BREAKING: Lindsey Graham will be Targeted at his Home 6am Monday by Militant Left Wing Group Over Supreme Court (THREAT)

The leftist tactic of going to people’s houses is threatening and unacceptable.

On Monday, Sept 21, the radical left organization Shut Down DC plans to target Lindsey Graham at 6:00 am at his home with the goal to shut down Supreme Court appointments by President Trump. The militant group plans to make the lives of their opponents a “living hell” until they bow to the mob.

Shut Down DC doxxed Graham, distributing his address widely in a mass email. The Senator’s address is also listed in the Shut Down DC website for anyone willing to join in their dangerous intimidation campaign.


In a Google Doc invitation, the left-wing lunatics announce:

Take Action: Tell Lindsey Graham to Honor RBG

Justice RBG’s dying wish was that she be replaced by the next president. Lindsey Graham is the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, which is the first place a Supreme Court nominee gets vetted by the Senate. We’re visiting his house on Monday, Sept 21 at 6 AM to wake him up to the moral choice here, which is to not hold a hearing for Trump’s shitty nominees.

This is just the first action of our full response, but we want to show up big and motivate people around the country to engage!

We will be adding everyone to 1 group chat on Signal Messenger in order to coordinate and provide updates around the action.

The tactic is similar to one they used last month at Postmaster General Louis DeJoy’s apartment.

“We can stop this nightmare by making their lives a living hell until they stop trying to steal the Supreme Court & we kick Trump out of office,” Shut Down DC states on Twitter, with a link to the invitation to go to Lindsey Graham’s house.

The Democratic Socialists of America front group, the D.C. chapter of the Sunrise Movement, founded to push Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal is also involved in the effort.

Source (also on Facebook)

The leftist tactic of goint to people’s houses is threatening and unacceptable.

Last month, the left-wing group went to Postmaster General Louis Dejoy’s apartment in Washington, D.C. Their invitation is still on their website.

“Direct Action” Training to Oust Trump

The group, which uses the hashtag #ShutDownDC, is also holding “Direct Action” training on September 20 to oust the President, according to their website and mass mailings. “Get out the torches and pitchforks,” an email sent on Saturday, Sept 19 declares.

As previously reported at RAIR Foundation USA, Shut Down DC is calling for an “uprising powerful enough to defend democracy and force Trump out of the White House.” Shut Down DC was also a part of the rage mob that attacked Republican National Convention attendees as they left the south lawn of the White House last month.


“This fall we’re going to take bold direct action to defend democracy and make sure Donald Trump leaves the White House,” a mailing from Sept 16 declares. The so-called “Direct Action” training will “cover the basics of working together in small groups, preparing for direct action, and staying healthy and safe in the streets.”

Resist J20

The organization is very similar in style to the Resist J20 movement covered in Trevor Loudon’s mini-documentary: America Under Siege: Civil War 2017. In fact, longtime activist and Shut Down DC spokesperson Liz Butler was invited to a Resist J20 meeting “for anyone who is wanting to organize a blockade of a check points on the Day of Trumps Inauguration.”

Shut Down DC operates with seemingly no scrutiny by the complicit media or even conservative media. The highly politicized FBI does not appear to be interested, either.

Readers should be aware that communists love to defend “democracy.” Consider the tagline for Communist Party USA: “For democracy. For equality. For socialism. For a sustainable future and a world that puts people before profits. Join the Communist Party USA today.” Communist organizations universally condemn President Donald Trump and encourage their supporters to vote for democrats.

Americans of good will should reach out to their representatives and ask politely if they are aware of Shut Down DC and their subversive activities. Openly calling to oust the president is surely covered under the Insurrection Act, no?

Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.


  • I can prophesy there will be many, many more gun sales… Mostly to first time gun owners.
    Babies cannot fight when they are being murdered inside their mothers wombs. Armed adults ,however, will fight like hell.


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