Breaking: Hearing Will Decide If Canadian Doctors or Government Choose Patient Covid Treatments (Video)

Lawyer Michael Alexander explains that if they are successful in their legal arguments, the prosecution of doctors in Canada will end.

On November 23rd, 2022, at 9 a.m., there will be a motion hearing in Ontario that could be a game-changer for doctors in that province, their patients, all residents of Ontario, and ultimately all Canadians.  

Doctors in the province of Ontario have been practicing their profession under a cloud of fear, threatened with the loss of their license if they violate the diktats of their governing body, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO). The term diktat is deliberately used. The mandate of the CPSO is to act in the public interest, as legally defined. Its two primary concerns are to ensure that practicing doctors are properly qualified and that these doctors prevent patient harm. 

But as lawyer Michael Alexander argues in an interview with Dr. Sam Dubé, the College has forgotten about preventing patient harm and has developed an ideological view about what its powers are and what medical science is. It has gone after doctors without regard for patient harm and patient outcomes. It has gone outside of its legislative mandate. Alexander faults the legal department of the Registrar of the CPSO, who argue cases as if they were arguing for multinational corporations. He says they do not act in the public interest but rather are concerned with maintaining power and legitimizing their own position. 

The Bone of Contention: Medical Practice Around Covid-19

The motion hearing on November 23rd concerns a challenge by three doctors to the College’s directives concerning the treatment and prevention of Covid-19.  Specifically, Ontario doctors are not permitted to (1) say anything against public health orders, and recommendations, (2) provide medications other than those specifically approved by the College to treat Covid, and (3) write exemptions for a vaccine except in extreme cases. Doctors disobeying those directives risk losing their license to practice medicine.   

Alexander is representing the three doctors who have run afoul of the CPSO and are challenging its directives: Drs. Mark Trozzi, Patrick Phillips, and Crystal Luchkiw. As announced in a Litigationworks press release of November 19th, the CPSO has granted his clients an unprecedented opportunity to challenge the College’s efforts to dictate how doctors should practice medicine in relation to Covid-19. In addition, the upcoming hearing before the CPSO’s Discipline Tribunal is unique in that it brings together doctors facing separate discipline hearings in one motion hearing to deal with the fundamental legal issues common to all their cases.  

Alexander will argue that the College lacks the authority to impose those restrictions on doctors and patients. Furthermore, even if the College had the legal authority, these restrictions are in violation of the right to freedom of expression and the right to life, liberty, and security of the person as guaranteed under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The College, he says, has become the leading arm of the government narrative in imposing restrictions. 

CPSO’s Directives Causing Stress to Conscientious Doctors

Michael Alexander says that if they are successful in their arguments, the prosecution of doctors will end. Even though the ruling will apply only to the three cases before the Tribunal, the issues are in play with at least 7,200 other doctors in Ontario who are being prosecuted and investigated. Furthermore, he says, the ruling will affect not only doctors involved with Covid issues but many others because the College habitually goes on “fishing expeditions” and writes investigation orders that don’t meet the standards of probable grounds for an investigation. 

If this case is successful, Alexander believes there will be litigation in other provinces. Because what has been happening in Ontario with regard to the enforcement of Covid-related mandates has also been happening in other provinces. 

Dr. Mary O’Connor: a Case Study in CPSO Power over the Rights of the People

Dr. Mary O’Connor, from Ottawa, is a case study of the horror and abusiveness of government mandates concerning the treatment of Covid,, the imposition of vaccines, and the enforcement of those mandates by the CPSO. Dr. O’Connor practiced medicine for 51 years, 44 of them as a sole practitioner. For much of her career, she worked as a general practitioner, but for the last 13 years, she had been working in the area of mental health. Many of her former patients are homeless or have addictions. 

In October 2021, the CPSO became aware that O’Connor had been writing exemptions for many of her patients. It wanted to obtain the names and charts of those patients, which she refused to provide. The College assigned a team of four investigators to her. O’Connor asked a friend to stand guard in her office, locking the door between patients. But one day, when O’Connor was not there, the friend forgot to lock the door. The investigating team entrapped him in a board room while one searched O’Connor’s office for patient charts. Fortunately, she had already removed them.

On November 5th, the College issued an order forbidding O’Connor to write exemptions. But O’Connor’s lawyer did not give her the letter until November 24th. On November 22nd, she received a call from a woman seeking an exemption, which she granted. The woman turned out to be a private investigator. In addition to much other harassment, O’Connor’s medical license was suspended on December 23rd, 2021. 

