BREAKING: 'British Citizen of Somali Heritage' Arrested for Murder of MP Sir David Amess, Stabbed in Church (Thread)

The 69-year-old was a devout Catholic, staunch Brexiter, and champion of animal rights.

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Muslim Preacher Anjem Choudary stirs fury after suggesting MP David Amess may have been killed because he was “pro-Israel”




The Muslim terrorist accused of stabbing to death Sir David Amess with 17 blows was forced to attend an official deradicalization course after a teacher spotted his extremist views at least five years ago.

Ali, the son of a former Sudanese diplomat born in Britain and raised in Croydon, was referred to the flagship anti-extremism scheme, Prevent, which aims to stop individuals (Muslims) from becoming terrorists. But there are major questions after his behavior was not considered to be extreme enough to alert MI5. These referrals are not currently mandatory.

It is understood that the referral was not made by a police member or security services. It is unknown whether it was a friend or relative or someone from healthcare, education, social services, or a religious group.

It resulted in Ali taking part in a course, which is believed to have been a ‘Channel’ mentoring scheme. However, despite this intervention, which is thought to have taken place several years ago, MI5 was not alerted, and Ali was not investigated as a potential terror threat by police.

Daily Mail



Islamic terrorist Ali Harbi Ali was radicalized after watching YouTube videos of Muslim hate preacher Anjem Choudary. An ex-friend of Ali said he ‘admired’ Anjem Choudary.

Ali is also the nephew of the Somali Ambassador to China, Awale Kullane ( @Awalekullane ).

The first photo of the Muslim terrorist has emerged:

The Sun



The killer of Tory MP Sir David Amess planned the murderous assault more than a week in advance, security sources have told The Mail on Sunday.

Ali may have lived in Sir David’s Southend West constituency in Essex in the past, but his most recent residence is believed to be in London, where officers have been carrying out searches at three addresses.

Police officers were yesterday standing guard outside the North London council house where Ali lives. It is in a street of £2 million three-story townhouses where neighbors include broadcaster Giles Coren and, formerly, the late actor Roger Lloyd Pack, who played Trigger in Only Fools And Horses.




Ali Harbi Ali’s father, Harbi Ali Kullane, a former communication adviser to the Somali Prime Minister, confirmed to the Sunday Times that his son was in detention and said he was “very traumatized.” John Lamb, a local Conservative adviser, told British media outlets that the young man waited patiently for his turn before pouncing on the MP and repeatedly stabbing him in front of two MP’s assistants.

Le Figaro


The name of the suspected Islamic terrorist arrested for the murder of a Conservative MP is Ali Harbi Ali.

Sky News


Sir David, Tory MP for Southend West, collapsed in a pool of blood after being stabbed more than a dozen times. Paramedics battled for more than an hour to save his life, but sadly he died just before 3 pm.

Two homes in London have been searched in connection to the Islamic terror attack. Detectives are not looking for any other suspects. 

Daily Mail



Sources have told the Guardian that the Somali has the exact details as someone previously referred to the Prevent scheme, the government’s official program for individuals considered at risk of radicalization.

The Guardian


8:31 PM EST: “The fatal stabbing in Leigh-on-Sea has tonight been declared as a terrorist incident, with the investigation being led by Counter Terrorism Policing.”

From Yahoo News:

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Dean Haydon, who is also the Senior National Coordinator for Counter Terrorism Policing, formally declared the incident as terrorism, the police department said in a statement. The department also said a preliminary investigation “has revealed a potential motivation linked to Islamist extremism.”


At noon on Friday, a 25-year-old Somali with British citizenship stabbed to death Conservative MP Sir David Amess at Belfairs Methodist Church in Leigh. Officers arrested the Somali “immediately” after arriving at the scene. Authorities recovered a knife from the scene, believed to be the murder weapon.

Despite receiving emergency medical attention at the scene, Amess sadly died. According to Essex police chief constable Ben Julian Harrington, authorities are keeping an open mind about the Somali attacker’s motivations. Investigators have not yet determined whether this was an act of murder or terrorism.

Sir David was first elected to Parliament in 1983 and was a member of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party. The 69-year-old was a devout Catholic, staunch Brexiter, and champion of animal rights. His wife and five children survive him.

The politician’s colleagues describe him as a man with a “big heart.” His favorite topic in Parliament was animal welfare. Amess was one of the few Conservative MPs in favor of banning fox hunting.

Amess was born in the eastern suburbs of London in 1952 in a modest background. He studied economics and politics and worked as a teacher and then a recruitment consultant before entering politics.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.


  • The man was happy he died at the hands of a non white person- he died saying “Diversity is our strength”

    • Have seen David Ames’s voting record. He voted for war against Iraq. Between 200,000 and 500,000 killed because of his action. Two wrongs don’t make one right. That’s is why I am against the death penalty

  • Muslims are and have been attacking Christians and Jews everywhere in Europe. It is a holy jihad for them and they see it as an act that will get them into Heaven.

  • Ayatollah Löfven, Fyhrer Merkel and von der Leyen-Göbbels are very happy that more and more of these kind of muslims are invading EU.
    Thank you Ayatollah Löfven & Co!

  • What was he doing at a methodist church, i doubt if he was praying since hez a ‘staunch’ catholic. Perhapz he had some sort of meeting with the methodist minister

  • This is what happens when you import a horde of barbarians called Muslims to replace law abiding citizens in a country. This should be a wake up up call to all those still supporting Muslim immigration to the West that so something like this waits you in future if you don’t stand up for your country.

  • The Brits have themselves to blame for letting anyone come to their country. Thank goodness.. my Anglo-Saxon ancestors left England in 1620 for Virginia.

  • You EHS, you must be an idiot:
    And why did your ancestors invade the land of the American Indians? You all should go back to your shit England and give back the land to the indigenous Americans!

    “The Brits have themselves to blame for letting anyone come to their country. Thank goodness.. my Anglo-Saxon ancestors left England in 1620 for Virginia.”

  • You EHS:
    How many American Indians did your ancestors kill?
    Did they scam their land paying for the land with some glass pearls or other knick-knacks?

    “The Brits have themselves to blame for letting anyone come to their country. Thank goodness.. my Anglo-Saxon ancestors left England in 1620 for Virginia.”


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