Canada's War on Christians - Police Arrest Pastor for Opening Church; Mosques Operating (Video)

Pastor Artur Pawlowski gained international attention last month for expelling officials from his church in a viral video.

A Canadian Pastor who escaped communism in Poland has been arrested for holding church services during a coronavirus lockdown in Calgary, Canada.

Earlier this month, the Muslim mayor of Calgary Naheed Nenshi called for ramping up punishments for “flagrant” coronavirus lockdown measures. “You know, these real flagrant violators – Pastor Coates sat in jail for a month – so what do we have to do to make sure we are going after these real flagrant violators?,” he asked.


A video posted on Facebook on May 8th by Pastor Artur Pawlowski’s son (also see below) shows the Pastor dragged out of his car and arrested on a highway in Calgary.

Multiple Police Arrest a Pastor for holding Church Services

Meanwhile, a citizen filmed the outside of the Calgary Islamic Center yesterday, which had cars lined up the street. The citizen journalist told RAIR Foundation USA that he took the video because he “knew they [police officers] are not enforcing the lockdowns on some groups, while persecuting others.”


Another citizen tweeted a similar video. “This is what happens when you show the blatant double standards for enforcement of the Lockdowns,” he said. “We imprison Christian Pastors while Imam’s are free to gather for #Ramadan,” he continued.

Pastor Artur Pawlowski gained international attention last month for expelling officials from his church, in a video that went viral.

Screenshot from Viral Video of Pastor Expelling Police from Church

Pastor Pawlowski has been warning Canadians about encroaching communism for years, as reported at RAIR Foundation USA almost a year ago.

The brave Pastor, who grew up in Poland behind the Iron Curtain and escaped communism, compares the actions of the Calgary police to that of the Soviets and nazi Germany. During Pawlowski’s childhood, pastors and priests were arrested, and some were murdered. Many were tortured. Pawlowski warns he sees a repetition of history taking place.

Ezra Levant of Rebel News was at Pastor Pawlowski’s service before today’s arrest. He confirmed that Christian churches are being targeted while other religious services are free to worship in peace.

Watch arrest video:

Watch the video of Pastor expelling police from his church:

In contrast, see a Call to Prayer (Aadan) by a Calgary Muslim police officer in uniform during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan last month.


RAIR Foundation


  • Canuckistan at its finest. What a bunch of maroons to send a Pastor to jail for upholding his faith.

  • Anyone see the rise of Islamic rule? Only Christians are being harassed, only Christians will be arrested for worshiping their God but Muslims can worship theirs.
    This is beyond evil and it will soon be in the U.S. Get ready for a fight.

  • Why we put up with this stupidity is a Mystery !!!… Watch the way you Vote in the Future and refuse to use an Electronic Voting machine……

  • On Friday May 14th I drove past the Mosque on Barlo in Calgary. There was at least 100 cars there. Not the usual turn out that sees people parking illegally in any spot they can find, but still way more than the Mandated limits. It’s funny that a church gets hit but no cops have the nuts to stop at the mosque. Absolute unfair.

  • If they are going to arrest people for violations, they should treat all groups equal. They should not send any Muslim police to Mosques instead send non Muslims. Frankly they should leave all houses of faith alone. If you are going to be partial, you should not be managing a community. You should be representing everyone.

  • Here is a challenge given by a Canadian Baptist minister – Can you prove that mosques on mass are violating the covid rules across Canada? Is what is seen here isolated to Alberta mosques. Are Muslims in other provinces from British Columbia to Newfoundland obeying the provincial governments? Or just better at hiding their activities from outside prying eyes?

  • Now you all know how millions of people stood by and watched the Jews, Polish, Roma, French, and any decenters were conquered. All of those cars should have stopped and saved those brave men being persecuted. The man on the bike was the bravest of all. But again nobody stopped the Stasi from taking them. I have been telling people all my life “the police are not your friends.” They are the revenue enhancers for the state. They don’t save people nor do they care to. They get off on the “POWER.” It is time to storm the bastille.


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