Breaking: Famous Doctor Develops Safe Vaccine Against COVID; Germany Prosecutes Him (Video)

The question German’s should be asking are whose interests does Merkel’s government represent – the people of Germany or the pharmaceutical industry?

German immunologist Doctor Winfried Stöcker developed an antigen based vaccine against the Coronavirus, which renowned virologists confirm is effective. But instead of Germany starting production of the vaccine, the Doctor is now facing criminal complaints from the state’s medical bureaucracy.

The celebrated Doctor and extremely successful entrepreneur, developed an antigen, a foreign substance that induces an immune response, for the Coronavirus. The current controversial coronavirus “vaccines” are actually mRNA gene therapies and have never been approved for use before 2020. These “vaccines” are only being approved under emergency measures by Federal and Drug Administration (FDA). However, the new antigen-based Covid vaccine developed by the the 74-year-old doctor is made with established technology that has been in use safely for over 30 years. This well tested technology has been used to make effective vaccines against various strains of Hepatitis.

According to Stöcker, the active ingredient is easy to produce and in large quantities. Further advantages are that the active ingredient can be stored in normal refrigerators. In addition, according to the inventor, the vaccine can be easily modified with a view to any future mutations of the Sars-Cov-2 virus.

According to Stöcker, the active ingredient is easy to produce and in large quantities. Further advantages are that the active ingredient can be stored in normal refrigerator temperatures. The mRNA gene therapy injections often require freezers or dry Ice temperatures. In addition, according to the inventor, the vaccine can be easily modified with a view to any future mutations of the Sars-Cov-2 virus.

“You could supply all of Germany with it within a few months” explains Stöcker. “There are enough doctors, so you wouldn’t need to rent those big arenas. People could just go to their family doctor and have it administered. Within two to three months they would be immune to this epidemic. All of them” explains the renowned Doctor.

Doctor Winfried Stöcker founded the pharmaceutical company, Euroimmun, in 1987. His company developed the methods for the detection of autoimmune and infectious diseases. Today it has 3,100 employees and offices in 17 countries. There are also two locations in Upper Lusatia. In 2017, Stöcker sold the company to a US corporation – for a total of 1.2 billion euros. (Almost 1.5 Billion US)

Persecuted By The State

Stöcker developed the antigen based vaccine in his own laboratory in Groß-Grönau, Germany. He then successfully tested his vaccine on himself, family members, and employees. Stöcker is said to have already vaccinated 100 volunteers, and 97 percent of those vaccinated developed antibodies against SARS-CoV-2. Stöcker measured the antibody level in his patients after the vaccination finding that “almost all of them are really positive: With high-titre antibodies that are able to neutralize the virus, that is, to render it harmless.”

At the beginning of September, Stöcker contacted the Paul Ehrlich Institute which is responsible, among other things, for the approval of vaccines and biomedical drugs. The doctor emailed them his successful test vaccination results.  At the same time, he asked that he could carry out his tests with a larger number of volunteers to test for any potential side effects. Instead of the institute embracing the Doctor and his work, the institute and the State Offices of Social Services (LAsD) filed complaints against him.

The effects of his vaccines have been confirmed by several virologists including, Christian Drosten from the Berlin Charité (one of Europe’s most respected hospitals). Dr. Drosten is also one of the advisers to the Federal Government of Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Despite Dr. Drosten’s confirmation, the public prosecutor opened criminal proceedings. The Lübeck public prosecutor’s office stated: “He produced a SARS-CoV-2 antigen without the required permission and then administered it to himself and other people without having the necessary permits.

After the German state targeted Stöcker he chose to make the process for manufacturing the new antigen public without filing for a patent and without asking for payment. The doctor has now published the recipe for his antigen vaccine on his website. 

Persecuted by the Left

The famous doctor and entrepreneur is an outspoken conservative. In the past, the doctor has publicly criticised German Chancellor Angela Merkel, her open border policies, climate hypsteria, MeToo movement and Islamic supremacists.  Furthermore, he has praised the country’s only conservative party, Alternative für Deutschland (AfD).

