Belgium: Migrant Impregnates 8-year-old Stepdaughter With Twins, 'She Asked For It, Sex With Minors in My Country is Normal'

The Syrian Muslim migrant testified that it was the mother’s fault the child had been raped because she dressed her daughter in skirts.

In Doische, Belgium, on April 3, 2021, the inconceivable was discovered during a medical examination. An 8-year-old little girl was found to be pregnant with twins. The Syrian Muslim migrant testified that it was the mother’s fault the child had been raped because she dressed her daughter in skirts. Nevertheless, the 27-year-old man faces only ten years in prison. Although his

According to the doctors, she was eight weeks and four days pregnant. The conception took place at the end of January 2021, while the little girl was born in May 2012, reports Lavnie news. The eight-year-old girl had to have an abortion, “given her age,” said doctors, “she could not have carried it to term without putting her own life in danger.”

The child rape was discovered when the mother noticed that her little girl was no longer having her period. The child was vomiting and did not seem to feel well. Then, on April 3, 2021, during a medical examination, the unthinkable was discovered. The little girl was pregnant with twins.

The general prosecutor’s office has requested a ten-year prison sentence before the Liège Court of Appeal against a 27-year-old Syrian, who must answer for having raped and impregnated his eight years old stepdaughter. 

In my country, it is normal to have sex with a minor.

The young girl refused to tell her mom or the doctors who raped her. DNA analysis revealed it was her stepfather. According to gynecological expertise, she suffered several rapes. It wasn’t until her stepfather was taken away by the police that she admitted to having suffered the unthinkable at the hands of a man who was supposed to protect her. The rapist declared that in his country, Syria, it was not serious to have a sexual relationship with a minor.

“The child was asking for sex”

Even during his appearance in court, the defendant would not take any responsibility: “I confirm what I said before the investigating judge; the little one provoked me. You tell me she’s only nine. It’s her way of holding herself; in her head, she’s older than her age. Although she asked me for it, I maintain that the child was asking for sex.” He continued, “She crawled on my lap, gave me kisses, and then asked about our relationship.”

But during his appearance in the appeals court, he seemed to have changed his point of view. Therefore, it is necessary to specify that the court relied on his statements to choose a sentence of eight years in prison. “I was not well in my head when it happened,” tried to justify the defendant, who was appearing as a detainee. “I did not think. I was drunk. At that time, I did not think about the consequences. I drank but don’t remember anything, and this happened.”

For the court, the fact that the suspect declares that he does not remember anything is not reassuring concerning the risk of recidivism…. “Prison allowed me to become aware of the seriousness of the facts. I can’t figure it out myself. How can you get pregnant after having sex only once?”

“My client wants to integrate into Belgian society”

The lawyer for the civil party, who represents the interests of the young minor, asked for confirmation of the judgment, which awarded the child 15,000 euros. (USD $15,957.90)

The prosecution required ten years in prison. However, the defense pleaded for the broadest and simplest reprieve and highlighted her client’s life, who arrived in Belgium in 2019. “In his country, young girls can marry at 13. He wants to adapt to our laws and wants to integrate into Belgian society,” she said. The court will deliver its judgment next March.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.


  • She’s only EIGHT years old. Why is she already menstruating? Must be exposure to endocrine-disrupting chemicals. I thought they were banned in Europe? The pedophile scumbag child rapist says that, “In his country, young girls can marry at 13.” Is this pervert also mathematically illiterate? Can he not count to five (the difference between eight and thirteen)? Bottom line, this man is TRASH and should NEVER be allowed near young girls again.

  • What has the West’s leaders done to their people by showing this third world hell hole despicable evil human beings on our children. Time to take out the trash.

  • Doesn’t he know, you gotta be traveling in circles* with Gates, Clinton and Epstein to live this way.

    (*) Or just stay in whatever 3rd world hole you came from.

  • How about he lose his life, then thrown out amongst the hogs for their consumption? Seems fitting for a skumbag such as this.



  • Guys like that disgrace for a father deserve life in prison and no chance to be a part of western society. Yet if we look at the totality of crimes against humanity perpetrated by our own politicians- they too should get the same punishment or worse. The world is overrun with scumbags.


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