BREAKING: Small Businesses to Defy Lockdown Mandates & Open En Masse in Canada on February 11 (Exclusive Video)

RAIR sat down with small business owner Zachary Boissinot. A Rally is also taking place on Feb 14.

“We plan on opening up together. There are quite a few of us.” – Small Business Owner Zachary Boissinot

In this RAIR exclusive interview, personal trainer and business owner Zachary Boissinot explains that small business owners are taking a stand against arbitrary and unscientific coronavirus mandates in Canada by opening en masse on February 11, 2021. A subsequent rally will take place on Parliament Hill on February 14, 2021.

The personal trainer explained that he opened his business “A Foot Above Fitness” about two and a half years ago “to make people healthy.” He stated that he followed the lockdown order when it was first imposed on Canadians in March, but after doing his own independent research, he said “by the end of April or so,” he started to believe that there was “something amiss.”


“I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but there was something up,” he said. Over time, he started letting people come back to his gym, believing strongly in the health benefits of personal fitness.

“If we’re going to talk about [the provincial law] being about people’s health, then gyms are crucial to people’s health,” he was quoted at CBC as saying in October. “I’ve had clients who looked me in the eyes dead, especially in the last week, and been like, ‘Thank you for keeping this open. My mental health needs the gym,'” he said.

By the end of October, Boissinot started getting fines for keeping his business open, and on January 12th he received a court summons and “personal tickets” on January 18th. Despite the state attempting to shut down his business, Boissinot is not deterred, and has officially contested the attempts by the local government to shut him down.

Boissinot told RAIR that he attempted to get information related to the mandates in an attempt to understand “what can be open and what can’t be open” but was given conflicting information. While he has been receiving fines and summons, he was also told that businesses related to fitness were allowed to stay open.

As with coronavirus mandates across the globe, the science behind arbitrary and contradictory mandates is never revealed and ever-shifting. “This misinformation about this, comes all the way from the top,” Boissinot said. He observed during the interview that big corporations appear to be doing just fine, as “big box” stores such as Costco remain open.

As previously reported at RAIR in another must-see interview, Adamson BBQ in Toronto was physically shut down by police who put padlocks on the doors as the Costco next door had a full parking lot and was open for business. In that case, owner Adam Skelly, a married father of two who started his barbecue enterprise “with $500 and a food truck,” was arrested after attempting to thwart police by serving brisket.

Zachary Boissinot brings up a powerful point at the crux of the attitudes of many throughout this pandemic, and that is why so many are willing to do what they are told without question. Imagine if citizens demanded the rationale for the coronavirus mandates. Those in positions of power would be much less likely to impose random and bizarre rules if citizens held them accountable for backing up their demands with actual scientific evidence.

Officials would also be taken much more seriously if they did not disregard their own coronavirus mandates and/or use them as a political tool (see here, herehere and here). Nowhere was this hypocrisy more evident than during the Black Lives Matter protests, where officials largely stood down as people flooded the streets. “Trudeau was there in the mass of people, and now they are arresting people at whim,” Boissinot pointed out.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at Black Lives Matter Rally in June, 2020

Indeed, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau attended a Black Lives Matter protest on Parliament Hill in June “despite public health advice he has personally delivered to Canadians”. “As best I could, I followed social distancing measures… It is a difficult situation where we are trying to balance very important competing interests,” he responded to questions about his attendance.

Protests against lockdown measures, however, are not treated like Black Lives Matter rallies. Boissinot reflects that he was at one of the anti-Lockdown rallies in Canada where speakers were arrested. “I was in Toronto, I was at Dundas Square the first day that they really got violent when they [police] pulled Kelly Anne [Wolfe] off the speaker and took away all the equipment. I was there in the flesh, I watched that,” he said, referring to an anti-lockdown rally violently shut down by police. Boissinot continues:

“Call it Canadian history if you want, but it was like nothing I had ever experienced before – and it only escalates. Now they’re surrounding the whole square with police officers – they have a digital sign up that says ‘As much as we respect your right to protest, gatherings of more than five are still prohibited by the emergency orders.'”

Boissinot notes again that the coronavirus mandates do not appear to be based in science. Why would a virus care whether there are four or five or 100 people? Further, why would a virus care about curfews? “The virus doesn’t get more deadly overnight,” he wryly observes.

Zachary Boissinot is promoting an upcoming rally and an excellent initiative found at “We Are All Essential” is a collaborative of 335 small businesses (and counting) in Canada, which offers support and legal resources for businesses impacted by the lockdown measures in the country. “By joining us, you are expressing your willingness to take a stand against lockdowns and becoming a beacon of strength and hope for other business owners across Canada,” the website explains.

Watch RAIR’s exclusive interview here:

Watch Zachary Boissinot speak out during a rally in December filmed exclusively by RAIR Foundation USA:

Read more of RAIR’s coverage on Coronavirus Tyranny in Canada:

Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.

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  • aqui en méxico fue de mucha ayuda la campaña “abrimos o morimos” es una campaña que fue dirigida principalmente por el ramo restaurantero, se hizo una campaña de recaudación de firmas vía electrónica y se llego como a 10,000 firmas, eso ayudo para que al menos los restaurantes que tuvieran terrazas permitieran el acceso a los comensales en el estado de méxico y ciudad de méxico estando en semáforo rojo, que es donde se supone que todo esta cerrado.


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