Babies Lives Matter: Thousands of Canadians March For Life, Roe v. Wade Leak Gives Added Momentum (Exclusive)

“We are confident we will restore a culture of life and replace this broken culture of death.” – said Jack Fonseca, Campaign Life Coalition director of political operations.

Over ten thousand Canadians marched in downtown Ottawa Thursday for the annual March for Life, a pro-life rally. Pro-life citizens came to Parliament Hill to defend life, as defined by conception to natural death. This year’s gathering is unique because it marks the march’s 25th anniversary, and it’s the first since a stolen and leaked U.S. Supreme Court (SCOTUS) draft decision document breathed new life into the fight to save children’s lives.

The National March for Life, typically the largest annual protest on Parliament Hill takes place in May to mark the Day of Infamy, when the 1969 omnibus bill passed under Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau, decriminalizing abortion. Pro-lifers rally in front of our Parliament building and march through downtown Ottawa, demanding that our elected representatives fight for the right to life of every human being.

The National March for Life is organized by Campaign Life Coalition, Canada’s leading pro-life and pro-family organization. The event is the most prominent forum for pro-life Canadians to demand justice for the 100,000 children killed in their mothers’ wombs each year by abortion and is funded by the taxpayers. Currently, Canada is the only Western nation with zero legal protection for the preborn, meaning abortion is permitted for any reason or no reason whatsoever until birth.

Leaked SCOTUS draft decision

In an exclusive RAIR Foundation USA interview, Jack Fonseca, Campaign Life Coalition director of political operations, detailed how the leaked SCOTUS draft majority opinion has ignited pro-life voices across Canada:

According to a leaked memo from the Supreme Court, the fact that Roe v. Wade is likely to be overturned is a tipping point we believe in the culture here in Canada. That whole wave of the culture in the United States is becoming more pro-life. Half of the states are expected to quickly make abortion illegal, protecting unborn children.

That pro-life wave is going to have a spillover effect on Canada. And we’ll be able to change hearts and minds much more easily and more quickly to restore a culture of life. Of course, it will take years and time. But we’re confident that eventually, we will restore a culture of life and replace this broken culture of death.

While the 1973 ruling removed the abortion issue from the states and made it federal law, the majority leaked an opinion written by Justice Samuel Alito, indicating “Roe v Wade was egregiously wrong in taking that power away from the states.”

The motivation behind the leak is said to be political. The left hopes to motivate its base with the abortion issue for the November elections, which has had indications of an embarrassing landslide defeat for Biden and the Democrats.


Each year, Campaign Life Coalition arranges several speakers, including pro-life parliamentarians, religious leaders, and activists, to deliver statements that call our government to account for and inspire and encourage rally attendees to take action.

Afterward, thousands of pro-life Canadians began to march through the streets of Ottawa. They were led by the Ottawa police and volunteer marshals, who kept the route safe and clear. When March ends, people re-assemble on the lawn of Parliament Hill to listen to moving testimonies from the post-abortive men and women of the Silent No More Awareness Campaign, which are followed by a prayer service.

Unfortunately, many pro-life advocates fear coming to Marches due to left-wing threats and violence. Fonseca referenced the recent attacks on Churches and pro-life Supreme Court justices:

And it’s very difficult to tell how if people are going to be comfortable coming back in public and if they’re going to be afraid of left-wing violence from the abortion supporters. As we see in the United States, they are storming Catholic churches and graffitiing them, threatening to kill the two Supreme Court justices in the US, as we found out. So who knows if that will have an impact.

Despite the threats and risks to their lives, Fonseca explains, thousands upon thousands of Canadians physically came to the capital too,

To stand up for God’s truth about, about life. And that God creates all life. Every human being is made in the image and likeness of God and deserves protection and respect as His child.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.


  • I thought only stupid Americans are against killing babies. Well nice to see Canada has a strong anti-baby killing coalition.

  • By the way, it is interesting to notice, that even a complete idiot can become a doctor, as we see here “Dr” Sarah Stock:
    (I guess “Dr” Stock is as much doctor in stupidness as Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci).

    “Dr Sarah Stock, an expert in maternal and foetal medicine at the University of Edinburgh told the paper: “I think the numbers are really troubling, and I don’t think we know the reasons why yet.

    “What we do know it’s not neonatal Covid – the rates of Covid-19 infection in babies are very low and deaths from Covid are thankfully very, very small so this isn’t Covid affecting babies.”

    Dr Stock, who has co-led the Covid-19 in Pregnancy Scotland (COPS) study, said it was known the virus can affect pregnant woman and cause complications, like early birth, so further investigation was needed.

    She stressed the Covid vaccine, which studies have consistently shown to be safe in pregnancy, was not a factor.”


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