Bloodied Man Throws Decapitated Head From His Window onto a Street in France (Video)

Just a few short months ago, an 18-year-old Islamic migrant from Chechnya beheaded French teacher Samuel Paty.

Today in the French city of Toulon, a bloodied man tossed a box with a severed human head in it from his window and out onto the street. French police, army and special forces were deployed to the scene. Shortly after, the police arrested a man, unarmed, in the apartment from which the box had been thrown. 

According to French newsite Europe 1, the suspect is said to be a 45-year-old former submarine sailor who is going through a divorce. The former sailor was accommodating two homeless men in his house. Police were reportedly called to the suspect’s home last night after a fight broke out.

Police are reporting the head found could be that of one of the two homeless people who were being accommodated for the night at the suspect’s apartment. A katana was uncovered at the home which is thought to be the murder weapon.

Example of a katana

Despite not knowing the motive of the suspect, National authorities quickly informed the public that “there is nothing to link this act to a terrorist event.’

Watch the following video that was filmed by a neighbor showing the box with a severed human head in it,

Watch the following videos on the decapitation in France,

Many in France have become untrusting of authorities immediate reaction to rule out terrorism. In virtually every instance of jihad attacks in France, politicians & media hide the identity of the attackers. In rare instances when the identity of an attacker is leaked, the suspect is usually presented as suffering from mental health issues.

Just a few short months ago, an 18-year-old Islamic migrant from Chechnya beheaded French teacher Samuel Paty after he had shown his students a Charlie Hebdo cartoon of the Islamic prophet Muhammad. This was part of a class Paty was holding on freedom of expression. Also, In Nice, France, a Muslim refugee from Tunisia shouting “Allahu Akbar” stormed in the Basilica of Notre Dame and killed three Christians – one of the victims was reportedly decapitated.

Many thanks to Miss Piggy for the translation:

Look, there’s so much blood. —Look, look, look, how much blood there is.

Look. So much blood. He’s totally crazy.

Look at all the blood. — Get back, get back! Ladies and gentlemen, get back!

Look at… —Get back, PLEASE! Get back! —Calm down, calm down.

Everyone shut up! —Yes, yes, sir, we’re backing up, we’re backing up.

He could be armed, and it could be dangerous, my friends. —Get back!

Yes, sir, we’re backing up. Back up. Back up. Don’t get annoyed.

Don’t scream, it doesn’t help.

Unbelievable. So there, that’s him. Do you see him,

with lots of blood on his hands? He’s totally crazy.

He’s trying to negotiate and the police are going in. —Ladies and gentlemen, please back up.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist



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