BREAKING: Swedish Journalist Ingrid Carlqvist Arrested for the 'Hate Crime' of Journalism (Exclusive Interview)

“At first I thought they were just going to drop it, because it’s absolutely crazy. We are journalists, for God’s sake.”

In the latest installment of a series of RAIR Foundation USA exclusive interviews with Ingrid Carlqvist, the Swedish journalist and author revealed that she and her colleague Maria Celander are being charged with a hate crime by the Swedish government for content posted on their website.

Ingrid Carlqvist and Maria Celander, who were formerly mainstream journalists who now work independently, are being taken to court on November 2, 2020. The pair faces up to two years in prison.

Most of the content on their site consists of OpEds, Ms. Carlqvist explained, but they also publish content submitted by others. About a year ago, a woman contributed an article to the site questioning what would happen if there was a shortage of drugs considering the disproportionate number of Muslim pharmacists in Sweden. The question was based on her knowledge of Islamic law (Sharia), which teaches Muslims to prioritize Muslims. In the case of a drug shortage, would drugs be given to Muslims before others?

Journalists Charged with a Hate Crime

After six months, Ingrid Carlqvist and her colleague were “called to police” in relation to the article. When Ms. Carlqvist noted that they did not even write the post in question, police stated that they published the hypothetical question, and that was enough to charge the pair with a crime. The question posed in the piece, which Ingrid Carlqvist found to be a credible one, was deemed “incitement to ethnic groups, a sort of racism, a hate crime,” she told RAIR. “At first I thought they were just going to drop it, because it’s absolutely crazy. We are journalists, for God’s sake,” she said.

Fortunately, the embattled journalists have a good attorney. “It is not a coincidence that they are coming after me and my colleague,” Ingrid explained. Swedish Journalists nowadays are nothing more than “propagandists,” she said. Ms. Carlqvist believes that they are being targeted to “send a signal to other journalists” who would dare to engage in truthful reporting instead of parroting an approved narrative.


The funny thing about “incitement,” Ingrid Carlqvist explains, is that it can be used to bring charges for virtually anything, anytime someone in a so-called protected group claims to be offended. Although speech is protected in Sweden, police are “most focused” on “hate crimes,” which now can described as speech that offends others. “They let murderers and rapists run loose, but the so-called ‘hate crime’ police – they have the most resources. That is what our government is focusing on…”

Ingrid Carlqvist believes that Sweden is experiencing a form of “anarcho-tyranny,” which she describes as “when you let the real criminals just run around and you focus on honest citizens who criticize what the government is doing.” RAIR observed that the tactic is reminiscent of communism.

Hate Crime Unit

As previously reported at RAIR, the Swedish government funds a radical online “hate” monitoring group, “Näthatsgranskaren”. The group is headed by Tomas Åberg, a former, disgraced police officer. The group mass reports Swedes who write critically about migration and Islam online to police officers, who have raided speech offenders home and placed them under arrest. The thought crime team is made up of some 15 people, including police, system developers, lecturers, lawyers and social scientists. The organization refuses to identify the people working for it.

Swedish Citizens are ‘Waking up’

Muslims and Swedes have long been living in separate areas, Carlqvist stated. Therefore, the population has generally been isolated from many of the problems in Muslim-majority locations. While people knew of riots, they were largely unaffected. Lately, however, citizens appear to be waking up, she said. One eye-opening event for citizens in Sweden was the reaction to the recent Qur’an burning in Malmö, Sweden.

As reported at RAIR, leader of Danish party Stram Kurs Rasmus Paludan “intended to set fire to the Qur’an to demonstrate how Islamic migrants would react to the provocation.” The objective is to wake people up to the “inevitable violence” that occurs in Muslim-majority communities “from the smallest provocation.”

Mr. Paludan explained to RAIR:

Sweden has been much more disturbed by Islam than Denmark. Our actions have shown that freedom and speech and freedom of peaceful assembly no longer exist in Sweden. Now, Sharia Law is the law of the land.

When asked what RAIR readers can do to help Ingrid and her colleague Maria, she recommended to spread the word about their plight. “We really need help from the world,” she said.

Watch RAIR Foundation USA’s exclusive interview with Swedish Journalist Ingrid Carlqvist:

Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.


  • Believes that EVERYONE has the right to their “faith” no matter what it is. Dm are welcome to my home, as long as they do not try to preach and influence my way of looking at it.
    Edgar Winnberg
    Scania Sweden

  • Ingrid Carlqvist is being made an example of, as a warning to other Swedish journalists to stay in line.

    After Trump did say, the US shouldn’t become like Sweden, a Swedish journalist appeared on Tucker Carlson and sounded eerily like a spokesperson for the communist party. Like something you would see out of China, the reporter denying what everyone can see was lawlessness in the Islamic immigrant no-go zones.

    Also, Ingrid Carlqvist’s report on the numbers of Muslim immigrants working in pharmacies, confirms other reports of Swedes being replaced in the medical profession and shut out of jobs in the state-run healthcare system. [About 30% of pharmacies remain under state control.]

    Also happening in several countries in Europe, is police resources being redirected to thought crimes. In the UK there are reports of the police showing up 5 days later if you report a burglary. But so-called “hate” on the internet – anything around questioning Islam or illegal or mass immigration, people are getting that knock on the door – while they can’t send one officer when your home was broken into, several show up to hear what you think.

    [What these politicians are doing to European countries is illegitimate because they don’t have the consent of the people, and the arbitrary arrests and persecution of dissidents is a way of forcing that consent. It’s a siege.]

    Europe is moving into policing thought crimes, the Stasi, for all the good it achieved for communism. Between Islam and socialism, they’ve must have wiped out half a billion people to achieve their utopian visions and it always comes to naught! The Democide and Genocidal – birds of a feather – ideologies!

    Excuse of the day, to take freedom away!

    That’s why the US Constitution is like a beacon. It says, No! You cannot take any more liberties, past this line, in the name of whatever you call it today!

  • Apparently the control of writing in the west is getting worse . It seems that she is charged for merely asking a question, not making a statement. Did censors in Nazi Germany exercise so tight a control?


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