Austria: Migrant Children Hold ISIS-Style Mock Executions In The Streets (Shocking Video)

Austria: Migrant Children Hold ISIS-Style Mock Executions In The Streets (Shocking Video)

  • Posted by Amy Mek
  • On January 9, 2020
  • Austria, Barnabas Strutz, Kremplhochhaus, Lenaupark, Linz, Michael Raml, Migrants, Psychologist Dave Grossman, Refugees
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Young migrants hold deceptively real-looking weapons (softguns) on other children’s necks and recreate executions. These are terrifying scenes that residents in the Lenaupark district in Linz have had to watch several times. 

Residents live in fear;

“Shots were heard – many time in the neighborhood. It is young migrants who hold war games in our district,” says a long time resident. For years now, residents have been facing increasing crime: drug dealers, violence, noise, vandalism. “I don’t dare leave my home after 3 p.m.,” says the terrified 75-year-old.

A softgun was found in the bushes.

Experts issue warnings;

Criminal psychologist Barnabas Strutz warns, “such staging of killings helps to lower the inhibition threshold.” He refers to corresponding investigations in the American military by psychologist Dave Grossman; “The more often something like this is re-enacted, the greater the disinhibition among the test subjects.”

“It’s a softgun today and maybe a real gun tomorrow. We are confronted with imported violence practically on a daily basis ”, reported city security councilor Michael Raml (FPÖ).

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P. Davis
Austria needs to import more muslims so they can adhere to Sharia law.
Will European men ever wake up to defend their countries, or has 60 years of post war psyops on European children destroyed their will to live?
    I don't think there are "men" in Europe any longer. They've all been emasculated by radical feminism in the past 50 years.
Justine Trudeau said "Diversity is our strength".
mickey moussaoui
Obama built this global caliphate

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