’t like bullies!

  • When the Cambrian measures were forming, They promised perpetual peace. They swore, if we gave them our weapons, that the wars of the tribes would cease.
    But when we disarmed They sold us and delivered us bound to our foe,
    And the Gods of the Copybook Headings said: “Stick to the Devil you know.”

    So sad. So very sad.

  • You surrendered your guns. As did New Zealand. What did you think would happen? As gun crazy as the US is, that won’t happen here. There are two reasons.

    What method is contrived to have Americans “surrender” their weapons, it would not pass constitutional testing. The other option is forceable collection. You may have heard of sanctuary states and cities. This is when state and local governments do not assist federal agencies in removing illegal aliens. That is a bad idea. Because it fosters a counter action by other state and local governments. Specifically, gun law enforcement.

    The Police would take your guns in a case of a felony arrest, but the Police agencies would not elect to support unconstitutional gun laws. And, under no circumstances would they go door to door to take the guns.

  • Australia today is the modern day version of NAZI Germany. The ovens can’t be too far down the road.
    To My Fellow Freedom Lovers: The time is very near when we must decide if freedom is worth our lives. We’ve seen what happens when a people are deprived of the ability to defend themselves from a tyrannical government. The Australian people have been beaten down and brainwashed to the point that now they feel utterly helpless. The police (and soon the military) have been convinced that it is right and just to beat, gas and shoot their fellow serfs. The Australian Government has managed to twist ‘Protect and Serve’ from the people to the State.
    In our own country the same process has been on-going for decades. It started at the top with the FBI and other Federal agencies. The concept of ‘Protect and Serve the People’ was tenuous at best and now has utterly vanished. Maybe there are some that continue to believe that they serve the people but it can’t be many otherwise we would be seeing mass resignations.
    We are at a cusp. Freedom has essentially died in Australia. It is on life support here. Decide.

  • Historically, no country has ever been bailed out of their tyranny. The people must do it themselves, whether it can be done politically, by voting, or if it must be done violently, by revolution. Sorry, Australia, but you’re on your own.

    Besides, in case you haven’t noticed, the US is falling into the same sewer. Our sewer rats in government won’t turn against your sewer rats in your government, because they all are in the same club, working toward a world government tyranny, the infamous New World Order. Maybe if we get rid of ours, we can help you with yours, but it’ll be awhile–if ever . . .

    • Thank you, RLABruce – I agree, and believe the majority of us would prefer to do it on our own. After comparison with other governments around the world, I see that ours is not unique. The last thing we need here in Australia is a faked excuse for the US to come in, mob-handed, and ‘liberate’ us. In doing so, they would suddenly be in the position of having many of their troops stationed with plenty of materiel, in a handy jumping-off position for their wished-for war with China. If that happens, any advance would be towards us, rather than the US, who prefers to wage their warfare on others’ territory. Australia is on the precipice of being a US serf, if not already, and when we stand up against those who would oppress us, we will be including any ‘allies’ who would do the same in order to make use of our strategic location and many resources.

  • If the Second Amendment is breached, in the name of fighting Covid, Australia and New Zealand will be exhibit One and Two for reasons not to surrender personal weapons.

    If the courts were to side with Biden administration and endorse greater 2A infringements, I can’t imagine Americans agreeing. The worst cities for crime, have the most restrictive gun laws. If you add that, to the fiasco of Covid mandates, Americans will likely not comply.

    I would expect to hear a government message that gun owners are as bad as those that did not get vax’d. At that point, it’s the government move. What action they choose will determine the direction of this country, going forward.

  • nous même nous nous battons contre nos gouvernements respectifs qui ont le même objectif que le votre: dépopulation par génocide chimique

    • When the article and comments are written in English, if you really want to be understood, you should probably write your comment in English. Just a suggestion.

      Here, I’ll help. “We ourselves are fighting against our respective governments which have the same objective as yours: depopulation by chemical genocide.” Now of course the reader has no idea who “We” is. I suspect New Zealand but it’s not clear.

  • So heartbreaking and terrifying. This is happening all over the world it seems. We all need to pray like never before. Too bad their right to bear arms was taken from them.

  • Leave Australia anyway you can. Many of us saw this disaster in the making years ago when their government basically outlawed nearly all of the firearms formerly owned and used by Australian citizens. A government that does not trust its populace with arms is a government that deserves neither trust nor loyalty.

  • No sympathy from me? You Clowns gave up your guns without a fight and elected the F Clowns who run the place and now your boo hooing? Even your CONSERVATIVES gave up their guns! You’re all guilty of gross stupidity and ignorance! And this is the end result of trusting your Government. I wish you good luck because I hate the idea of people being enslaved by their own forces of social control, but, in short, you brought it on yourselves.

  • I always thought Australians were tough and bold. Where’s the men? Where’s the veterans? Y’all outnumber the police at least 1000 to 1. Y’all have guns. Use them. Take your country back.

  • Looking back in history, if it had not been crutial to our war effort I am almost sorry we didn’t let the Japanese have Australia.

  • Australians lost their rights when they gave up, willingly, their weapons. They now have nothing to fight back with. This is what will happen in the US if the communist government takes our weapons away. I hope we have more balls than the sissy Australians do, and fight for our very lives. I can only speak for myself and say you, the communist government of Buck Joe Fiden, can have my weapons when you pry them from my dead hands. Too bad Australians don’t and didn’t get that. As for helping them, help yourself because our communist government will do nothing for you, or Taiwan, or any of our other allies. Not until we overthrow them either at the ballot box or forceably.

  • I’m an Australian and I live in Sydney.

