BEWARE: Disgraced Lincoln Project Unites with Left-Wing Group to Coerce Conservatives to Take Vaccine (Watch)

Lincoln Project founder Mike Madrid’s cunning strategies targeting male conservatives include using Veteran imagery in waiting rooms and lying about scarcity of the vaccine.

Progressive medical group “This Is Our Shot” (TIOS) interviewed Lincoln Project co-founder Mike Madrid on Tuesday night for strategies to convince conservatives and Latinos to get the coronavirus vaccine.

The deceptive 20 minute video dangerously misrepresents the viewpoints of conservatives, who are portrayed as “countercultural” and uninterested in facts. Madrid condescendingly claims that “the right” ignores science, opting instead to blindly follow “misinformation campaigns” and the assertions of a “tribal leader.”

Madrid explains that so-called “vaccine hesitancy” is part of a “broader problem that we’re finding with the American right…” The issue, Madrid asserts, is the right’s tendency to buy into “misinformation campaigns” which lead them to deny “what is obviously evidentiary in front of their face…”

Mike Madrid speaking to the 2017 CAUSE Political Institute
Mike Madrid

“Now this has a lot to do with demographic changes, it has a lot to do with technological changes and certainly has a lot to do with social changes,” Madrid declares, without further explanation. He continued, “[B]ut understanding this, I think, is really important in trying to get people to higher levels of vaccination rates. It’s not just a disagreement on science, it is choosing your own science…”

TIOS “leader” Dr. La Tanya Hines agreed, commenting during the Facebook Live chat that “Resistance has become religion.” Plastic Surgeon Robert Tuchler, MD requested “tips to appeal to conservatives”.

‘Credible Messengers’

The designated spokesman of the right explained how to coerce unscientific “countercultural” conservatives into getting the coronavirus vaccine by using “credible messengers”.

Doctors are not credible messengers for the right, Madrid explains, because conservatives attacks experts as part of their “countercultural value”.

It is doctors who are often the least credible messengers [for conservatives] in this situation,” Madrid explained, “because it is literally an attack on expertise, an attack on those that know best that provides that countercultural value.”

This take is breathtakingly stupid, but he continues. There are “three key messengers” when dealing with male conservatives, he explains: Law enforcement, veterans and small business owners.

Madrid suggests that healthcare workers exploit these groups as props to convince the right to get the jab. “Talk about police officers”, he says, or have “imagery” surrounding Veteran vaccination campaigns “maybe in the waiting room.” Madrid further says that conservative males can be convinced to take the coronavirus vaccine if healthcare professionals use “small business arguments about opening back up the economy and talking about your small business owner patient base.”

Screenshot from Email

Trying to convince conservatives by explaining the science surrounding vaccines won’t work, he says. It would be much more effective to use “that third party as opposed to [having] a bilateral conversation trying to convince people of the science…”

Madrid warns that conservatives may become “confrontational,” due to the anti-science “counterculture” to which they relate. “It becomes a virtue of your own identity to advocate against science,” he actually said.

If all else fails, lie to conservative males by acting as if the shot is scarce “even though that’s not the case, we have an abundance of vaccines”, he acknowledges. Madrid recommended telling conservative males that there are only “a couple of dosages left” in order to make them think they are missing out.

“A lot of this hesitancy is really about identity rather than people being convinced of the science, per se,” Madrid explains, without a clue.

‘This is Our Shot’
TIOS “Leader” Dr. La Tanya Hines

According to their website, TIOS seeks to train “diverse…health heroes” to “engage effectively on social media” in order to “build vaccine trust and combat disinformation.” TIOS encourages people to become members to learn how to shut down dissent online.

TIOS “leader” Dr. La Tanya Hines has compared President Trump to Hitler on Twitter, says “racism” is a “pandemic”. Hines says calling out violent riots “diverts attention” from violence that prompted the violent riots.

TIOS is led by the California Medical Association (CMA), which in turn is led by a highly partisan left-wing doctor, Peter N. Bretan M.D., who incessantly moans about (you guessed it!) “racism” on his Twitter feed. He also regularly promotes the fake Asian-American hate crime narrative.

Here is one recent example:

Convincing the ‘Conservative Community’ to Get the Vaccine

Dr. Asha Shajahan, host of the “Tuesday Talk” with Lincoln Project co-founder Mike Madrid wrote an OpEd titled “Implicit bias training for health care workers can save lives.” In the article, she accused healthcare workers of not taking a black patient’s complaints seriously, which led to her death. Shajahan opines that a white person would not have died under the same circumstances. “Discrimination kills,” she writes ominously.

This author cannot help but wonder who the healthcare workers were that she is accusing, assuming her scenario even occurred. Funny that Shajahan is talking about bias, when she herself is clearly biased against others in her own profession.

“Join Dr. Asha Shajahan on Facebook Live as she discusses vaccine trust building in conservative & Latino communities with nationally-recognized expert in political strategy and messaging,” TIOS said in their email invitation.

These are the people Americans are supposed to blindly trust?

There are so many things wrong with this strategy, it is hard to know where to begin:

  • Using the co-founder of the hate filled, vile Lincoln Project to convince conservatives of anything is like involving Bill Clinton in a female empowerment event, enlisting Hunter Biden to teach about “fake news”, or electing Iran to a United Nations commission on “gender equality.”
  • Instead of seeking to dominate discourse, why not allow natural debate?
  • There is no such thing as a “conservative community.” Americans are Americans and these divisive tactics are exactly why citizens are so polarized.


The intensity of the effort to dominate discourse is offensive and anti-scientific. Similar bullying about “disinformation” is found in discussions related to climate change, the events at the Capitol building on January 6, 2021 and the coronavirus. Presenting an argument in good faith – instead of telling people what to think – is what “conservatives” and all Americans need to have a constructive dialogue.

Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.


  • TIOS is a corporate lobbying group. They are not progressive or left wing. They represent the financial interest of the corporations that fund them, just like any other lobbying group

  • The Lincoln project has been caught with their pants down working with the Democratic Party and their agenda! and I would NEVER trust them! I am a conservative and I can say conservatives KNOW what’s going on with this shot! It will never enter my body EVER! We have woken up! And more are waking up every day! To the corruption in this country!

  • I use EMF meter to measure magnetic levels on the bodies of 6 vaccinated people. All of them have dangerous magnetic levels. They feel regret for not knowing that prior to taking the jabs


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