BOOM: Trevor Loudon Delivers Powerful Testimony on Marxist Critical Race Theory (Video)

“And if we allow this to be taught in our schools, we have nobody to blame but ourselves for losing our children and losing our country because we will lose the country, folks.”

Americans must stand up against Critical Race Theory, or be prepared to lose the country, author and filmmaker Trevor Loudon declared this week. Loudon’s powerful testimony was delivered during the Lieutenant Governor’s Education Task Force meeting held at the Idaho State Capitol.

The Press Release for the event explained in part that Idaho Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin devising a task force to explore “indoctrination in Idaho education and to protect our young people from the scourge of critical race theory, socialism, communism, and Marxism.”

“As I have traveled around the state and spoken with constituents and parents, it has become clear to me that this is one of the most significant threats facing our society today. We must find where these insidious theories and philosophies are lurking and excise them from our education system,” Lt. Gov. McGeachin said. “Idahoans are increasingly frustrated by the apparent lack of awareness and leadership coming from the state on these issues.”

Two Foundational Principles

Before delving into his testimony, Loudon laid out two principles: Young children should be taught facts through an objective lens, and the key unique vision of America – that rights are granted by God and not the government – is vital for children to understand.

“Objectivity and facts matter,” Loudon said, reinforcing that children should not be indoctrinated with Marxist ideology, but rather should be taught foundational knowledge. “Education should be teaching objective facts and where there is some moral or religious dimension, that should reflect the local community,” Loudon explained.

On the idea that rights are granted by God and not the government, Loudon said:

“Your rights do not come from the King. Your rights do not come from Caesar or the commissaire, or the politburo, or anyone else. They are divinely inspired. They are intrinsic. They’re part of you. And the role of government is only to protect those rights. That is the foundation of the American Republic.”

The concept that America’s rights come from God and not the government is the “objective foundation of this Republic,” Loudon said. And so “any doctrine that opposes that foundation should not be taught in public schools.”

Critical Race Theory is Marxism

Loudon explains the typical Marxist strategy to transform a country is to pit the rich against the poor. But since provoking class war is difficult in America – Communists are forced to try other strategies, such as race baiting. America has “always been the number one enemy of world socialism,” Loudon said. “So what do you do? You must get inside the system. You must weaken America,” he continued.

Critical Race Theory and allied concepts such as “systemic racism” and “white privilege”, are designed to weaken America and have no business being taught to children.

“Critical Race Theory is not about attempting to address past grievances. It’s not about racial reconciliation. It’s not about any of the things its proponents tell you it’s about,” Loudon said. “It is rubbing raw the wounds, the past wounds of America, and exaggerating everything that’s bad about America to make it the only thing that is really characteristic of America.”

“And if you allow this further into your schools, you’re going to lose the next generation of your kids,” he continued. “And if we allow this to be taught in our schools, we have nobody to blame but ourselves for losing our children and losing our country because we will lose the country, folks.”


Read the transcript of Trevor Loudon’s speech (generated by transcription service):

And thank you to all the committee for being here and to the audience for being here as well. And caring about education in this state. My name is Trevor loud, and I’m originally from New Zealand. I hope you can understand my Southern accent. All right.

And for 40 years, I’ve really studied and researched Marxism. And Marxists and it’s in that capacity. I want to speak to you today about Critical Race Theory and similar doctrines and why they should be very much opposed and your education system, why they have pernicious and why they should be removed for the good of the children of the state, and the parents of the state too, by the way.

Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin (off camera): Well, thank you for being here today, please proceed.

Okay well before I start, I’d like to establish two principles because I think that will inform you, where I come from and why I oppose CRT and it’s variants. Now, the first principle is this. I used to train people as apprentices, I used to run bakeries and I trained many apprentices and I remember, one particular incident, I instructed one of my apprentices to mix a whole batch of Christmas cakes, big trays of cakes and we put them all on the oven and I went along to check them and they were exploding all over the place. Just exploding out of the trays all over the oven. The place was full of smoke and I said to that, what what did you do, what you do and we pulled them out and we checked the recipe book.

And the recipe book called .7% baking soda. And I said, young man, what is point seven percent mean? He says well that’s 7% right? He didn’t know the difference between point seven and seven percent. Now that was a bit comical when it comes to Christmas cakes, could that, that could be disastrous, when designing a bridge or an aircraft or, you know, designing a new drug.

