Barry Engelhardt, MD: We Must Stop Blindly Trusting Institutions (Exclusive Interview)

Canadian physician and biomedical ethics expert Dr. Barry Engelhardt shares his observations about the coronavirus pandemic during an exclusive interview with RAIR Foundation USA.

Canadian family physician and biomedical ethics expert Dr. Barry Engelhardt addressed the Nuremburg Code in relation to vaccine mandates, and the need for citizens to become more engaged in their governments and institutions during an exclusive interview with RAIR Foundation USA.

Dr. Engelhardt, author of “Musings of a Medical Dinosaur: Who we are, How we got here, and Where we are going”, retired right around the time the coronavirus struck. But instead of counting his blessings that he missed the insanity in his practice, the medical doctor has become a vocal advocate for medical ethics in Canada.

As reported at RAIR Foundation USA, Dr. Engelhardt braved below-zero temperatures to address the Freedom Rally in Ottawa this past weekend.

The Nuremburg Code

As an expert in medical ethics, the retired medical doctor is keenly aware of the Nuremburg Code (1947), which is foundational to the discipline. The Nuremburg Code features ten points affirming “certain basic principles must be observed in order to satisfy moral, ethical and legal concepts” of medical experimentation. While all medical interventions are open to ongoing scrutiny as science develops, as Dr. Engelhardt points out, certain principles are unchanging.

The Nuremburg Code, which stresses “voluntary informed consent,” is “very very relevant to the situation now,” the doctor said, in relation to the coronavirus “vaccine.”

“I have been surprised that there hasn’t been more discussion about ethical theories, ethical principles when we’re really conducting a medical and social experiment at a level of all of humanity that has never, ever been done before,” he continued, adding that he “would have thought that medical ethics would have been more at the forefront than it has been.”

When is a Vaccine Mandate Justified?

Dr. Barry Engelhardt stated that the Nuremburg Code and medical ethics in general have seemingly been disregarded under the guise of an unprecedented emergency that trumps freedom for collective safety. He says that “one of the tacit assumptions” made during this time in history is that “this is such a unique and serious situation that the rights of society completely trump the rights of the individual…” This means that “we don’t have to consider consent because all the rights of the individual are abrogated during such a crisis,” he explained.

Of course this is a “huge assumption,” said Dr. Engelhardt.

The first sentence in the first point in the Nuremburg Code is: “The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential.” But the doctor points out that “voluntariness”, as well as “disclosure”, has been “lacking”. If there was ever a time when a vaccine mandate is justified, the bar would be incredibly high, Dr. Barry Engelhardt said. The danger would have to be insurmountable, for one. Secondly, the vaccine itself would have to actually work.

Whatever the criteria would be for a vaccine mandate, it would have to be clear and transparent. There would need to be a public debate. But there is no transparency related to vaccine mandates, or any pandemic measures for that matter. This approach only breeds distrust, the physician observed.

Citizens Must Engage

“Where’s the transparency?” the doctor asks. “Where’s the science?” While Dr. Engelhardt does not want to speculate on the motive for how things have transpired, he does believe answers are needed. One of the takeaways from this massive social experiment is that citizens must be more engaged in their institutions. There should be no more blind trust and people must always, always be free to ask the hard questions.

Dr. Engelhardt hopes that the mistakes made during the course of the pandemic have been innocent. If it is discovered that there was an agenda behind the coronavirus and the measures taken, “that’s kind of scary,” the doctor said. Whatever the bottom line is, the doctor says, it must be discovered so citizens can learn from it.

Watch the interview:

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Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.


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    Death camps NOT “liberated” by Soviet army, in fact they continued the holocaust in Soviet and Soviet helped to build the death camps for the Nazis in the first place. Soviet had used mobile death cars long time before the Nazis.
    Soviet teached the Nazis how to build death camps.
    But the fake news are still going strong.

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    “January 27 has been designated by the United Nations as International Holocaust Remembrance Day. The date was chosen because, on January 27, 1945, the infamous Nazi German slave labor and death camp, Auschwitz-Birkenau, was liberated by the Soviet army.”

  • Absolutely agree.
    We must stop trusting our media our institutions and our politicians if they ever were our politicians.
    Good article.

  • I’ve never been one of the “we” who “trust institutions” and certainly not one of the “we” who trust politicians, any politicians.

    I’m not planning to start anytime soon.

    And I spend a lot of time helping everyone I know to learn to read, listen, understand, and “verify, before trust”. And to withhold that trust as needed and to speak out against the lies, duplicity, disingenuousness, and doublespeak that institutions and politicians use to convince so many of things that are so untrue.


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