BEWARE: NJ Exploits Santa - Pushes Life Altering Covid Vax on Children (Video)

But even as the New Jersey Health Department pushes children to get vaccinated, knowledgeable healthcare professionals and scientists are begging parents to take a breath.

A shocking propaganda video by the New Jersey Health Department features a child writing to Santa asking for the coronavirus vaccine in lieu of toys. This comes as Dr. Robert Malone, the highly respected inventor of mRNA vaccine technology, released a powerful statement warning parents about vaccinating children.

Dr. Robert Malone points out that “15,000 physicians and medical scientists around the world signed a declaration publicly declaring that healthy children should NOT be vaccinated for COVID-19.” The scientific evidence supporting their declaration is listed here.

The New Jersey Health Department clip, titled “Best Gift – Child” has received over 800k views on YouTube. At the time of this writing, the short video has received only “nine” likes. YouTube is now banning viewers from seeing the number of “dislikes”, but it is not a stretch to think people are not taking kindly to the taxpayer-funded propaganda. Comments for the video are naturally turned off.

Screenshot of YouTube for NJ Propaganda Video

“Dear Santa. I don’t want games. I don’t want toys,” an angelic little boy says in the short video. “Just get me the COVID vaccine,” he continues. A pleasant sounding woman then narrates: “This holiday season, there’s no better gift than peace of mind. Get vaccinated today. Visit COVID-19 dot NJ dot gov.”

The video was posted on November 30, 2021 but has been since shared since then and has aired on local television. “Did the covid vaccine make your wish list for Santa this year?” A tweet dated December 9, 2021 from the official New Jersey Department of Health account asks. “There’s no better gift than peace of mind,” they continue.


The propaganda video is reminiscent of a Sesame Street video featuring Dr. Sanjay Gupta:

Yet another vaccine coercion video is currently airing in New York City. The video features teenagers playing sports and spending time with friends. “Your teen will miss out” if s/he does not get vaccinated, the narrator warns:

But even as state Health Departments pushes children to get vaccinated, knowledgeable healthcare professionals and scientists are begging parents to take a breath. In a statement, Dr. Malone implored parents to consider the potential “irreversible” consequences of vaccinating healthy children with the coronavirus injection.

Dr. Malone explains that if parents opt to give their children the Covid vaccine, “a viral gene will be injected into your children’s cells.” “This gene forces your child’s body to make toxic spike proteins,” he says, which “often cause permanent damage in children’s critical organs” and can “trigger fundamental changes to their immune system.” Dr. Malone continues to say that damage done would be “irreparable”. Further, he warns that “this novel technology has not been adequately tested.”

Watch Dr. Robert Malone’s plea here:

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Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.


  • And of course the kid in the video is not “angelic” but some kid from Afghanistan, and the letter is not really to Santa Claus.

  • “We didn’t see omicron coming”.
    Hahahaaaa! Haahaahaa-Harris-Haaaahahaaa-Harrris-Haaahaahaaa, etc, etc……
    Why they constantly lie to us citizens?
    WEF, World Economic Forum has a list of all the Covid variants for every coming year.
    New Covid variants are planned for every coming year, so are all the new booster shots for every new year.
    This is planned Genocide that is also a great way to generate billions and billions in cash for Biden and his criminal gang.
    Citizens! Wake up! Stop these criminals before it is too late!

    “VP Harris admits ‘we didn’t see omicron coming’ as DC records most COVID-19 cases ever in new surge.”


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