#BlueAnon Leftists Target Jeopardy! - Attack Champion Gesturing Third Win; Claim White Power Sign

Hundreds of Jeopardy! contestants signed an ill-written, embarrassing letter denouncing a man for a hand gesture.

Hundreds of former Jeopardy! contestants wrote an open letter condemning “Jeopardy!” champion Kelly Donohue for making a white power sign when he was really just indicating his third win.

The former contestants are not buying it, however, saying that Donohue’s three fingers was “not a clear-cut symbol for the number three.”

The letter, posted at Medium, says in part:

During his on-camera introduction, Kelly made a gesture with his hand that he has since claimed was an indication that he had won three games. He had, on previous episodes, indicated with one finger and two fingers that he had won one and two games, and no reasonable person would have interpreted those gestures differently. However, this gesture was not a clear-cut symbol for the number three. 

The symbol is evidently used by the patriot group Three Percenters. As an aside, there is zero evidence that the Three Percenters are anything other than constitutional Americans. They are not white supremacists, no matter how many times the radical left says they are.

Here are three images of Donohue on three different shows, using his fingers to show how many times he has won:

Even the radical left-wing Bethania Palmer of Snopes concedes that the accusation against Kelly Donohue is false.

The open letter gets more insane:

Most problematic to us as a contestant community is the fact that Kelly has not publicly apologized for the ramifications of the gesture he made. If something has been misconstrued, an apology and a total disavowal of any connection to white supremacist doctrines is called for. We saw that gesture air on television. We are among the public it affected, and we are a diverse group of people. People of color, religious minorities, and other marginalized groups already live in a United States and a Canada that have structural and institutional racism, sexism, antisemitism, ableism, homophobia, and transphobia embedded into their history and function. These people deal with microaggressions nearly every day of their lives, through words, actions, and assumptions that remind them on a constant basis that they are not the default, they are not the mainstream, they are not ‘real citizens.’

Donohue addressed the controversy in a Facebook post (since deleted) that said in part:

I deeply regret this terrible misunderstanding. I never meant to hurt a soul and I assure you I am no friend of racists or white supremacists.

Obviously, Blue Anon has way too much time to obsess over nothing. One would think perpetual fake outrage would be exhausting, and most certainly does not bode well for the future of America.

Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.

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