BEWARE: Biden Targets 'Vaccine Deniers;' Smears Trump

Biden and his allies are attempting to discredit citizens with genuine concerns about the coronavirus vaccine

On Tuesday, newly-installed puppet Joe Biden smeared Americans rightfully concerned about the hastily made, gene-altering coronavirus vaccine as “vaccine deniers”. The comments were made during a pandering “Black Essential Workers” meeting with infamous Benghazi liar Susan Rice.

“There are those online still, the vaccine, uh [looks at Susan Rice who says ‘Deniers!’] deniers and telling all these stories about [unintelligible] that are, aren’t true,” he said. Biden and his allies are attempting to discredit (and maybe even criminalize) citizens who express genuine concerns about the coronavirus vaccine.

Dementia Joe also stated that older black Americans may not be aware of how to use a mobile phone or go online to schedule the vaccine. “…when they don’t know what to do, they’re embarrassed to acknowledge that they don’t know how to do it, they don’t know how to get it done…” he said.

Biden made similar comments during a CNN Promotional Event last week:

Biden Can’t Stop Bashing Trump

Clearly, Biden cannot get President Trump out of his head, as the great unifier bashed him repeatedly during the virtual roundtable discussion. In one instance, the Big Guy repeated the debunked lie that Trump recommended that people inject bleach to rid themselves of the coronavirus. “I think there’s a growing awareness that, uh, um, you know uh, injecting bleach into your system doesn’t do it for ya,” Biden said:

Speaking of debunked lies, Biden’s entire presidential campaign revolved around yet another falsehood that President Trump referred to socialist nazis in Charlottesville as “very fine people.”

American Medicine has Experimented on Black People for The Last Hundred Years

Biden also claimed that there is “a real reluctance in the African American community to get the vaccine, even if it was available,” because, he alleges, “American medicine has taken advantage of African Americans for experimentation over the last hundred years.”

Biden does not not mention that healthcare workers are also turning down the vaccine, which was not approved, but granted “Emergency Use Authorization” by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), as reported at RAIR Foundation USA.

The Federal Government to Give Away Millions of Masks

Toward the end of the discussion, Biden started rambling. It was during one of these rants that he claimed that the federal government was “probably gonna be sending out an awful lot of masks,” he continued, “Millions of them.”

“We could have saved literally uh… an awful lot of lives if people had listened. We turned wearing masks into a political statement. If you were for this thing, you were, if you were for somebody else, you didn’t wear it. When in fact, it’s just plain, basic science. Science! Social distancing, so you’re not coughing on one another – particles – the ventilation….We’re probably gonna be sending out an awful lot of masks, uh, around the country, very shortly. Millions of them….”

During the discussion, Biden focused on the Democrat’s insane 591-page $1.9 Trillion dollar spending bill. While the bill provides $473 billion to individuals, much of it is garbage.

Watch the entire discussion here.

Read the Democrat Spending Bill here:

Rescue Bill by Benjamin Kail

Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.

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  • Many people who refuse to submit to some medical assault, regardless of what it is, have CHOSEN to make decisions for their own lives and families, and not at the beckon call of some withered and known predator who also has a very long rep of chronic lying.


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