Objectivity and facts matter. And I believe that education especially at the lower levels – should concentrate on facts and not ideology. Facts. You know – H2O is not water is not H3O – it’s H2O. There’s only one way to spell oxygen. There is only one capital of Idaho, the border between Idaho and Canada is very specific, you can see where it is. It’s not a subject of opinion.

You know, we had Professor before talking about the the diversity of opinion at the education college level. Well that’s fine at college level. But that is not the role of pre-school or elementary school or anything like that. And the people who are now coming into colleges are being indoctrinated at preschool level.

So they come in with a into college with a very limited range of opinion, basically different strands of Marxism, that’s really their range of opinion. So, my view is this: education should be teaching objective facts and where there is some moral or religious dimension, that should reflect the local community.

That’s what it should be that the people who are paying the taxes to support this system – their values should be the values taught, not the values of somebody from somewhere else, who may be infected with Marxism or some other doctrine.

Now, the second principle I want to establish is that this country was founded in – different from any other country in the world – was founded on the principle that your rights come from God, not the government.

Now that doesn’t mean it’s protecting Christian rights or Muslim rights or Jewish rights, it means that your rights do not come from the government. They come from a higher power and therefore the government has no right to infringe on those rights because they do not grant them. Now that is the foundation of the American Republic. For thousands of years, we had a different system, the idea was divine right of kings, the king would speak to God, and then the king would tell the people what God wanted them to do: Give every fifth child to his army, every third daughter to his court, 20% of your grain harvest every year. And if you disobey the king, you were disobeying God, because it always happened to be that God agreed with the King. It was very, very handy.

So, the American Republic was founded on the direct opposite principle. Your rights do not come from the King. Your rights do not come from Caesar or the commissar, or the politburo, or anyone else. They are divinely inspired. They are intrinsic. They’re part of you. And the role of government is only to protect those rights. That is the foundation of the American Republic. That is why kids go to school everyday and swear to protect the Constitution of the United States of America.

That’s the foundation, that is objective foundation of this Republic. So any doctrine that opposes, that foundation should not be taught in public schools. Certainly not two, three, and four and five and six and eight year old kids. They are there to learn the history of their country, the foundations of their country and objective geography, objective science and objective mathematics. That is the role of education. When education gets away from that role, it’s getting into very, very dangerous ground because somebody with an ideology is going to come there and use that captive audience to transform those kids into something else. So that’s my foundational principles.

So Critical Race Theory – it should really be called Marxist Critical Race Theory because that’s what it is. Now, the old Marxist paradigm, you know, the Karl Marx brought forward and Lenin refined and Stalin and Mao contributed to, and Trotsky had a hand in developing, that held the basic concept that society – that the capitalist Society – was intrinsically tending to inequality – that the rich would always get richer and the poor would eventually get poorer. And to address this horrible balance, the proletariat – the poor – the 99% as Occupy Wall Street would have it – must rise up and confiscate the wealth of the bourgeois, the 1%, the rich, and then you would have an equal society and general prosperity… that is the goal of communism. That is the stated goal of Communism.

But that does not work well in a western country, particularly America. No, this is a country with very limited class structure and very high social mobility, you can start out dirt poor in this country and end up filthy rich. You can start out filthy rich and end up dirt poor to as it should be, that’s the beauty of the system.

You only rise according to your merit and you fall, according to the lack of your merit – and you always have a choice about that. So Marxism wasn’t making a lot of progress in America, because there was no real class tension here. People from any background could make money and do well, and look after their kids and give their children a better future. The Great American Dream, the antithesis of the Marxist argument.

Well, the revolutionaries wanted to take down this country. They wanted to weaken this country and they knew they could because America is the greatest impediment to the world socialist state. It’s always been the number one enemy of world socialism – a free independent constitutional America has always been the problem. So what do you do? You must get inside the system. You must weaken America.

You must bring America down because then when America is brought to its knees, then there is no more impediment to the world socialist state. And education was always on top of the list. It started with Dewey in the 1920s. The father of modern American Education, who admired the Soviet system tremendously, regularly visited the Soviet Union, and imposed his theories on millions of young American school children and we’re still feeling the impact of that.

But Critical Race Theory – this is what we’re looking at now. It’s now it’s called in this state. What is its diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). Okay, they changed the names. When one name becomes toxic, they change it to another, but what is Critical Race Theory? Critical Race Theory is Marxism applied to race.

