Belgium Politician Filip Dewinter: ‘Islamization is Everywhere, Nowadays Even on Buses’ (Video)

Belgium Politician Filip Dewinter: ‘Islamization is Everywhere, Nowadays Even on Buses’ (Video)

  • Posted by Amy Mek
  • On December 9, 2019
  • Belgium, Borgerhout, De Lijn, SCEPTR, Station Halle, Vlaams Belang

On November 25, 2019, Filip Dewinter, a leader of the Flemish separatist party Vlaams Belang, posted a video featuring a bus driver at Station Halle in Belgium immersed in his Islamic prayer ritual .

Contrary to laws and regulation, the Muslim bus driver was caught on film “over a period of ten minutes’ performing his prayers inside of the bus.

The spokesperson for the company says: Our policy in this regard is clear: praying in a vehicle at a final stop (that is visible to others) is not permitted. Stopping during the ride to pray is not allowed either. There have been rules about praying at work since 2008.

The Vlaams Belang leader asked for people to make their opinion known in replies to his post.

Dewinter addressed a similar issue in February 2019 when a Muslim bus driver with passengers aboard pulled off the road for 15 minutes while he prayed in the aisle. Dewinter reported on his Facebook,

“Yesterday I was contacted by a bus passenger who – rightly – was annoyed that on Tuesday 5 February at 2 pm a bus from De Lijn en route from Borgerhout to the South (line 30) suddenly stopped around 2 pm” . “The Muslim driver parked the bus with passengers on board, switched off the engine and stepped to the rear of the bus. There he took off his uniform jacket, spread his jacket on the floor and began to pray … for 15 minutes. ” 

“Islamization is everywhere, nowadays even on buses,” said Dewinter to SCEPTR, a conservative news website. “Under the guise of religious tolerance and multicultural tolerance, this is all just allowed.”  For Dewinter, this fact makes it clear once again that assimilation with totally opposite ideologies is not easily attainable. “Such facts make it difficult to integrate those people. That is the fundamental problem. People always point to the Flemish, but this is another example of how difficult it is to live with Muslims ”, according to Dewinter.

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Madeline Mardigan
When you are supposed to be on a tight schedule as part of your job you can't do this. This means you are not qualified for the job
Brenda Pipher
In this instance the issue is easily solved. The company has told them, repeatedly this isn't allowed, yet they continue to do it. Any that are caught, recorded by a passenger or a supervisor either one will do, immediate termination. Replace that driver with a non-Muslim and you won't have this problem. When the PC crowd and Muslims scream about discrimination, no, they can't obey orders so I'm not wasting time and money training them to do the job.
I'd be more concerned about muslims driving buses loaded with us infidels at high speeds into other buses full of us infidels to earn his gods reward of 74 virgins in paradise,knowing the more religious a Muslim becomes the more dangerous he/she becomes
I think 1. You obey supervisors and Boss they pay your wages 2. If you cannot follow the rules you stand in unemployment line for a long time 3. Where is I.C.E agents I have a problem here in Washington we have millions of Illegals causing crime MS13 GANG MEMBERS and we need them picked up please they live in and around Pasco Sunnyside Richland Kennewick Benton City Washington you know their hear we don't want them they are breaking the law throwing garbage in our beautiful rivers criminalizing and corrupting our small town's Jay Inslee is trying to hand out new names for them to go under driver's licenses and welfare they are shooting people here got drugs and illegal weapons their peddling help us America we want our homes back...

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