While the left-wing government is treating a Doctor who makes a coronavirus antigen vaccine freely and publicly available, like a criminal – so is their media. The media is using their platforms to politicize Winfried Stöcker and his selfless actions. Instead of celebrating a doctor who could help save the lives of so many across the world, they are actively smearing him for having differing political views.

Furthermore, Chancellor Merkel continues to encourage pharmaceutical giants like Pfizer and AstraZeneca to inject Germans with a highly experimental mRNA gene therapy. Simultaneously she is prosecuting a Doctor offering a safer and less expensive antigen vaccine. The question German’s should be asking are whose interests does Merkel’s government represent – the people of Germany or the pharmaceutical industry?

Watch the following interview Doctor Winfried Stöcker did with Spiegel TV,

Below is the statement issued by Prof. Stöcker:

The Best Vaccine Against COVID-19

February 5, 2021

In the past, under my leadership, an extremely efficient research and development department was established at Euroimmun, dealing, among other things, with the diagnostics of infectious diseases. Our scientists were among the first to create reagents for the detection of a number of emerging infectious diseases, often in collaboration with specialists from international infectious disease research institutions, in Germany including the Bernhard Nocht Institute in Hamburg and the Robert Koch Institute in Berlin: Crimean-Congo, West Nile, Japanese Encephalitis, Usutu, Dengue, Chikungunya, Mayaro, MERS-Corona, Zika, SARS 1, Ebola.

Based on our extensive experience in reagent development for the diagnosis of novel viral diseases, we have rapidly and accurately created and recombinantly produced an antigen construct that can reliably produce antibodies against SARS-CoV-2. It is based on the receptor-binding domain within the S1 subunit of the spike protein, which the virus uses to bind to receptors on target cells. It seemed obvious to me that immunisation with this protein would have a protective effect.

There are vaccinations with a large potential danger and others with a very small one. There is a difference between injecting a healthy person with attenuated viruses or viral RNA, and injecting a small inconspicuous recombinant protein that cannot do much in the organism except for specific immune stimulation. For decades, recombinant antigens genetically engineered in culture cells have been used in immunisation against infectious hepatitis A and B. In the past, the immunisation antigen was obtained from blood donations of people formerly suffering from hepatitis, but the recombinant antigens come from the retort, they are easy to produce and carry no risk of infection — a major advance. I myself have immunised thousands of my employees with them. However, you have to take three injections in the first quarter of the year, then measure the antibody level every five to ten years and give a booster vaccination if necessary.

This uncomplicated vaccination scheme, which has been tried and tested for decades, with a trivial antigen that has long been available, would be the order of the day in the case of Covid-19. Completely new approaches are being pursued here, which may be very effective. These approaches introduce viral RNA into the body of the vaccinated person, which is supposed to synthesise the immunisation antigen in the person’s own organism first, but many people are afraid of this because they fear that the viral RNA will take on a life of its own in the body and cause unexpected damage. Lengthy vaccination studies have therefore had to be set up, during which the virus has been able to spread through the population like an avalanche. And the active ingredient is very difficult to produce, requires a continuous deep-freeze chain from production to vaccination, many people are allergic to the polyethylene glycol additive needed for stabilisation, and half of those vaccinated report sick after the second injection. Above all, however, it takes years to manufacture the vaccine until demand is met and everyone is immunised. Scientists can make a name for themselves and the patent holders can make a lot of money, while millions of people die because they cannot be vaccinated in time.

But woe to him who, hid from view, Hath done the deed of murder base!” (Schiller, 1797) Upon his heels, who will pursue?

Likewise, coronaviruses produced and inactivated in culture are obsolete for me as vaccine antigens; such a thing has long been obsolete for hepatitis, so what’s the point with Corona? It is also not necessary to infect anyone with vector viruses in order to introduce viral antigens. I apply the ready-made, extracorporeally genetically engineered antigen, which poses virtually no danger. And so far, none of the more than one hundred vaccinated people has become ill, none has been incapacitated.

