Breaking: Minnesota Prioritizes Non-Whites for Access to Life-Saving Covid Treatments

MN Health Department decided that “race and ethnicity alone, apart from other underlying health conditions, may be considered in determining eligibility for mAbs [monoclonal antibodies].”

On December 23, 2021, The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) announced that it would prioritize non-whites for access to life-saving Covid drug treatments. In a newly released document titled “Ethical Framework for Allocation of Monoclonal Antibodies during the COVID-19 Pandemic,” the MDH states that “race and ethnicity” alone, apart from other underlying health conditions, may be considered in determining eligibility for mAbs [monoclonal antibodies] .”

Monoclonal antibodies “are made in the lab and act much like the natural antibodies a person’s body makes to fight disease,” according to MDH. So far, they have been used to treat active cases of COVID and help prevent infection in healthy people. The antibodies have shown so much promise that national supplies are running out amid increasing demand, resulting in many patients being denied treatment.

Minnesota’s solution to the shortage is to ration mAbs based on various health factors, each assigned a different score. The maximum number of points a patient can accumulate is 24. Antibodies will be distributed based on these scores (highest number receiving treatment first) when insufficient stocks are available to cover all demands.

Here are the factors and their associated values:

  • BIPOC (2 points) BIPOC = Black, indigenous, and people of color
  • BIPOC+Pregnant (MASSBP) score of 4 or more
  • 65 years and over (2 points)
  • BMI 35 kg / m 2 and over (2 points) (People considered obese)
  • Diabetes mellitus (2 points)
  • Chronic kidney disease (3 points)
  • Heart disease in patients aged 55 and over (2 points)
  • Chronic respiratory disease in patients aged 55 and over (3 points)
  • Hypertension in patients aged 55 and over (1 point)
  • Immunocompromised (3 points)
  • Pregnancy (4 points)

Based on this scoring metric, if, for example, two pregnant women, one black and the other white, went to a hospital with limited supplies of mAb, the black woman would be given priority.

Race Obsessed Health Department

Democrats like to blame others for things they do themselves, a well-known tactic. While the left claims that non-leftist are “racists,” it is the Democrats pushing racist policies.

Left-wing activist and race-hustler Jan Malcolm leads the MN Department of Health. The Democrat appointee has long used race to push division among Minnesotans. In June 2020, during a media call on the pandemic, Malcolm told reporters that “racism is a public health challenge.” 

About six years ago, the Health Department released a report named “structural racism and the inequitable mal-distribution of opportunity as root causes of the persistent and glaring health disparities in Minnesota, some of the worst in the nation,” Malcolm said.

Malcolm’s “structural racism” claims are anti-American and a factually inaccurate myth. However, her department’s racist choices are a dangerous “public health challenge” to white Minnesotans.

Take Action

We encourage all Americans to support Minnesotans who are being discriminated against by Jan Malcolm and The Minnesota Department of Health. Respectfully voice your concerns. 

Commissioner Jan Malcolm’s contact information:

Phone: 651-201-5810 or (651) 201-5000


Make sure to update RAIR Foundation USA on your progress at:

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Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist


  • They are NOT running out due to demand, they are running out because the U.S. Government has purchased the lion’s share and is forcing the company to sell them to the government. This occurred when Ron Desantis began to use the antibodies in such a manner that he had little or no deaths in his state. Other states followed suit, and the Govt. didn’t want that. They want us to take the vaccines they are forcing on us. They (govt.) bought up all the antibodies and are rationing them in a stingy way.

  • At the end of the above article we are given the contact numbers for the Minnesota Department of Health and then told to, “Respectfully voice your concerns.”

    Why “respectfully?” Does she respect me?


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