Belgium: One Third of the Country's Population is of Foreign Origin, In Brussels Belgians Are The Minority (Videos)

Democrat Joe Biden has vowed to flood America with 700% more “refugees” from terrorist hot spots around the world through the corrupt, Refugee Admissions Program.

Over the last decade, Belgium has changed dramatically. Without any public debate, it has become a massive migration state. Their left-wing government’s open borders migration policies continue to have catastrophic effects on the country’s safety and demographics.

According to Statbel, the country’s statistical office, one third of Belgium’s population is of foreign origin. The largest number of those being of Moroccan descent. In Brussels, native or indigenous Belgians are already in the minority. In “politically correct” terms, it is called  “diversity”, but the more accurate term is, “colonization”. In Belgium’s capitol, Brussels, nearly 80% of the population is of foreign origin.

Belgium has become a terrorist breeding ground, the country has the highest per-capita rate of foreign fighters of any Western European country. The small country, has even been described by left-wing media as “Europe’s terror hotbed”.


Islamic supremacists have capitalized on the growing number of Muslims in Belgium. One example is the formation of a political party to push for the total replacement of Western law with sharia. The leaders of Belgium’s ISLAM Party openly admitted they want to turn the country into an Islamic State. They called it an “Islamist democracy” and set a target date: 2030.

“Our goal is a 100% Islamic State” stated the party’s founder Redouane Ahrouch. “By establishing Sharia law we want to follow the way of the prophet and the Quran”, he adds.

In April 2018, a news presenter talked to a leader of the party about Redouane Ahrouch, the sharia-adherent party co-founder whose treatment of woman caused controversy.

Ahrouch had appeared on a Belgian television channel for a political debate but refused to make eye contact with a female journalist. The leader was given a suspended six-month jail term for gender discrimination.

In following video ISLAM’s Party leader often expresses his desire to adopt sharia in Belgium , legalize polygamy, ban alcohol, and seperate men and women.

“Under the sharia, women are inferior, wife-beating is prescribed for women “from whom you fear disobedience” (Qur’an 4:34), and child marriage is permitted”, reports Jihad Watch. Qur’anic tenets teach that men are superior to women (cf. Qur’an 4:34).

Tucker Carlson addressed the threat of Belgium’s Islam Party during a segment on FOX News:

America Will Be The Next Europe

As previously reported at RAIR, Democrat Joe Biden has vowed to flood America with 700% more“refugees” from terrorist hot spots around the world through the corrupt, Refugee Admissions Program. This controversial program was the brainchild of then Senator Joe Biden.

540 Elected Officials from all 50 U.S. states are urging President Trump to welcome more ‘refugees’ from third world countries – mostly Islamic – into our towns and cities. Meanwhile, President Trump has lowered the cap for refugee admissions each year of his presidency, dropping them to a record low of 15,000 for 2021.

The Islamic and socialist values that are currently sinking much of Europe into an ungovernable and burgeoning totalitarian nightmare have now seized control of the highest office in America. When Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are sworn into office on January 20, 2021, it may well be the end of a classical United States with its individual rights, freedom of speech and assembly, equality before the law, and classical thought. The essence of which, is at the heart of all American institutions.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.


  • America has fallen. B/c of it’s pre concern with “freedom” it has failed to see what was going to happen,a leftist country eventually morphing into an islamic country. Something similar to what happened in Iran.THEY WENT FROM THE LEFT INTO ISLAM,THE LEFTISTS ANHILIATED BY THE MUHAMMUDAN JIHADISTS


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