Some resistance has developed to my approach. People are not able or willing to recognise the potential of the vaccination I propose, but it is virtually risk-free, based on an inactivated vaccine that can be shipped unrefrigerated and kept in a refrigerator, that does not introduce the dreaded genetic information of the virus, that does not contain an attenuated virus or vector, that causes few allergic reactions, has no polyethylene glycol, that any doctor can administer in his office, virtually risk-free, and that would therefore be far more acceptable to the public. It can also be easily produced in large quantities. Excellent for mass vaccination. The first vaccination was anything but heroic, but ordinary. No vector, no RNA, no inactivated coronavirus, just a small peptide.

Take 15 micrograms of recombinant RBD of the S1 subunit (Arg319-Phe541) three times for one person. I used alhydrogel from InvivoGen as the adjuvant: Shake properly and draw up 200 microliters of it with the tuberculin syringe. Draw up 10 milliliters of saline into a larger syringe and add the 200 microliters, mix. Of that, 500 microliters per shot to mix your portion of antigen with. Everything nicely sterile.

A single 2000-liter reactor can produce 45 g of antigen per day, which would be enough for 1 million people. A high-density culture system can produce five times that amount. Within six months, vaccine for 80% of the population of Germany could be produced in a medium-sized laboratory.

I asked the Paul Ehrlich Institute for permission to immediately replicate this trivial immunisation with a larger number of volunteers to see if it works as well as it did for me and my family, and if there are no side effects in them either, including exposed individuals. If the PEI had not objected, we could have already put a manufacturer in a position to supply the whole of Germany and provide effective protection.

Instead of responding to my proposal, the Paul Ehrlich Institute coldly sued me. Perhaps because they felt ignored in their divine function — after all, I had already carried out a trial on five (!) people (which I am entitled to do as a doctor, so I can mix together whatever I think is right for my therapy. Anyone so familiar with the paragraphs, should actually know that). Perhaps this gives an advantage to other applicants, to whom one feels obliged? As I do not act as a vaccine manufacturer, I have no intention to profit in this matter. I have deliberately gone public with my action and have not applied for a patent, so no one else can claim this way for themselves. I only want to show a simple and harmless way to counteract the pandemic quickly and effectively.

Necessity justifies unconventional means — in the case of this pandemic, it is not possible to wait two years until the last doubts about possible side effects have been resolved, as is the case with other vaccines, but action must be taken quickly. In this respect, the Paul Ehrlich Institute must be accused of complete failure. They had to foresee that the delivery of the vaccines that were granted approval would take several years. In this situation, sensible people would examine all possible alternatives and support their implementation. Such people would have immediately come up with the highly effective immunisation in Lübeck, would have supported the project, and by the end of 2021 the whole of Germany could be virtually free of Covid-19! The vaccination of over one hundred patients with recombinant S1-RBD antigen in Lübeck was almost free of side effects and extremely effective, 95% of the those vaccinated developed protective antibodies in high concentration within six weeks.

The regulatory authorities are overwhelmed. They can do nothing but proceed according to a tried and tested pattern. They are helpless in the face of the catastrophe, but they have caused it themselves. As the very first institution, they could and should have foreseen the avalanche-like outbreak of the pandemic. If they had immediately taken up my suggestion to immunise the population with such an ordinary antigen, the spread of the disease would have been stopped very quickly. Hundreds of thousands of people would not have fallen ill, tens of thousands would not have died.

It is unbelievable the way the PEI is still being courted, like gods who are pleased to approve a vaccine under certain conditions. After their long and careful examination of every single detail, examining whether every stamp is in the right place and every piece of paper is folded correctly, social life and the economy are collapsing. For me, these delaying authorities are just as bad as the disease itself and are unworthy to bear the name of Paul Ehrlich, whose achievements would not have come to us in the environment of increasing excessive bureaucracy. Entrepreneurial qualities should be more in demand in this situation, not paralysing dirigisme or impotent stammering on television. It would do our society good if the Paul Ehrlich Institute had a little competition, something like the Technical Inspection Agency or DEKRA.

