Belgium Party Leader: 'Islamic Street Thugs Have Taken Over Streets and Neighborhoods'

In Brussels, native or indigenous Belgians are already in the minority; nearly 80% of the population is of foreign origin.

Last month, a prominent American photographer, Donald Woodrow, was brutally attacked by a Moroccan Islamic minor in Antwerp, Belgium. The attempted murder, caught on video and in broad daylight, left Woodrow with a concussion and dislocated shoulder.

The migrant can be seen approaching Woodrow from behind and viciously punching him in the head, causing him to crumple over. The well-traveled U.S. photographer who works for the National Geographic and other news agencies explains:

In my career, I have traveled the whole world, and I have never been attacked. Only in Antwerp, where I was previously robbed twice of all my photo equipment

Flemish Member of Parliament for the Vlaams Belang party, Sam van Rooy, believes that Woodrow’s statement and attack are one more example of how “bad” migrant violence is “in the large cities of Western Europe; due to mass migration.”

The leader stated, “our streets, our neighborhoods are taken over by these Moroccan street thugs, and street thugs from North Africa, from an Islamic country.”

Sam van Rooy, also the Party leader of Antwerp City Council, urged the mayor to address the migrant problem by increasing the police presence and number of arrests. Furthermore, the judicial system refuses to impose penalties on migrants for their illegal behavior.

So I wish Bart de Wever [Mayor of Antwerp] would take care of it, that his police would be put in greater force. An additional problem is that when these young rascals are arrested, which doesn’t happen very often, unfortunately, they are immediately set free. So the leniency is enormous, and naturally, that must also be tackled, by extremely harder, longer prison sentences.

Islamization of Belgium

Vlaams Belang is not wrong to be concerned about the Islamization of Antwerp or Belgium as a whole. The Muslim community continues to grow through both high birth rates and marriage migration. As reported previously at RAIR, one-third of Belgium’s population is of foreign origin. The largest number of those being of Moroccan descent. Ninety-nine percent of Morocco’s population are Muslims. In Brussels, native or indigenous Belgians are already in the minority; nearly 80% of the population is of foreign origin.

According to Statbel, the country’s statistical office, in 2020, the most popular names for male babies in over a dozen municipalities throughout Brussels are Islamic, specifically Mohamed, Mohammed, and Ahmed (another form of Mohammad). 

European Union elites are using migrants to replace European populations. Furthermore, they are being used by the left to dilute host cultures, ensure more votes, and seize power.


Islamic supremacists have capitalized on the growing number of Muslims in Belgium. One example was the formation of a political party to push for the total replacement of Western law with sharia. Belgium’s ISLAM Party leaders openly admitted they wanted to turn the country into an Islamic State. However, they called it an “Islamist democracy” and set a target date for 2030.

“Our goal is a 100% Islamic State” stated the party’s founder Redouane Ahrouch. “By establishing Sharia law, we want to follow the way of the prophet and the Quran,” he adds. ISLAM’s Party leader openly expressed his desire to adopt sharia in Belgium, legalize polygamy, ban alcohol, and separate men and women.

The ISLAM Party can freely state their dangerous plans to Islamize Belgium, but protesting this threatening declaration is considered “hateful and violent” and can now land you in prison.

MEP Silvia Sardone: “Brussels Is Going To Become An Islamic Capital”

Instead of Belgium’s left-wing leaders closing the borders and reversing the flow of migration, they have gone to great lengths to hide or ignore the crisis and prosecute those who speak out about its real consequences for the safety of Belgians. 

Four members of the Voorpost party were arrested for their non-violent speech and sentenced to six months in prison. The men unfurled a banner with women wearing niqabs and burqas and the words: ‘Stop Islamization”. A Belgium court found the men guilty of “inciting hatred and violence against the Muslim population.” 

Silvia Sardone, an Italian MEP for Matteo Salvini’s Lega Party, slammed Belgium’s conviction of the four members of Voorpost. The MEP shined a spotlight on the Islamization of Belgium and its take over of government and society. The leader stated, “At this rate, Brussels will become an Islamic capital in twenty years.”

Watch Sardone’s hard-hitting brave video:

Never before has a prosecutor prosecuted protesters who held a peaceful protest based on a banner. The trial was a test case for freedom of expression, which has been proven to be non-existent in Islamized Belgium. Moreover, the ruling showed that while Judaism and Christianity can be disparaged with impunity, warning about the Islamization and spread of Sharia will lead to swift and hefty legal penalties, including incarceration.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.



  • How would your ancestors deal with it? They were successful. Of course, they believed in a higher power and had faith in their resurrection, so they were fearless. They had courage and strength. You no longer do. Worse, your testosterone levels have receded along with your balls due to too much inbreeding and hatred for masculinity. You can still win back your country. Just grow a pair and do what it takes.

  • When these “immigrants” break the country’s laws, do not send them to prison. Deport them back to their country of origin.

  • They shit their own beds letting them in. Tough crap idiots sleep in the bed you created for yourselves. Islam is the relgion of Satan just like Catholicism

  • “…we want to follow the way of the prophet and the Quran…”
    Then why don’t you stay in your own place where you have what you want? Why go to a relatively peaceful place and demand your hosts change to your barbaric way of life?
    No way does this play out peaceably.


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