BREAKING: Inside Germany's Maximum Security Corona Jail For Quarantine Violators (Videos)

Barbed wire and a security fence surround the facility. Prisoners live with metal bars on their window, a hard mattress, and are fed through a food flap in their doors.

Germans in the Northern state of Schleswig-Holstein, who do not adhere to the Chinese coronavirus state-mandated quarantine will end up behind bars. The corona prison which has been set up in the former Mortsfelde youth detention center, will be policed by retired law enforcement officers and prison wardens.

The retasked prison should be ready to open tomorrow, February 1, 2021, and will house some of the state’s most dangerous corona sinners. “We needed another possibility to keep people under control who are endangering themselves and others” claims the state.

Individuals will be locked up for such things as refusing to quarantine after engaging in travel, coming in contact with high-risk individuals or receiving a positive test result. The choice is simple according to the state, “you stay in a narrow cell or, as an alternative, your own home.”

The facility is able to accommodate up to six prisoners. 12 to 15 employees will watch the prisoners around the clock to ensure the convicts do not leave their twelve square meter tiled cell. In addition, 30 former police and correctional officers volunteered for this task.

Barbed wire and a security fence surround the facility. Prisoners live with metal bars on their window, a hard mattress, and are fed through a food flap in their doors. The cells are sparsely furnished, there is hardly any freedom of movement. However, television and mobile phones are allowed in the cells. To protect against infection, the prison reports each cell has its own bathroom.

This ratio alone of guards to prisoners suggests that the left-wing government is not concerned with fighting the pandemic efficiently, but rather with control, intimidation and repression. As previously reported by RAIR Foundation USA, many other German states are building prison for violators who refuse to adhere to the mandatory measures.

It is unclear how many quarantine objectors there are in the state reported attorney Sönke E. Schulz, the managing director of the Schleswig-Holstein County Council. Schulz, the leader of the council explained that he hopes that the sinners will gain insight through these tough measures. Those who behave well and have learned their lesson, should be able to return home after a “normal quarantine period”,

IIf the person can credibly affirm, that they will stick to the order [of quarantine] in the future, and do not leave their own home, then it is also made possible that the person can return there.

Watch the following German news reports on the opening of coronavirus jails,

Infection Protection Act (IfSG)

As previously reported at RAIR, Germany’s controversial Infection Protection Act (IfSG). allows the state to isolate citizens in prison facilities.

Amendments made to the IfSG during what may be a false flag of coronavirus have stripped citizens of basic civil liberties and given Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government dictatorial powers.

Under the IfSG, the state announced a multitude of measures such as; confiscating children and placing them in ‘forced Isolation coronavirus facilities, compulsory coronavirus vaccinations, to mandating masks, imposing curfews, limits on gatherings as well as closing businesses.

German citizens have been particularly brutalized during the coronavirus pandemic, despite the extremely low mortality rate. Merkel seems to be using the virus to prepare the ground for a totalitarian dictatorship. Will Germans who refuse to take the gene-altering mRNA injection mislabelled as a “vaccination” be imprisoned next?

See a list below of the RAIR articles addressing coronavirus tyranny in Germany.

Read the following RAIR articles on Coronavirus tyranny in Germany

Many thanks to Helleqiun GB and Miss Piggy for the Translations.

Video #1

Barbed wire and a security Fence here in the youth detention center, Moltsfelde, Neumünster, usually prevent criminal adolescents from breaking out.

On the first of February, however, also recalcitrant Corona quarantine refusers.

We have noticed in the last few months that we have, albeit a small number of people, who do not adhere to the Corona orders that have been issued in the districts and independent cities, and who do not want to adhere.

And here we need another possibility to keep these people under control who are endangering themselves and others.

And for this a whole tract with six prison cells is kept free.

Yes, it is actually how you’d imagine a holding cell, There is a simple bed with a hard mattress, a chair, a table and a bathroom, 12 square meters; cellphone and TV are allowed.

However, only Corona refusers WITHOUT strong Corona symptoms are imprisoned, and only if they have massively violated their Corona quarantine requirements.

That means I’m out and about, and I’m caught by the authorities or the police.

These are then the preliminary stages, and then there is the “danger speech” where, in the presence of police, it is again made clear to the person that they have to adhere to it, and if that doesn’t work, then the district court will make an application [for incarceration].

Sure, punishment is necessary, but isn’t prison a little too harsh?

I think it’s right, because there are so many objectors, and the numbers are there!

I was also in quarantine once, and I don’t know if it’s so nice when you sit in THERE.

We have to get the pandemic under control, and we have no other choice.

The Corona prison should help with this and bring insight to quarantine breakers.

The alternative is quite simple:

whether you stay here in a narrow cell or, as an alternative, your own home.

It should be clear to anyone after the first night, that your own home is the easier option.

If the person can credibly affirm, that they will stick to the order [of quarantine] in the future, and do not leave their own home, then it is also made possible that the person can return there.

And there it is certainly better to be in quarantine than in the Corona prison in Neumünster.

Video #2

It’s the first jail for quarantine breakers in Germany.

Here in Mortsfelde, Schleswig-Holstein, a former juvenile prison will soon be used to lock 
up COVID contrarians.

It’s not a hotel. People will be moving here who, for whatever reason, don’t follow the 
quarantine orders issued by the cities and state of Schleswig-Holstein.

Anyone repeatedly caught by police leaving their home and breaking quarantine has a last 
chance to avoid detention after officially being contacted about their endangerment.

The individual will be visited at their residence and told, “If you further disregard 
quarantine orders, then we have a nice place for you in Mortsfelde.”

Anyone sent here can expect dreariness in the days ahead. The six cells, measuring twelve 
by eleven feet, are now available. Tiled floors, a wooden bed, a shelf, a table with chair 
and a mini-bathroom. There’s a view through locked windows with bars.

I’m standing in the courtyard of the juvenile prison in Mortsfelde.

Here, young people and children were permitted to move freely outdoors, play a little 
basketball or other games. However, quarantine breaker aren’t that fortunate.

They aren’t permitted to leave their twelve-by-eleven rooms.

I just had a look and the cells are pretty uncomfortable. So I don’t think anyone would 
want to stay here, and people should think twice about breaking their quarantine orders.

Staying in your home is far more comfortable.

Retired police officers and prison wardens will guard the prisoners in three shifts.

It is the last resort, because it is restriction of the basic right of freedom. It’s our 
last step.

The imprisonment lasts as long as the ordered quarantine, which normally just a few days.

However, even just a few days could seem very long in the Corona jail of Mortsfelde.

Starting in February, the locking of doors will begin. Northern Germany takes of the gloves.


Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist


  • I hoped I had stumbled across a good, informative conservative site, and I was enjoying the article. Alas, you lost me with the phrase “gene altering mRNA.” I am aware that some people believe the vaccine(s) will alter their own DNA, but that is 100 percent untrue. If I hit your site again it will be because I clicked a link and not because I came here directly.

    • Thanks for your comment, Bruce. The phrase “gene altering mRNA” is accurate. We linked to an article from German virologist Doctor Sucharit Bhakdi, who has served as Emeritus Head of the Institute for Medical Microbiology and Hygiene at the Johannes-Gutenberg-Universität in Mainz. What do you dispute, specifically, about his assertions?


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