You can’t do it with class here. You have to use race because you can change your class in America but you can never change your race. So therefore a much more effective way of creating social division and revolutionary ferment was to use race and the Communists been doing that since the 1920s. But Critical Race Theory really started in the 1980s with the guy called Derek Bell, a Harvard law professor.

And Bell formulated the theory of Critical Race Theory. It was basically you criticize everything about American race relations, everything to do with race in American culture and their logic was that America is an intrinsically racist country. It’s intrinsically corrupt. It was built on slavery, and therefore, the white Christian capitalist patriarchy must be overthrown by the oppressed peoples of color. So, instead of the proletariat overthrowing, the bourgeoisie, it is the oppressed peoples of color overthrowing the white Christian capitalist. Patriarchy. It’s exactly the same thing, but as using race, instead of class now, Derek Bell was of contributed. He fought me.

Really is a father to this his acknowledged as the father of it. He was a member. He used to wrote right for publication called Freedomways and I’ve included some exhibits to members of the panel 10 pages of pictures of what I’m saying. And one of the first pictures is a picture of the magazine, Freedomways. And here’s Derek Bell contributing to it at the bottom:

Now, Freedomways was set up by the Communist Party USA to basically foment revolution amongst this country’s black intellectual community. It was funded by both the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and the Communist Party of China. Derek Bell was also involved in the foundation of the National Association of Black Lawyers.

And as you’ll see from their own website, that was an organization set up to aid the black revolution to work and support of Palestine and Cuba and aid and provide legal support for gun-toting black revolutionaries their words. It was also an affiliate of the International Association of democratic lawyers which is named by the CIA as the Soviet Union’s International legal front group, it still exists today mainly now run by Greek and Cuban Communists and at the still Affiliated today to this organization.

So Derek Bell was 100% Marxist. It tied to the revolutionary movements of China of the Soviet Union etc., the modern guru of Critical Race Theory. Ibram X. Kendi whose books are now recommended reading in the U.S. Navy the real Guru of Critical Race Theory today. You’ll look at the exhibit. Ibram X. Kendi is a longtime associate Keeanga Yamahtta-Taylor, well-known, Marxist academic, and the, to its recent dissolution are leading member of the international socialist organization, a Trotskyist communist group, you’ll see that candy attended, socialism 2018. He attended a panel with Keeanga Yamahtta-Taylor and you’ll see that were talking about critical race Theory and Marxism right there in front of your eyes.

Kendi is a Marxist revolutionary. He wants to set up a government departments that can police issues of racism in this country and penalize people they deem to be racist, organizations they think might be racist, institutions that may not conform to their “anti racist” ideology. The man is a totalitarian Marxist, folks.

Simple. In his own words, you can see that.

Now, the complementary principle White Privilege, see White Privilege basically means that you can be white and on food stamps and you’re oppressing a black football player only 40 million dollars a year.

Because racism is not a personal failing. If you’re looking at Critical Race Theory, the Marxist theory of racism, racism is not a personal failing. When we talk about racism, we mean you don’t like people of another color. You have an irrational prejudice against people of another color or another ethnicity because you have personal failings. You’re not objective. You’re biased. You’re not a very nice person. We can understand that.

Racism does not mean that to Marxists. Racism is – the prevailing power structure using racial divisions to control a nation. So therefore if you are black, you cannot be racist because you’re not part of the prevailing power structure. If you are Asian, you cannot be racist. If you’re Native American, you cannot be racist.

You can only be racist if you’re part of the prevailing white power structure. This is their terminology. This is not my terminology, please understand that. I believe everybody is an individual and should be judged as such. Marxists believe we belong to collectives and should be judged by collective standards. And I oppose that vehemently, but I am explaining their philosophy.

They believe that if you’re white, even if you are married to a person of color, even if you have adopted children of color, you are automatically racist because that’s the culture you were born into. Just like in the old days of the Bolshevik Revolution. If your father was a capitalist, they would put you in jail. If your grandfather was a capitalist, you couldn’t go to college or travel overseas. You were guilty of the sins of your father.

Well, Critical Race Theory makes anybody who wasn’t born a person of color guilty of the sins of their birth. It’s intrinsically evil. It’s intrinsically divisive. It’s intrinsically corrupt.

