BOOM: Judge Demands Elites Face New Round of Nuremberg Trials - Slams Experimental 'Vaccine' (Video)

“Today the sovereign people demand justice for all the deaths that they have caused, for deprivations, for our children and for our suffering.” – Angelo Giorgianni

Several days ago, at a freedom rally in Italy, a former magistrate in Rome, Angelo Giorgianni, took to the stage to condemn the government’s handling of the coronavirus. The judge slammed the country’s “Green Pass” and called for a new round of Nuremberg trials against the current ruling class. Furthermore, he called the government’s mRNA experimental injection mandates “crimes against humanity.”

Judge Giorgianni was the section president of the Messina Court of Appeal, co-author of the book “State massacre – The hidden truths of Covid-19”. The judge decided to leave the judiciary stating that he would rather resign from the judiciary than limit his ability to speak freely:

My freedom of expression has been limited…If the fact of wearing the toga must limit me to expressing my opinion on the legitimacy of acts or measures, or worse still to report criminally relevant facts, even if they concern representatives of institutions, so I prefer to leave the toga.

While speaking with reporters, the judge explained that he had previous vaccines but would not take this one. He continued,

There is an important battle at stake because there are those who want to limit our freedom of thought and impose their own vision. I could not remain a magistrate because I want to be able to speak freely against this part of the state that wants to impose its ideas on us. I am a person of my word, I said I would resign and I did.

Giorgianni demands that the Elites who have harmed the public in the name of protecting people from coroanvirus be tried in a “new Nuremberg,”

Today the sovereign people have given an eviction notice to those who illegally occupy the palaces of power. Today the sovereign people demand justice for all the deaths that they have caused, for deprivations, for our children and for our suffering. And we want them to be tried in a new Nuremberg!

The Nuremberg Code is a set of research ethics and principles that resulted from the prosecution of Nazis after World War II due to their forced medical experimentation on Jews and others whom the Nazis defined as less than human. USA Today explains,

Trials aimed at holding Nazis accountable for the Holocaust were held in Nuremberg, Germany, between 1945 and 1949. There were 13 proceedings, one of which was the Doctors’ Trial, which began in December 1946. 

Twenty-three doctors and administrators were charged with committing war crimes and crimes against humanity for killing concentration camp inmates and conducting forced medical experiments on them, according to Harvard Law School’s Nuremberg Trials Project. Seven defendants were sentenced to death, nine were sentenced to prison and seven were acquitted. 

The Nuremberg Code was borne out of that trial. Its core tenets provide clearer guidance on the rights of human subjects in scientific research. 

Read the Nuremberg Code here.

Western governments are guilty of forcing people to take experimental mRNA shots that have not undergone proper clinical trials. In addition, physicians seem to have violated the standards they must conform to when carrying out experiments on human subjects. 

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist


  • Nothing in this article surprises me. This is an intentional world wide assault on most people on our planet. It will end up being worse than the Hitler record. I agree with everything Giorgianni says. We need more honest people just like him speaking out. The Nuremberg Code is definitely appropriate for what is being done in almost every country. America is one of the worst.

    • Hitler was a Piker compared to Communism,
      CCP, Bill Gates, Big Pharma and the rest of the Elites are the supreme demi-gods of death.
      Galactus from the comic books could not have done a better job.

    • Don’t forget us here in Canada 🇨🇦 your sister county! Coz we got bidens brother, Trudeau who is Canada’s biggest communist criminal ever in 150 + years!! Trudeau’s crimes stem from racketeering, corporate crimes, war crimes and crimes against humanity. I’ve been saying this since March of 2020 when I first found out why they were going to start to push the vaccines and what COVID was all really about? But not for the reasons people thought but for a worldwide depopulation plan to kill 7 out of 8 billion people by a meant to kill you slow vaccines! This was all concocted by the committee of the the 300 who are very, very evil, rich, sick elite billionaires who own 90% of the world and Klaus schawb of the WEF, THE WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM!! CLIMATE CHANGE IS ALSO ANOTHER WORLD CON TO TAKE YOUR MONEY AND BREAK AND CONTROL YOU, AND EVERYTHING YOU WERE TOLD ABOUT IT IS A LIE, ALL OF IT!!!!! Masks and social distancing is a form of communist control. Don’t forget that. I wonder what virus they will muster up after monkey pox??? Hahahahaha.. You literally have to be completely stupid to believe anything the MSM SAYS?????? COZ ITS 100% LIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      And why isn’t KLAUS SCHAWB ARRESTED?????????
      So let’s bring back NEREMBURG 2.0 and give anyone involved in any country in the great COVID scam a neremburg death trial and save and secure our kids future now before it’s to late!!

