BREAKING: Scientist Warns Climate Lockdowns to Follow Coronavirus Lockdowns (Exclusive Interview)

“They want to have truly a complete societal shutdown almost indefinitely.”

“They want to have truly a complete societal shutdown almost indefinitely.” – Executive Director of the International Climate Science Coalition (ICSC), Tom Harris

RAIR Foundation USA had the privilege of speaking with Tom Harris, who serves as executive director of the International Climate Science Coalition (ICSC) during an anti-lockdown demonstration on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on Valentine’s Day.

The key themes of the interview were 1.) that human impact on the climate should not be the basis of policy, which should lean instead toward adaptation to natural changes in climate, 2.) governments will use the so-called “climate crisis” to lock down citizens in the same way the coronavirus is being used to strip citizens of their rights, 3.) the “climate scare” is a “huge money-maker for alternative energy companies” such as Chinese-designed and built wind turbines, which creates a natural and powerful conflict of interest.

A former Aerospace Engineer who studied thermodynamics, Harris told RAIR that he became interested in climate science after working with Dr. Timothy Patterson, a prominent professor of geology in Canada. “The climate scare is not based on good science,” Harris explained. “If you go back through the history of the earth, carbon dioxide never drove global temperatures.”

Harris notes that policy should be based on the reality of climate change instead of based on the false premise that man is causing climate change. “We’ll be pressuring the government to make decisions on the climate field that take into consideration the whole side of the science,” Harris said, “and in particular, we’re going to be pushing them to advocate for adaptation instead of trying to stop climate change.”

Harris holds up a copy of the latest Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change report, which contradicts the findings of the highly political Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. The authors of the report conclude that human impact on climate change is not known “relative to natural variability.” They find that “concern over climate change is not a sufficient scientific or economic basis for restricting the use of fossil fuels.”

Climate Lockdowns after Coronavirus Lockdowns?

Harris explains that “thousands of scientists published in peer review journals from across the world do not accept the ‘Climate Scare’.” He then drops the bombshell: “And we’re going to see actually climate lockdowns coming next.”

Harris explains that “because the government says it wants to be at zero-net emissions by 2050…the only way to do that is to massively infringe on people’s freedoms – to travel, to live, to have children…” RAIR Foundation USA has reported on this very important concept of “Net Zero,” meaning any perceived impact made by humans on the planet would have to be offset by other perceived climate-friendly strategies such as planting a tree. Al Gore created the idea of “carbon offsets” which would allow wealthy citizens to mitigate the perceived damage they did to the environment by purchasing “carbon offsets,” which would in theory zero out their impact.

Watch this clip of John Kerry condescendingly explaining why his use of a private jet to receive an environmental award is offset by the brilliant work he does:

As insane as the idea seems, lockdowns for climate change would make power-hungry leftist tyrants drool. Any measures would be arbitrary and contradictory, echoing the unscientific lockdown mandates surrounding the coronavirus.

“Environmentalists are thrilled with the lockdown because they say there has been the largest CO2 drop in many decades,” Harris explained:

“And they’re acting as if this is actually a good thing. Some of them are even calling for Climate Lockdowns, which unlike the Covid Lockdowns would be permanent because the only way to actually stop us from producing CO2 emissions would be to stop us from eating, to stop us from transport, to stop us from having kids. They want to have truly a complete societal shutdown almost indefinitely.”

Indeed, Steven L. Miller at the Spectator observed earlier this month that “Climate Lockdowns” will be pushed eventually in the same way the coronavirus pandemic was used to impose lockdowns on citizens justified as “following the science.”

“How would governors and the federal government impose climate lockdowns? Simple: by declaring that climate change is an immediate public health and national security crisis, and using the same authority granted to them by public health departments to implement them under the same guidelines they did for COVID-19,” Miller wrote, citing new legislation introduced by Bernie Sanders that would require Puppet Joe Biden to declare a national emergency on climate change.

“The massive scope and scale of action necessary to stabilize the climate will require unprecedented levels of public awareness, engagement, and deliberation to develop and implement effective, just, and equitable policies to address the climate crisis,” according to the proposed legislation.

Follow the Money

Harris explained that the “climate scare” is a “huge money-maker for alternative energy companies – people who design and build wind turbines – of course most of them come from China.” China, Harris points out, does not have to “cap their emissions” under the Paris Agreement in 2030.”

During the RAIR interview, Tom Harris also endorsed the film The Cloud Mystery, available on YouTube. “That’s my favorite science film of all time,” he said.

Find Mr. Harris’ work at the Canadian branch of ICSC.

Donate to his organization here.

Watch this RAIR exclusive interview:

Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.


  • I can hardly wait, for the Socialist control freaks to send out envirosmut police and write everyone tickets when we exhale…

    Welcome to WW3’s: Holocaust2, where we enter their greenhouse-gas chambers …

  • people reading this…please print this page and post in your local stores, put on windshields and or pass around please! Its the easiest and most effective way to make a difference , take a stance, get someone to re think at the very least. Thank you!


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