Now, the fathers of white privilege – this concept that we’ve all heard about recently and goes hand-in-hand with Critical Race Theory – with two men. Ted Allen, both white, by the way, Ted Allen and Noel Ignatiev. Both of them were members in the 1960s of the Provisional Organizing Committee for the foundation of the Marxist-Leninist Communist party. They were both members of the Communist Party USA, But split off because that was to moderate. They split off into a pro, Chinese Communist split with this long-winded name, which I’ll just call POC right now. So they invented the concept of white privilege and they wrote books, they wrote several books on this. You’ll see some of the books listed in the in the things I’ve given you there. Noel Ignatiev was responsible for a book, a long-running magazine called Race Traitor and the tagline was “Loyalty to the White Race is Treason to Humanity” [sic] [“Treason to Whiteness is Loyalty to Humanity,”] meaning that if you you know this is this is what they say. So if you believed in White Privilege, if you are part of the white power structure, you were guilty of treason to humanity, you are lower than dirt. You were scum unless you are an active anti-racist following the whole Marxist agenda prepared to flagellate yourself endlessly for your birth.

You were an evil evil person and you can only expiate that guilt by being an anti-racist by marching with black lives matter with donating to radical causes by flagellating yourself and school and saying how, you know, how you were so guilty for having White Privilege. This is Marxist conditioning, people. What if they do in the cultural– See, this comes out of Maoism – because these guys were Maoists. And by the way, the last issue of Race Traitor had a contributing article by Derek Bell, the inventor of Critical Race Theory. So this was Maoism. So what do they do in the Maoist cultural revolution? They had people on the streets -and if they were a capitalist or an intellectual – they put a dunce cap on them and run them through the streets. People throwing rocks at them and tomatoes – well they probably couldn’t afford tomatoes then – but whatever they could throw at them. You know, they ripped down the statues of the old ways, they burned all the books, they overturned the old society, because they were building a new society.

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Critical Race Theory is here to destroy everything about the culture of this country, the tradition of this country, the history of this country, good or bad. You know, no country is perfect. But it’s to totally destroy the history of this country so they can build a new society on the ashes of the old.

Critical Race Theory is pure Marxism and comes from pro-Soviet and pro-Chinese Communists. It is now pushed by pro-Chinese Communist groups like Liberation Road which is the father of Black Lives Matter. Black Lives Matter is a front for a pro-Chinese Communist group, called Liberation Road. They are intimately linked with the Chinese Consulate in San Francisco.

They take instructions from the Chinese Consulate in San Francisco. The leaders of this group run their messaging past the Chinese Consulate in San Francisco. So what I’m saying here is this: Critical Race Theory is not about attempting to address past grievances. It’s not about racial reconciliation. It’s not about any of the things its proponents tell you it’s about.

It is rubbing raw the wounds, the past wounds of America, and exaggerating everything that’s bad about America to make it the only thing that is really characteristic of America. So you have thousands of millions of young kids in America today. They believe that America got rich by ripping off the third world, that America was built on slavery, that America has oppressed people endlessly, that America is the most evil nation on the planet.

This is the doctrine being taught to millions of young Americans and thousands of young Idahoans right now. They might call it IEC, but it is Marxism. That’s all it is folks: Marxism using race rather than Marxism using class.

And if you allow this further into your schools, you’re going to lose the next generation of your kids. How many, you know, how many people do? No, good Christian families. Good conservative families, good patriotic families, whose slave away, and they finally get to send Junior to college – the first kid in the family’s going to go to college and they are so proud. And the first, the first Thanksgiving that kid comes home and tells his parents how stupid and how racist they are.

Am I exaggerating here, folks? We hear this all of the time. And if we allow this to be taught in our schools, we have nobody to blame but ourselves for losing our children and losing our country because we will lose the country, folks.

We’re already seeing the massive division in this country. We’re already seeing the mass brainwashing of our youth who are turning against their history, turning against their culture and turning against the values of this amazing country.

People, I come from a country that was saved during World War II from invasion by the Imperial Japanese Army, by the sacrifice of hard-working, young American boys who put on uniforms, picked up rifles and marched out into the Pacific or stormed the beaches at you Normandy to save us from slavery because they understood that Liberty was important. They understood their rights come from God, and that we are all God’s children.