    If you people believe the absolute crap served up by this wildly skewed article you all deserve to hugging each other tightly as you disappear down yet another bonkers conspiracy theory rabbit hole!

    Facts are normally stubborn things, but when you take them completely out of context, wrap them in innuendo, half truths and assumptions you can twist them like pretzels to deliver any narrative you want.

    That’s exactly what this article has done and the author should be ashamed!

    The simple truth is that the vast majority of Australians fully supported all measures undertaken by government which helped get us through covid-19 with one of the best statistical health outcomes in the world.

    Yes it was tough at times, as it was in every country which has behaved responsibly over the last 20 months – and If you can’t see that then you must be part of the minority who complains about anything that ruffles the feathers of your entitled lives!

    And for those commenters here talking about guns being the solution to your incorrect perception that Australians have been hard done by… well you’re just fucking idiots!

    I wonder if this comment will ever see the light of day…

  • Australians gave away their right to self protection in favor of a police state. Now, you say it was a mistake?

    Never allow your survival to rest on another’s promises. NEVER!

  • We are with you, as all Americans should be. As this is a new and still-evolving situation, just like it happened all of a sudden in the thirties with Hitler and the Nazi’s.

    And, now, it appears happening over the globe on account of a needle prick and the panic and fear that followed; and, the needed fear and disarmament of the Australian people for these Neo-Nazis to light their hellish flame again.

    Tyranny may control and dominate from the end of a gun, but so does freedom and an over-burgeoning populace of those, whose hearts burn with the flame of Freedom that shall overcome these power-mad temporary scoundrels…while they are in power.

    Identify, collect names, and addresses of these suddenly-new power-crazed oppressors. so that all of us, world-wide, shall re-convene, capture, and meet again at a new Nuremberg.

  • Other peoples and nations can’t solve a problem that belongs to the Australian people. Its not fair but if you don’t like it, at this point its going to call for violence. If nothing more than doing “zombie” attacks where masses of people simply rush the police or authorities. Even if unarmed, they can’t kill you all. When you get to them and stampede over them, bash them about a bit and make them see your point. Let the authorities use weapons. Much like Gandhi, lives of the people will have be used as weapons to make sacrifices of themselves. It will turn the world against the government and in the end they will have to flee and or surrender. Grow a pair; so to speak. Freedom does not come cheap.

  • “Australia can no longer fight for itself,” said Monica Smit, founder of Reignite Democracy Australia. WRONG! Australians choose not to fight for themselves. Where the government fears the citizenry, there is freedom. Where the citizens fear their government, there is tyranny. It’s a simple formula. Stop laying down and taking it. Stop looking for someone from the outside to “save you.” There may be a place for outside intervention, but only as part of a broader strategy that involves you Aussies fighting for your own freedom. If it’s handed to you, you will not value it, cherish it, and preserve it.

    “But we don’t have guns,” you say. Maybe not, but you do have cricket bats, and knives, and gasoline and matches – go and get yourself a gun and use that gun to get 2, and then 20 or 40, and then knock over a government armory and get some mortars, machine guns, and grenades. Unless and until the police fear you more than they fear losing their jobs, you will continue to to descend into slavery, and you have no one to blame but yourselves. People are in jail? Break them out! If you will NOT fight for your freedom and liberty now, when will you? How much worse do things have to get before you wise up and say – Government has broken the social compact, is abusing its power, and must be removed by ANY means necessary.

    Freedom is not free – Fight for it- physically, intellectually, spiritually, and morally – or stop whining.

  • I guess the people probably wish they had not turned in their rifles now. The only way to remove tyranny is remove tyranny. All of the spy cameras on every corner could easily be removed with a single rifle shot. With no cameras authorities would be asking who shot and disabled them. Duh! They have been shot by the same people who will shoot tyranny if tyranny does not take the hint!

  • This is what happens when the people surrender their right to bear arms. In 1998, the Australian government forcibly seized all firearms from private citizens and destroyed them. Now, the people are helpless against tyranny.

    I am reminded of the massacre at Tiananmen Square in China and the sight of armed tanks coming at students who fought back with sticks and rocks. This is what the people are always reduced to – fighting for their rights like cave men with the crudest of weapons.

  • Sorry, but there is no one left to come save you. Pray to God and fight back. The marxists are taking over everywhere. We haven’t figured out how to put government back to it’s proper role or restore our freedoms either.

  • The groundwork for all this was laid years ago when the people allowed the government to disarm them. What they need to do now is take a page from the IRA of the 1920s:

    1. Raid police and military armories; seize all guns & ammo possible
    2. Send letters to MPs, LEOs and government bureaucrats warning them that their continued acts of tyranny will be punishable by death. Give them a chance to resign.
    3. Declare open season on those who do not resign. Use guerrilla tactics. Give no quarter.

    When this happened in occupied Ireland, the British sought a truce. The result was the Irish Free State, and later full independence. The 1996 film “Michael Collins” (starring Liam Neeson) depicts those events.

  • What would things been like [in Russia] if during periods of mass arrests people had not simply sat there, paling with terror at every bang on the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but understood they had nothing to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people? Alexsandr Solynetisn.

    Applies to the National Socialist Australia.

  • For the nation and kingdom that will not serve thee shall perish; yea, those nations shall be utterly wasted. Isaiah 60:12
    Here we find both the problem and the solution.
    Over to you, people!

  • Maybe let this be a lesson not to vote tyrants into office. If you ever come out of this mess, vote into office—not the ones that promise goodies from the government—but the ones who go on about that boring thing called “liberty.”

  • Should have kept your guns. What did you think would happen. Plus you elected the socialists and fascists. Stand up

  • What is happening is tragic. Where is the American spirit of the WW II generation? I hope it is not lost entirely.


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