Author James Simpson Warns: Communists See 'Rare Opportunity' to 'Finally Seize Complete Power' (Video)

“the left is rampaging across America – and actually the whole world like never before.”

RAIR Foundation USA was honored to interview author and speaker James Simpson about his new book “Who Was Karl Marx?: The Men, the Motives and the Menace Behind Today’s Rampaging American Left.”

While many see that there is a fundamental problem in the political climate, few understand the roots of the problem. “I felt it was absolutely critical for people to understand where all this comes – how it got mainlined into our culture and society,” Simpson explained.

Simpson explained that he felt the need to publish this book at this time in history because “the left is rampaging across America – and actually the whole world like never before.”

James Simpson exposed the communist roots of the Black Lives Matter movement way back in 2016. He also put the Cloward-Piven Strategy on the map and wrote the powerful books Red-Green Axis and Red-Green Axis 2.0.

Communists currently “see a rare opportunity to finally seize complete power in the United States,” Simpson warned. The plan, he continues, is to “overthrow our constitutional form of government” and ultimately impose global communism.

What do High Profile Communists Have in Common?

James Simpson noted that Karl Marx and Che Guevara as human beings were “diametrically opposed to their public image.” Both, he explained, were “slobs” in that they were literally dirty human beings who did not change their clothes or bathe. Like most prominent communists, Marx and Guevara came from privileged backgrounds, as did the Castro brothers (Fidel and Raul), Mao Zedong, and most other prominent radicals. 

Both Marx and Che were philanderers. Simpson noted that, among other things,  Marx impregnated his maid. Marx’s enabler Friedrich Engels claimed that he was the child’s father to protect Marx. 

Voter Fraud Legislation

Simpson warned of the voter fraud legislation deceptively named the “For the People Act,” which will “federalize elections and make mail-in voting mandatory basically taking over the election process by the corrupt Democrats who rely on vote fraud every year to get themselves re-elected.” Note that Simpson misspoke when he referred to the legislation as the “First Step Act.” The author clarified to RAIR Foundation USA that he meant the “For the People Act,” which will quickly resurface if the Democrats successfully abolish the filibuster.

The Four Fundamental Concepts of Communism

The Issue is Never the Issue

One of Simpson’s “fundamental concepts” in understanding communism is that communists promote issues for the sole purpose of forwarding their revolution. “They don’t care about civil rights; they don’t care about gay rights, they don’t care about immigrant rights,” Simpson explained. The issues promoted by the left are exploited to further their agenda. ” They only see those [issues] as vehicles, through which they can seize and hold power,” he continued.

The reason so many are taken in by the leftist issues is because they are “wrapping themselves in the mantle of compassion.” “They don’t realize that these agendas are actually malevolent,” Simpson explained. “They’re not helpful. They are agendas that to divide and fracture our country,” he said.

The ultimate goal of communists, Simpson said, is not equality but rather to “seize absolute power and the wealth that goes with it for themselves.”

Communism versus Facts

Another of Mr. Simpson’s “fundamental concepts” answers a core question as to why the left is simply incapable of honest debate. People of good faith deal in facts, but the left deals in strategy. “Stop thinking of our political controversies as simply differences of opinion between the right and left,” Simpson said. Rather, he said, this is an “asymmetric strategy of military conquest.”

Debate is not an option for those who do not care about the truth. Instead, Simpson explained, the left will seek to “discredit” their opposition. “They will always try to discredit you because that is their agenda; they could care less what the facts are – they are determined to seize absolute power and wealth from the rest of us,” he warned.

‘Psychological Terrorism’

Mr. Simpson’s very revealing third “fundamental concept” is what he refers to as “psychological terrorism,” or the deliberate attempt to disengage citizens from reality and punish non-compliance. Simpson mentioned the communist training school known as the Frankfurt School, which was the birth of “critical theory,” a precursor to “Critical Race Theory.”

“Their goal was to do everything possible to detach us from reality, so they lie directly to our faces, and then they threaten us, silence us, dox us, get us fired from work if we even peep in response,” he said.

This is such a key concept in understanding why leftists promote ridiculous notions such as numerous genders then demand that citizens comply. “They’ve made America afraid to be proud of itself,” he warned. Now that Mr. Simpson explained this tactic, it is up to citizens of goodwill to stand against “psychological terrorism!”

Americans, and citizens all over the globe, must learn to stop being intimidated and loudly say no to this comparably small group of agitators.

The Evil Agenda

The fourth “fundamental concept” that people must understand is that communism is not a political option, but rather an evil agenda. Consider the battle between good and evil has been manifesting itself for thousands of years. Communism represents the side aligned with evil and is indeed “satanic,” Mr. Simpson said. “There is no other way to view it,” he continued.

Knowledge is power. Buy James Simpson’s book and buy extra copies for those open to discovering the truth about the enemies of freedom.


Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.


  • Never on my watch… These marxist morons can think what they want, but when the war starts our aim will be true and our fight is righteous!

  • The majority of young people now view Socialism(Communism) more favorably than Capitalism
    That is because we sent our kids to the communists in our public schools for decades and did nothing about it.

    • I don’t understand this. I have a 30 year old daughter and I always stayed interested in her schooling. What are you reading? What did the teachers say about this? etc. I made sure she was not indoctrinated.

      • Read this scholarly and well researched book: “Without a Shot Indeed: Inducing Compliance to Tyranny Through Conditioning and Persuasion” by David Risselada. David took 10 years to research and write this book after he stepped into a den of faculty vipers while pursuing a Social Work degree at Pennsylvania State. Quotes from the book: “Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev proudly proclaimed the U.S. would fall without a shot being fired because of the gullibility of the American citizen. He was able to say this because the communists had mastered the arts of behavioral manipulation and persuasion. The average American remains blissfully unaware of the methodologies being employed against them through the media, the education system and other major institutions.” “…man is viewed through the lens of a godless science…” “Americans are marching to the drumbeat of their own enslavement when it comes to Covid-19 and the enforced wearing of masks.”

  • “President” Toilet Bidet, aka Joe “Jerk” Biden, aka Dementia Joe, is a terrorist and traitor and should be thrown in jail immediately!

    Trump! Do something!

  • If I were a communist I would wait until a really cold day in the middle of winter in America and then attack the electrical grid. The communists can win without firing one shot. Millions of Americans would die on day one and the nation would be begging the Chinese for immediate relief at any cost! With all the wasted money in the Biden bills not a penny is going to harden our electrical grid. We are truly led by morons!

  • People should also read Jim’s two “Red-Green Axis” monographs which ties together the totalitarian goals of the Marxists with the Islamic jihadists.


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