In the current catastrophic situation, you don’t need lengthy double-blind trials to precisely work out differences in effectiveness. One inoculates the first thousand test persons (preferably with the Lübeck method), and makes them immune right away. If that goes well, ten thousand people get it, and then the rest. But some clinicians always have their eye on their third-party funding account and want to approach the matter scientifically in a way that is tried and tested for them, and first carefully find out whether a few percent more or less Anti-Covid antibodies develop in a vaccine candidate. After all, not every vaccine, like the one from Lübeck, will be able to induce antibodies in very high concentrations that eliminate (neutralize) the coronavirus in 95% of patients.

By the way, my suggestion of rapid immunisation with the Corona S1 antigen was enthusiastically received by several scientists. Others dismissed and criticised without reason. Those who did not come up with this idea themselves, or who may be getting their research budget funded by (newly) established vaccine manufacturers. Perhaps some “scientists” receive so much in third-party funding that they talk down my simple approach to a solution so as not to go away empty-handed. The manufacturers will not allow any comparison, because they are afraid that my vaccine can compete with their newly patented substances. This would make their patents worthless and the expected sales of hundreds of billions of dollars and euros are threatened. I do not rule out the possibility that our so admired godlike authorities are not only hostile to innovation, but may even have acted on someone else’s behalf. They turn a blind eye to the simplest solution and file charges against it. With so much money at stake, I am now putting my life in danger as well. “From you, you Corona victims up there, if no other voice is raised, then be my murder complaint lifted!” Victims of short-sighted “scientists”, cowardly paragraph servants and bureaucrats.

In this same context, it should certainly be demanded that the Paul Ehrlich institute recognize a positive antibody result in the vaccination certificate. Only in the case the vaccine is certified. Even people who survived a Corona infection are to be inoculated. They have earned their antibody honestly. Apparently, the minions don’t want to miss out. Will someone report the Paul Ehrlich Institute to police?

To avoid the stupid accusation of some of the said “scientists” that my “self-experiment” has no probative value, I gave in to the fervent wish of some of my colleagues and friends and legally immunised them according to my scheme — as I did with my family last April. As a physician, I am authorized to do so and do not require the approval of any authority. During our vaccination series from December 2020 to January 2021, we did not experience any relevant undesirable side effects, and we were able to detect very high titers of anti-spike IgG in 60 of 65 patients in our laboratory in Lübeck; five are still being revaccinated, and in 64 the antibodies were virus-neutralizing. None who received the vaccine became incapacitated. All positive patients are happy about their newfound freedom.

Winfried Stöcker

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the letter (above) and video translations.

As Germany sinks into vaccination chaos, a doctor and entrepreneur in a small town in 
Schleswig-Holstein may have already found the solution.

An antigen, with an effectiveness even renowned virologists confirm.

Professor Winfried Stöcker first tried out the vaccine on himself, his family and employees.

All those vaccinated are now immune to Corona.

So, there, that’s the antigen, please show it very precisely to the camera.

Down there, that white powder, that’s the antigen.

The powdery substance in the inconspicuous ampoule which could virtually pulverize the pandemic.

According to its inventor, it would be easy to produce in large quantities.

You could supply all of Germany with it within a few months and then use it for vaccination.

There are enough doctors, so you wouldn’t need to rent those big arenas.

People could just go to their family doctor and have it administered.

Within two to three months they would be immune to this epidemic. All of them.

A clear statement from a man who knows a lot about medical inventions.

Prof. Stöcker is the founder of Euroimmun, a company specialising in the 
detection of infectious diseases.

Four years ago, he sold his company for over a billion euros.

Since then, the professor has been conducting research in his own laboratory.

He has already vaccinated 100 volunteers with his new miracle drug.

97% have developed antibodies in high concentrations.

I vaccinated many employees, many friends and almost all of them have become highly positive.

They are safe, at least from the viruses we have had up until recently.

They are satisfied and happy. I have a very good standing here in the company, 
because they have told me how grateful they are that I did this for them.

You were just nodding? —Yes. —Are you vaccinated too? —Yes. I am vaccinated.

I’m immunised. 

—Why did you do that?

Well, because the situation demands it, because I trust it, I trust him and because I am convinced.

