Breaking: German Lockdowns and Tyranny Based on Faked ICU Numbers - New Federal Report (Video)

Hospitals throughout Germany inflated their ICU occupancy rates to receive government money. These falsified ICU figures were used to justify the suspension of citizens’ rights and government power grabs.

An explosive report by Germany’s Federal Court of Auditors has exposed that hospitals submitted incorrect Intensive Care Unit (ICU) occupancy data to receive federal funding. Further, the German government and its health ministry have known the numbers were incorrect since at least January 2021. Nevertheless, Chancellor Angela Merkel imposed the country’s most tyrannical and unconstitutional restrictions on civil liberties since World War II based on falsified figures.

The Federal Audit Office sent a currently unpublished 42-page report to the Budget Committee of the Bundestag (German Parliament) on Wednesday. The report is entitled “Waste of Money in the Federal Ministry of Health” reveals that taxpayer money was used to pay for intensive care beds that were not needed.  Clinics throughout Germany inflated their occupancy rates to receive government money.

Since November 2020, hospitals have only received government compensation payments when the occupancy rate is very high, i.e., the number of available intensive care beds is less than 25 percent vacancy. The Court of Auditors believes that this has served as a dangerous incentive to deliberately reduce the number of vacant beds available for Covid patient use.

Germany’s Robert Koch Institute (RKI) revealed in a letter to the Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn on January 11, 2021, that hospitals would report “sometimes fewer intensive care treatment places…than were actually available.” Yet, despite both Federal agencies knowing that the ICU data was incorrect, they remained silent.

The report reveals that the numbers of free intensive care beds have been manipulated and used to impose lockdowns and curfews unjustifiably. Furthermore, Germany’s economy and society have suffered massive personal and financial losses for no reason.

Government Capitalizes on False Numbers

Daily alarming messages came from the government’s Divi-Register that Germans were overflowing intensive care units. The intensive care units were filling up rapidly, it was reported, so the government needed to take radical measures immediately to protect the public.

As reported repeatedly at RAIR Foundation USA, Germans were terrorized by their government to the point they surrendered their personal freedoms, destroyed businesses, and adhered to Merkel’s draconian lockdown measures. These state-imposed measures were based on incorrect ICU numbers, which the government knew about and exploited to gain more power.

Intensive care doctors used the false data to demand stricter lockdowns due to a supposed threatening increase in coronavirus intensive care patients. Chancellor Angela Merkel lobbied the German government April 16, 2021, to pass the highly controversial federal emergency brake, claiming it would protect the intensive care units from overload. The leader of the AfD, Alice Weidel, warned at the time that Merkel was exploiting the coronavirus to arrogate herself unlimited political power.

Merkel’s “authoritarian” emergency brake and paralyzing lockdowns are nothing more than a power grab, exclaimed Weidel on the floor of the German parliament. Merkel’s lockdown measures have destroyed Germany’s middle class and their businesses:

You seize entire branches of business by prohibiting occupation. You expropriate retailers, merchant businesses, restaurateurs, and tourist businesses by forcing them to close for months without any prospect of a way out. Countless stores will never open again. Generational family-owned businesses are disappearing forever. The backbone of the entrepreneurial middle classes is breaking.

German news organization BILD, released a video report about the shocking coronavirus government scandal:

Left-wing news organizations and politicians went to great lengths to smear, harass, and intimidate citizens and medical professionals questioning the hospital figures. In one recent video report, a citizen reporter claims hospitals are disposing of beds to claim higher occupancy levels.

Despite the meager mortality rate, German citizens have been particularly brutalized during the coronavirus pandemic. See a list below of the RAIR articles addressing coronavirus tyranny in Germany. As RAIR has warned since the beginning. Merkel has been using the virus to prepare the ground for a totalitarian dictatorship.

Read the following RAIR articles on Coronavirus tyranny in Germany

Video Transcript

Bild News anchor, Patricia Platiel:

The Intensive Care Bed Lie — Were the numbers manipulated? Hello and welcome to The BILD Live.

My name is Patricia Platiel. 

Bild Anchor, Celine Koch: —And my name is Celine Koch.

It is one of the biggest scandals of this Corona crisis.

It is the number that millions of Germans trusted — the number of occupied Intensive Care beds

It has now emerged that some hospitals used tricks to receive more government funds.

Celine Koch:

It’s so incredible Patricia, because all the Corona measures were a result of and based on these numbers. These numbers determined our lives on a daily basis during the Corona crisis.

Now we have a lot of questions. 


—You’ll get the whole story with us right now from our Political Editor, Jan Schäfer. And Filipp Piatov is also here, our Opinion Editor at The Bild.

Welcome. In front of you is the government report. What does it say?

Filipp Piatov:

Yes, I’ll just jump into it. This is the first page from the report issued by the Federal Court of Auditors, which was submitted to the budget committee of the German Bundestag and it is really politically explosive. Let’s remember what happened on April 16, 2021.

Chancellor Merkel gave a speech in the Bundestag promoting the legislation for Federal Emergency Brake, which included curfews, and she based that on the cry for help from intensive care physicians. She said they were sending out one cry after another for help, and that number of occupied intensive care beds was considered the hard data.

Data that couldn’t be manipulated. This number was considered more reliable than the case incident numbers, and now this report, on page 29, clearly states this is simply not true.

The Federal Court of Auditors reveals here, I’ll gladly show the decisive page 29 here.

This is where the Federal Court of Auditors states that the RKI, the Robert Koch Institute had already informed Jens Spahn’s Health Ministry in January, sounding the alarm, saying that they were aware of numerous hospitals reporting more patients than they had or reporting that there weren’t enough beds available.

The reason for this is quite simple. There were financial incentives.

Any hospital with less than 25% ICU capacity received financial compensation.

This means, if fewer beds were reported or that not many beds were available or more were full, which ever way you view it, compensation payments were made.

Meaning the federal government created a law with the second rescue package in November that enticed hospitals to report more, to depict the situation in the intensive care units as more dramatic than it was and some hospitals, or rather, MANY hospitals took advantage of this.

Patricia Platiel:

Filipp, you’ve already answered many of our questions, but the first question on my mind absolutely has to do with all the measures. I’m just thinking about how our daily lives changed

During this Corona crisis. How is it justifiable Jan?

Could we have lived completely differently?

Jan Schäfer:

Certainly, we could have led our daily lives completely differently, and we should have been living differently in light of these numbers that Filipp just mentioned.

As a backdrop, hospitals in Germany suffered during the Corona pandemic. Every second hospital suffered year-end losses. Hospital managers apparently found a way to get additional money.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.


  • the scamdemic is international. Tyrannical pols around the world have used false numbers to grab massive power over the people not allocated to them in their founding documents, like the US Constitution.

    In addition they fly in the face of real science by denying access to medicine that actually works, like Ivermectin and HCQ while forcing the wearing of masks that are scientifically proven to be of no use against a virus and locking down the people causing massive economic losses while not doing one thing to reduce the infection rate. This is a huge crime against humanity.

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