Bosnia: Riots Break Out in Blažuju Migrant Camp After 'Prophet Muhammad is Insulted' (Videos)

The Bosnian government, like most Western European countries, has been unable or unwilling to stop the lucrative George Soros backed, NGO human trafficking organizations reported to be funding illegal migrants.

Dangerous riots broke out in the Blažuju migrant camp near Sarajevo in Bosnia-Herzegovina yesterday. Violence broke out between Sunni and Shiite groups after an Iranian (Shia) supposedly “insulted the Islamic Prophet Muhammad.” Around 2,000 migrants took part in the mayhem.

The Sunni and Shia conflict is 1,400 years old and has often been violent throughout Islamic history. Their division goes back to the debate over who was the rightful successor of the “Prophet” Mohammed. Sunni groups often accuse Shiites of blaspheming the Muhammad’s companions. if legal authorities do not take action, mobs riot and call for lynchings.

The migrants not only attacked each other, but also targeted police who tried to intervene. Two police officers and an employee of the International Organization for Migration (IOM), which manages the camp, were injured. Massive property damage occurred including the destruction of more than 20 official police vehicles. It was one of the biggest incidents in Bosnia and Herzegovina since the 2015 migrant crisis began.

Camp Blažuj is the largest migrant camp in Bosnia-Herzegovina with 3,000 migrants and is run by members of the Ministry of the Interior and agencies commissioned by the IOM.

Just three weeks ago, residents living close to the migrant camp held mass protests to express their safety concerns. The area is already riddled with crime due to the massive overcrowding of unvetted illegal migrants.

Bosnia is a mostly Islamic country, but until recently, was a more or less secular country which could be said to be more culturally Islamic than religiously.  The locals are not happy about their communities being flooded with illegals from Pakistan, Iran, and Afghanistan. Violent crimes committed by undocumented male migrants, which make up the vast majority of the migrants, has continually increased.

The Bosnian government, like most Western European countries, has been unable or unwilling to stop the lucrative George Soros backed, NGO human trafficking organizations reported to be funding illegal migrants. As previously reported by RAIR Foundation USA,

The human smuggling is rumbling greatly, of course. Think about it: these people travel about 4,000 km without any documents. Into this segment the organizations are pushing huge amount of money, including George Soros, who openly stated that about $500 million was earmarked for the purpose of assisting the migration. The IOM (International Organization for Migration) and other NGOs that exist here on the territory of Bosnia-Herzegovina are engaged in illegal activities, and the people who arrive here are not escaping from war, because they come alone, without any women, children and family. All of them are 15- to 30-year-old men of military age, who even walked across Greece, too, without papers, even though we know that Greece is member of the EU.

Murder, rapes, abuse and assault between migrants and migrant groups, local people and animals are now commonplace and have increased by nearly 40% in two years.

The Bosnians are clearly tired of their communities being harmed by illegal male migrants. The fact that that most migrants do not want to stay in Bosnia, but long to continue onto countries such as Germany, Italy or France that offers them more benefits, provides little consolation for local residents dealing with the depredations of the migrants.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.

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