Apparently, the public prosecutor’s office in Lübeck sees things differently,

because instead of starting production, the busy professor is now facing criminal proceedings.

The accusation, in the ongoing investigation, is quoted as follows: “He is alleged to have 
produced a SARS-CoV 2 antigen without the necessary authorization and subsequently 
administered it to himself and other persons without having the necessary permits.

Stopped just before the finish line, despite the fact the substance only has advantages.

It can be stored in a normal refrigerator, it can be delivered quickly, and unlike 
the so-called mRNA vaccines, the body does not have to produce the antigen itself. 
In addition to that, it is also flexible.

Part of it could also be modified somewhat to include any newer virus version.The mutations.

So with this vaccine, that does little to no harm, we are exactly where we want to be.

In May of last year, laboratory director Stöcker shared his results by email with Christian 
Drosten, the head virologist at the Berlin’s Charité hospital. He replied in writing:

“All in all, I can understand your self-experiment, but of course you have to keep in mind 
that the production of a vaccine has to meet very high quality standards, if you want to market 
the vaccine.”

Mr. Drosten offered Prof. Stöcker some support by volunteering to perform 
neutralization tests to verify whether the vaccinated formed antibodies that can eliminate 
the virus.

I sent serum that I made from myself in the first trials and they examined it.

They found that the antibodies that I developed are able to neutralize the virus.

This motivated Prof. Stöcker to contact the Paul Ehrlich Institute, responsible for the 
approval of vaccines.

In his email to Klaus Cichutek, the head of the agency, he asked for approval to 
immunize volunteers.

Cichutek did not contact Stöcker personally, but instead he received a call from the 
institute’s innovation office.

The stories differ about what was said during the call.

The fact is, following that call, things became uncomfortable.

The Paul Ehrlich institute then filed charges against the courageous vaccine developer and reported his inquiry to the governmental office for social services, which also filed charges against Stöcker.

Apparently, they claimed there was a danger by default. Quote: “From the point of view of the governmental office for social services, urgency is required, as it cannot be ruled out that further production and vaccinations would not cause possible serious danger to the health of test persons receiving it.” Harsh words for someone who only wants to help.

Yes, it would be able to counteract this disease quickly and effectively, and instead of picking up on this hint and perhaps having these delightful results reproduced or helping me to put the whole thing on firmer footing, they are shutting me down.

The inventor has taken the precaution of coming up with a plan B.

If he is not allowed to put the vaccine on the market, then at least the most important component.

I will suggest that manufacturers offer this antigen so that every doctor can buy it, then they mix their own vaccines and administer them to their patients.

This way, everyone would be helped. —That would be illegal? —Yes.

He has now published the recipe for the antigen on his homepage in the hope that a pharmaceutical company will take it and produce the substance.

He’s not asking for any money for it.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist


  • This vaccine competitor is no good news for Fauci, Schwabe, Bill Gates and Fyhrer Merkel, so of course Stöcker muss weg!

    • FDA recently “reclassified” N-Acetyl Cysteine from a “supplement” (which it has been for more than 30 years I think) to a “drug” that requires a prescription.

      Why? Someone discovered it can fight CV19 symptoms!

      Wait until they do the same with zinc!

      Amazon, in full compliance, has de-listed NAC supplements. Bezos is dirt.

  • Due to his financial independence, the bustling multimillionaire and “Bolsonaro of Lübeck” can even afford his own (partly accurate, partly abstruse) “political opinion” to a limited extent, which is not without a certain entertainment factor.

    But (as expected) not without being tarred and feathered journalistically and largely isolated socially by the self-empowered function elite. “Causa Winfried” is also remotely reminiscent of Trump-supporting Mateschitz, who, however, walks much more carefully on raw eggs.

    The automatic Google translation on his website is so flawed that I had DEEPL interpret two of his blog entries into English in a halfway understandable way.

    From 2003
    From 2015

  • There is an *error* in this translation : This way, everyone would be helped. —That would be *illegal*? —Yes.

    In fact the question asked in German is “That would be *legal*?” (Und das waere legal?”)


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