  • Fuellmich! Begin the Nuremberg II Trial as soon as possible and make sure ALL the responsibles of this crime against humanity are HANGED!

  • Should extend to the propagandists in the Medea pushing lies and the Hitler Youth indocrinators in ” education” as well

    • I totally agree Jane….the corrupt mainstream media have been the “willing enablers” of this disgusting genocidal attack on the innocent peoples of the world. Their relentless brainwashing and deceptive one-sided reporting has ensured the projection of a singular vile narrative designed to evoke fear and division among the people. They MUST share equal culpability and retribution via the forthcoming ‘Nuremberg 2’ trials, in company with such ring leaders as Schwab, Gates, and his plant at the WHO, the retired African terrorist-cum-pseudo-medical-bureaucrat, Ghebreyesus…!!

    • Judge Giorgianni is a true hero. We need to have men and women of his caliper on our Supreme Court. Italy should be very proud.

  • This pandemic hoax cost thousands of lives. Probably a lot more. This the CCP Virus is real but the “pandemic” was was only for control and greed. 1) The death rate was exaggerated beyond belief! Didn’t anyone notice there were no “flu” deaths? There are every year but they all were blamed on Covid. Even our worthless media(D) had to put up several deaths from accidents and some just outright lied. The money was good for hospitals and Doctors. 2) Do you think the government is forcing people to take this “jab” to help them….BS! There is a lot more to see there. Especially now that the governments have not been able to stifle the dissent and information against these “vaccines (another phony term)”. 3) The nurses and the technicians are on the front lines of this lie. They know what is happening with these poisonous “vaccines”, that’s why they will not take the ‘Jab” and are being fired. Truth hurts the big pharma and the phony governments out for control! 4) this is an engineered virus and any and all involved should be tried and hanged for this world class murder!

    • Actually if you look into the origins of “germ theory” you will find that it’s a big-money scam perpetrated by this same elitist criminal clique. They own the “medical” schools, they fund the “research”, they sell the (chemical)drugs and toxic treatments…it’s modern day sorcery passing itself off as “science”, “health care”.
      They they torture and kill humans and animals practicing their sick art. It’s the “science” of deception…that’s what it is. All it is.

      Heretics, blasphemers, and unbelievers will be silenced and punished. How dare they insult and deny The GOD OF “Science”/”Virology” !!!

      • I couldn’t agree with you more! Thank you for posting your comment! Now that magistrate Angelo Giorgianni has stepped up to the plate, I pray many more magistrates, globally, will follow suit! This has never been about health, only power & greed!

  • Mass civil disobedience is of course strongly indicated across the planet.

    We don’t have to bow down before the evil entity worldwide.

    We don’t have to.

    Mass civil disobedience is of course strongly indicated.

  • Finally seeing what I have been saying all along.

    Now, in the future, make sure laws are not made by lawyers. Period. They will not take a case with the word COVID in it. It’s time to clear out the snakes of the justice system. Post Haste.

    Then we go after the elites who said ‘safe and effective.’ EVERY FREAKING ONE OF THEM.

    And any doctor who has lost his/her license, gets a new one with “humanitarian.” And every doctor who went with the ‘no liability’ “PROTOCOL” loses theirs, along with any one of them with the care of a COVID patient under their charge.

    There are effective treatments and every one of them knew it.

  • oopps fix:

    “…along with any one of them responsible for the care of a COVID patient who died under their charge with ‘resdemivir.’ ” That crap is poison; it’s like taking a revolver, putting in 3/6 bullets and pulling the trigger against the patient’s head, along with a lingering expensive death.

  • When the time is right, we come after all you Covid and vaccine mandate terrorists and leaders, as well as doctors and nurses.
    Do you really think there will be no revenge for all the evil you all have done to citizens in every country?


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