On January 7th, 2022, the CPSO’s case against O’Connor was heard by an Ontario Superior Court via Zoom. O’Connor’s accusers did not have to face Mary: their faces were blacked out. The judge ruled against her in favor of the College, agreeing that patients did not have the right to choose their medical treatment nor to keep their patient records private. As Dr. O’Connor is still refusing to hand these records over to the CPSO, she now faces a possible jail term.

More details about O’Connor’s case can be found in this article which features an August 1st, 2022, interview with the RAIR Foundation USA, and in this article, which features a speech she gave near Parliament Hill in September. 

Huge Public Interest Leads to GPSO Providing a Link to Attend the Hearings 

The case of the three doctors who will be represented by Michael Alexander has generated such great public interest that the CPSO has made a link available for the public to view online. On Wednesday, November 23rd, you will be able to listen to the case on YouTube here.

Madeline Weld, Ph.D.

Madeline Weld is a retired civil servant who lives in Ottawa. She is president of Population Institute Canada and a founding member of Canadian Citizens for Charter Rights and Freedoms (C3RF).


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  • “It is not your turn!” Jean-Pierre shot back. “I hear your question, but we’re not doing this the way you want it. This is disrespectful …. Simon, I’m done. Simon, I’m done. I’m done with you right now. You’re taking time away from your colleagues.” ”


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  • The CPSO needs to be charged for what they did to doctors and patients using threats and bullying. Since Vera Etches of Ottawa Health has changed 180 degrees on mask mandates indicating there is no evidence to support them then the attack was unjustifiable against these doctors and nothing short of a vendetta against doctors who refused to follow a narrative. As citizens we want charges levied against these CPSO leaders the media who has defrauded the citizens daily and crooked politicians and judges who pushed masks and vaccines and ruled without following the law. The evidence was always there these crooked leaders just covered it up using fear to subvert the masses. Myocarditis is a known adverse event to the covid 19 vaccines therefore they cannot be mandated and Canada Health listed myocarditis pericarditis on June 30 2021 as an event to watch for and they failed to follow this adverse event required under EUA authorization and the CPSO is criminally negligent for saying people including kids could only get an exemption if injured on the first dose. This is ludicrous in light of the known myocarditis risk. The doctor patient Informed consent process cannot have the bureaucrats meddle in it. The continued witchhunt against these courageous doctors was nothing short of threats to other doctors causing untold deaths and harms by myocarditis and percarditis as seen by the emails of the CPSO to doctors on health exemptions. We have the emails and we have many deaths and injuries by myocarditis. The vaccine centres never gave informed consent to citizens neither did social media doctors. All of them called them safe and effective which they can’t legally do for new drugs in phase 3 study trials and they covered up injuries. They committed fraud by endlessly lying it stopped transmission. The cover up of injuries was in direct violation of EUA.
    Seems social media docs are cleaning up their accounts. Laughable. There must be some huge lawsuits happening.
    Hopefully. We want the media to be paid a visit by police and warned charges will occur if they continue to defraud the citizens and print hate polls and peddle fear that kills.

    The Emergency Act Inquiry is a prime example of fraud by government. 2 civil servsnts can’t say to use the Emergency Act or change its wording. They have to go to the courts for approval. The judge in the vaccine mandates moot case ruled against CSIS for not coming to the Court so trying to change the wording using the CSIS Act for national security threat needs Court approval. The FEDS have destroyed rule of law and CPSO has destroyed medical ethics and interfered in the patient doctor relationship and used bullying and coercion to do so. Enough is enough.

  • Anyone figure the lack of children’s medicine is planned? Same as the dhortage in the USA of baby formula. Video shows baby formula bring dumped by trucks.

    Just for the social media docs including CPSO ones. How did babies survive before baby formula. Ask the parents how they made their own. Evaporated mik and corn syrup and you can add in baby visol right? How did parents treat kids before baby tempura or Tylenol. They gave a small dose of adult aspirin. Right? Why havent you doctors calmed nervous parents down with the truth of how to take care of your kids the old fashion way that works as well? If this is about health and truly carrying you would be addressing parents to not worry about baby medicine being in short supply.

    This is truly disgusting what we have calling themselves public health and doctors. A disgrace really. Maybe these CPSO docs should stop the assault on good doctors and practice proper medicine.

  • Um, wait a minute. Everybody but the person involved has something to say about it.
    Because, just like the unborn has no voice about treatment that will affect it, why do doctors & the feds get to decide something about me, without me? Huh? Does that make sense to anyone? Someone else making decisions for you that concern you, without you. You get no input. They get no consequences


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