BREAKING: Migrants waving ISIS flags fight to break German Covid-19 Quarantine - use Children as Shields (WATCH)

“Their nationalities were mainly citizens coming from Georgia as well as the Maghreb region.”

UPDATE: Arrests have been made (watch)

Following the arrival of an Afghan migrant testing positive for Covid-19, Germany has imposed a quarantine on the country’s 533 illegal Afghan migrants. These quarantined migrants are being housed in Germany’s first reception facility in the City of Suhl in Thuringia, Germany. The infected Afghan entered Germany via Sweden and Hamburg, and did not arrive at the Thuringen Suhl migrant center until Friday morning.

The quarantined migrants from Georgia as well as the Maghreb region, have started rioting, threatening to set fire to the facility, throwing objects at police and using children as human shields while waving ISIS flags. They also removed manhole covers in an attempt to reach the city through the sewer system.

In the following RAIR Foundation USA exclusively translated video, Wolfgang Nicolai, the chief inspector of Suhl State Police, informs the public about the dangerous attacks taking place by ISIS operatives quarantined at this German reception center.

Special note: An article by inSüdthü originally reported that the infected Afghan migrant escaped and disappeared, This information has since been removed from the website’s article but can still be viewed in the archived article.

533 refugees under quarantine” by Georg Vater, inSüdthü, March, 15, 2020,

After the illness of a resident with Covid-19 and the quarantine imposed on Saturday night for all 533 residents of the country’s first reception facility (EAE) in Suhler-Friedberg, Thuringian; the migration minister, Dirk Adams (B90/Greens) and the president of the Thuringian State Administration Office, Frank Roßner visited the facility (outside the fence) on Saturday afternoon to assess the situation.

Unsettled residents crowd behind the gate of the initial reception facility. Few have a face mask. 

The site of the first reception facility was being guarded by a large police force since Saturday morning. According to Wolfgang Nicolai, head of the Suhl State Police Inspectorate, they were summoned from all over the State. “As expected, there were initial problems,” says Nicolai. 

Several residents had to be prevented from leaving the facility – but without the use of physical force, which could also be used in an emergency under the Infection Protection Act. In the facility itself, the situation is tense. 

The police marched with a large contingent and in protective clothing in the refugee accommodation in Suhl.
Photo: Marcus Scheidel / MAS Bildagentur

Among other things, there is said to have already been a call for a hunger strike because of the “confinement” and several residents were prevented from going to the dining room. “At the moment the situation is calm, but we are prepared for the situation when this will not remain the case in the next few days and possibly weeks,” Nicolai said.

The country has pledged its support to deal with the situation in the form of the deployment of supra-regional forces. As residents of the EAE told our newspaper, one feels abandoned.

The infected man is believed to be an Afghan who entered via Sweden and Hamburg and did not arrive at the EAE until Friday morning. During the day, his condition deteriorated sharply, he looked bad, coughed heavily and had a fever. In the evening, the ambulance service arrived and examined him, a young man said.”We try to stay calm”

The fear, especially among families with children in the institution, is very great. “We want protective masks, but we don’t get any. And we want a medical examination with a test to get clarity so that healthy people can go out as normal,” he says.

The tension is very high. ‘We’re trying to stay calm, but I don’t think we’ll see it that way if we’re locked up here for even longer.’

Mayor André Knapp and The Suhler district doctor Marion Peterka as well as the spokesman of the SRH Central Hospital Suhl emphasize that the infected person was not taken to the hospital – apparently a fallacy of the other residents because of the ambulance at the door.

“Since the symptoms weren’t strong, no inpatient admission was necessary,” says Marion Peterka. The person concerned had been taken to the sheltered quarantine station of the facility. There he was asked by an interpreter about his contacts – and whether he had been in the city on Friday.

There is no feedback on this yet, Peterka said.She mentions the “precarious situation” at the EAE, concerning the staff – from guards to medical staff, including a doctor, to kitchen staff – were also initially quarantined. The staff only protects themselves with normal surgical masks.

Currently, the quarantine of the facility is expected to remain in place for at least two weeks. A number of volunteers have offered help and want to talk to the residents in the EAE, said Migration Minister Dirk Adams. This commitment is highly appreciated, as is the work of the city and the police.Adams had discussed the situation with the crisis unit at City Hall in the early morning and had taken initial measures. This includes providing residents with free supplies of stimulants, such as tobacco and chocolate, which they cannot currently buy themselves.

In the afternoon, a Suhler civil protection truck arrived on site. As Adams went on to say, Thuringia had opted out of the federal government to take in refugees. The EAE has halted admission and transfer until further notice. In addition, surgical masks procured at short notice will soon arrive as respiratory protection in order to equip the residents with them, said Frank Roßner, who certifies the city of Suhl a “professional approach”.

The city, meanwhile, has already released its Corona phone hotline, which is scheduled for Monday, on Saturday. From 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., specially trained staff will answer questions about Corona by calling 03681/794040. In addition, the Lord Mayor announced that all public facilities such as CCS, Ottilienbad, Tierpark, all museums, music school, etc. would be closed.

In addition, the requirements and regulations for events are to be further tightened. “I appeal to all Suhlers to keep calm and to restrict social contacts as much as possible. We are doing our best to deal with the situation.”

Video Transcript: many thanks to Miss Piggy for the translation:

Otherwise there’s nothing special to highlight [in the city of Suhl].

However, in Suhl-Friedberg it’s slightly different. As expected, the 533 occupants (at the refugee facility) do not appreciate the quarantine measures.

Since yesterday afternoon we have had ten to twenty people, mostly young men, trying to escape the facility by climbing the fence.

Yesterday they also started threatening to set the refugee facility on fire. They also removed manhole covers in an attempt to reach the city through the sewer system.

We were able to prevent this yesterday with help of the police force.

Today at 11:40 A.M., thirty people gathered in front of the main gate, as I said, mostly young men.

Their nationalities were mainly citizens coming from Georgia as well as the Maghreb region. They were holding up an ISIS flag and tried to break down the gate.

They created a very aggressive atmosphere. In doing so, they used children, placing them in the first row, using them as protection in order to continue their actions.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist


  • Just looking at your photographs, there seems to be none of the people standing behind the gate that could not easily crawl underneath it! What is holding them back?

  • “….using children as human shields.” An important note, because we in the west assign shared qualities with those who do not value their children as we do. [r] selected populations of the 3rd world don’t have the emotional investment or attachment to their children that K selected groups take for granted.

    By definition, [r] selected groups produce more children than will survive, with few resources invested in any given child. That’s why they do the unthinkable – tossing a child over razor wire – to evoke sympathy in the K selected border guards. The child is a pawn, not a precious extension of the self.

    The simple, biological truth is, that [r] selected 3rd world people care less about the fate and future of their children than we do. If they toss a toddler to its death, hey, pop out another one!

    Sounds crude, no? But they ARE crude. Their hostile, and primitive cultures don’t reward, caring, thoughtful parenting.


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