And they had an obligation to everybody to try and protect those rights and extend Freedom across the world. America has done more good on this planet than any other Nation. By a country mile. It is saved more people from tyranny. It has brought more people out of poverty. It is save more people from slavery than any other Nation. It is that nation that everybody wishes they were like. No matter what the left tells, you everybody wants to be like America. And here we have Americans wanting to throw all of that away by indoctrinating their own children in Marxism. Dividing the own country along racial lines.

Is that a recipe for anything but disaster for not just us, not just you here but every other country in the world? Because of America goes down folks. Guess who’s going to run the world from that point?

You’re talking China, you’re talking Iran, you’re talking the enemies of liberty. America’s hanging on by a thread, folks. And the hope is in the young people and the young people are being taken away because you are allowing them to be indoctrinated by alien philosophies. And there’s two constituencies for this, the left loves it, because the left hates America and the left believes its own propaganda and they want everybody to think like they do.

And you have some elements on the right who just want to make money, no matter what. You know you have the some of the elements and I say, well we got to have Critical Race Theory because we want to attract big businesses to the state and they have government contracts and the government contracts demand diversity mandates. So, if you don’t have them in this state, we can’t come and set up in Idaho, sorry.

Well, I’ll tell you this straight, folks. That’s a bluff because you have a good workforce here, you have a great climate, you have a great place to bring up children, you can get any business you want here. If you have good education and you keep your state like it is, you turn your state to San Francisco, they won’t want to come here people.

But the big thing is this – think about this – If you’re if you believe in business which I do and you think making a bit more money from these big anti American corporations is more important than your kids future, you do not deserve to be in any leadership position in this state or any other.

If you cannot put your own kids, first, your own country, first beyond, your immediate short-term economic benefit, you are not fit morally, fit to lead anybody at all. So this is my view folks. You have a great opportunity in this state to get back to a sound education system.

You want to attract people here, you want to track business, you have a classic education system in your state, teach real math, teach real penmanship, teach real geography, teach real science, get rid of all of the indoctrination and you will have people flocking to your state, to send your their kids to your schools.

You know, even a lot of liberals, they want their kids educated, right?

Look, you have this great opportunity because you have a very patriotic base here, a very well-educated base and one of the states that understands the Constitution and what makes this country different more so than virtually any other state with the possible exception of my state Florida, okay, but this is the chance.

So look, Critical Race Theory is Marxism, it is indoctrination, it is evil. It’s corrupt and it is not anything to do what its proponents say it is, it is not teaching history. It is teaching a very select ideologically-driven version of History. Just like Adolf Hitler used to do. They used to teach history and German schools. What kind of History do you think they taught about the Jewish people folks?

They taught history and the Critical Race Theory, teaches history, but are very doctored, biased Marxist version of History. If you think that is suitable for Idaho children, what are you doing on this panel, folks? And I’m sure you don’t. I’m sure you want your kids taught the truth. I’m sure you want your kids accepting others on a rational basis being tolerant and kind towards others. You know, you want to end racism.

It’s a very simple thing in the Bible that tells you how to do it. Do unto others as you would have done unto yourself. That completely supersedes any Critical Race Theory you could possibly think of. So I’ll wind it up. I just want to say thanks for the opportunity. Critical race theory is Marxism. It comes from China, it comes from the old Soviet Union. It comes from Cuba.

It’s a foreign ideology being pushed by Marxist in this country as part of their revolutionary plan to take down the world’s greatest nation. So they can impose their vision, their corrupt, evil vision on society. That’s all it is – very simple and please get it out of your state, root it out of your state and set a shining example for all other states to do the same. Not just change the name.

Npt just pretend it’s something else, get it out of your state and proudly say so. So that others may follow. You’ll be doing your children a favor, you’ll be doing yourselves a favor and you’ll be doing this country of favor. Thank you so much.

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Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.


  • Fantastic testimony, I have been following Trevor Loudon online. He has taught me so much about what is happening in America right now. I wish he would speak at our school. I am scared for our children and I am scared for the future of America. I scoured the internet for information on critical race theory and he is the person that made it the easiest for me to understand. Thank you for all your information Mr. Trevor Loudon.

  • I grew up in the socialist Romania, got A+ through out the school, to later find out that most of my learning was a big lie. Our History was altered, had to read it all over.
    Listen to this – people from around the world are looking up to you, Mr Loudon is right. You are the greatest nation in the world.


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